Semrush Free Trial 2023: Exclusive For Guru And Pro Plan

This article will help you in getting the free usage of one of the best SEO and marketing tools in the world. Yes, we are talking about the Semrush trial being free.

This trial will be highly helpful for you as you can access all the premium features of Semrush Pro and Semrush Guru and hence you can decide whether you have to continue or not.

Semrush Free Trial

Direct Link To Get Semrush Free Trial

Semrush provides a free trial of 7 to 30 days depending on the offer. These days Semrush is giving 7 days free trial.

So, you will get 7 days Semrush Pro trial and 7 days Semrush Guru trial absolutely for free.

The best thing is you can cancel your plan and you won’t be charged any amount during the trial period.

About Semrush


Semrush is the best SEO tool available in the market that comes with all the features that can change the fortune of your business in the digital world.

At present, Semrush has 50 plus tools for SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, website monetization, and social media marketing.

What Can You Do Using Semrush?

It is important to know what can you do with Semrush to analyze this tool with its competitors.

1. Keyword Research

This is the most basic requirement of a user from any SEO tool. Finding the right keyword is the most effective step for ranking your content in the top results of search engines. You get the 6 tools for keyword research in Semrush that covers all the minor to major areas that you can think of for keyword research.

2. Complete SEO

Either it is on-page SEO or off-page SEO, local SEO or global SEO, link building or toxic link removal Semrush has tools for all the aspects of SEO management. Even you are provided with 5 separate tools that analyze the SEO of your competitor. In total, 20 plus tools are available only for SEO purposes which are way beyond any other tool.

3. Market Research

Market research is important as the trends keep on updating with time so it is necessary to use the updated technique. Competitor analysis, paid advertising, market analysis, and competitor PR analysis all covering around 24 tools are the most focussed areas for market research by Semrush.

4. Social Media Management

This feature comes up with 2 tools but these are of high importance. Since social media also plays a vital role in bringing the focus to your brand. Users can connect multiple accounts for posting and analytics of the posts.

5. Advertising

This is the unique feature of Semrush which makes it a powerful content marketing platform also beside an important SEO tool. Features like PPC keyword research and website monetization as per the guidelines of ad publishers or affiliate programs are the most concentrated areas under advertising feature.

Note: These 5 features alone cover around 50 tools, so if you see any new tool which may not be mentioned here, it will fall under these features.

Plans Of Semrush

Semrush offers 3 plans Semrush Pro, Semrush Guru, and Semrush Business based on the requirements of customers.

1. Semrush Pro

It is the cheapest and starting plan of Semrush which is designed keeping in mind the requirements of beginners.

This plan includes 40+ tools and the main features are given below.

  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 100,000 pages to crawl
  • PDF export
  • Limited PLA research

Tools that you don’t get in the Pro plan but are available with higher plans:

  • Historical Data
  • Content Marketing Toolkit
  • AMP Checks.
  • Full access to PLA research
  • Full access to display advertising tool
  • API access

2. Semrush Guru

This is the mid plan that comes between Pro and Business plan and is made for the customers who are neither too advanced nor too basic in online journey.

The main features that come with this plan are mentioned below.

  • 15 projects
  • 800 keywords to track
  • 300,000 pages to crawl
  • 20 PDF export
  • Limited PLA research
  • Historical data
  • Content marketing toolkit
  • Multitargeting

Tools that you don’t get in Guru plan but available with higher plans:

  • Full access to PLA research
  • Full access to display advertising tool
  • API access

3. Semrush Business

If your requirement is something like the most accurate and in-depth SEO plus marketing tool in the digital world, you can blindly trust Semrush Business plan. But keep it in mind that this plan will be more than enough for individual or small businesses and will be high priced too. So never buy this plan if you are not well settled with your digital presence.

Below are the prominent features that you will get along with this plan.

  • 40 projects
  • 5000 keywords to track
  • 1000,000 pages to crawl
  • 50 PDF export
  • Full access to PLA research
  • Historical data
  • Content marketing toolkit
  • Multitargeting
  • Full access to display advertising tool
  • API access.

Stepwise Guide To Get Free Semrush Trial

Step 1: Tap on the button below or the link here.

Step 2: You will see an interface like shown in the snapshot below.

Semrush trial for guru and pro

Step 3: Tap on the button showing ‘Start your free trial’.

Step 4: Now sign up as asked using your email account.

Semrush Account Creation

Step 4: You will be asked to choose your trial plan between Pro and Guru.

Semrush Trial Steps

Step 5: After making the selection, choose the ‘Get free trial’ option by clicking on that button.

Step 6: Fill out your credit or debit card credentials that are asked.

Step 7: Tap on the ‘Place the order’ button.

After doing these steps, your trial will be activated at the same instant.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Applying For Semrush Trial

  • Free trial by Semrush is not being given for its ‘Business’ plan.
  • A single person cannot get the trials for both Pro and Guru plan, and once after selection, you do not get the option to change.
  • Read the features of each plan then only make your selection.
  • If during trial period, you do not want to continue with Semrush. Cancel the plan without waiting for the last day of free trial. As even if little delay happens, your amount will be deducted.

Pricing of Semrush

Semrush offers two ways to pay your bill, the first one is monthly and the next is yearly. If you choose the amount method as annual, you will get a discount of 17% on your total bill.

The table below will help you in analyzing the price of Semrush plans.

Semrush Pricing In US Dollars

PlansPrice (If billed monthly)Price (If billed monthly)
Pro$119.95 per month$99.95 per month
Guru$229.95 per month$191.62 per month
Business$449.95 per month$374.95 per month

Semrush Pricing In Indian Rupees

PlansPrice (If billed monthly)Price (If billed monthly)
ProRs 8880 per monthRs 7400 per month
GuruRs 17,020 per monthRs 14,200 per month
BusinessRs 33,300 per monthRs 27,750 per month

Note: These INR pricings have been set by multiplying USD with 74 as at present 1 USD equals nearly 74 INR. There may be minor fluctuations in INR values as the conversion of currency keeps changing.

Semrush Vs Ahrefs Trial

Ahrefs is the first choice of every SEO person when it comes to alternatives of Semrush. Both Semrush and Ahrefs provide the trial option before buying the plan at a regular price.

The table below has the comparison of the Semrush and Ahrefs trial.

FeaturesSemrush TrialAhrefs Trial
Maximum trial duration30 Days7 Days
Plans offering trialAll plans except 12 Plans out of 4
Maximum SavingsRs 3970Rs 2570
Maximum discount after trial period17% DiscountNo discount

Benefits Of Semrush Free Trial

You will get two benefits from this free trial which are the following.

1. Savings of Rs 2070 in Pro and Rs 3970 in Guru account respectively.

Note: For calculating savings on free access for 7 days of both plans, first, we figured out the cost of the specific plan for a day from the given monthly prices and then multiplied it for 7 days.

2. Analyze whether it fulfills your requirement or not. And hence you can cancel the plan without any loss if it fails to match your needs.

How To Use Semrush Without Credit Card?

If you don’t have a credit card, you need not worry as still you can use Semrush for free.

If you want to use Semrush without a credit card, then click here and sign up on Semrush. After that, your access will be granted for a free plan of Semrush.

The only drawback of this plan is you are limited to few features of Semrush. For using advanced features, ultimately you will have to update your plan to premium ones.

FAQs About Semrush Trial

Your doubts and questions that are most frequent regarding the free Semrush trial have been answered in this section. So read this FAQ.

Is Semrush expensive?

If you choose the monthly billing period then it might sound a little expensive to you and starting plan costs around Rs 8880 per month.
On the other hand, on paying for the annual plan, you will save a lot, you’ll only have to pay Rs 7400 per month for the starting plan.

Does Semrush have a free plan?

Yes, Semrush has a free plan also besides its three plans but it is available with very limited functionality.

How can I use Semrush for free?

If you do not want the paid subscription to Semrush plans and want it to use for free then directly go to the official site of Semrush. Create your Semrush account and start using it.

Why isn’t the Semrush Business free trial available?

Since the features of Semrush Guru and Semrush Business plan are almost the same. The only difference between the two is the number of limitations on the use of a particular tool. So when you get the Semrush trial of Guru plan, it is the same as its Business plan. That’s why the Semrush trial is not given on the Business plan.

What if I choose the wrong plan?

You do not have to worry about this thing as you can upgrade (which means convert your account to a higher level plan) and downgrade (converting your account into a lower level plan) by paying the difference of amount between both plans.

Conclusion: Semrush Trial For Free In 2023

So, as a leading digital marketing agency, we have facilitated Semrush free trial to our clients and they tested the tool efficiently. The main benefit of this Semrush Pro or Guru free trial was the surety before buying, and thus saving money.

If besides keyword research your requirement is for even a little marketing of your brand then choosing the Semrush will be a highly fruitful decision for you.

Every account of Semrush comes with single ownership if you want to add extra users you will have to pay for that accordingly. We suggest you go for a free trial first and then buy an annual subscription to save your money.

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