Affiliate Disclosure

Our Site is an Affiliate of various renowned brands. Most of them are Web Hosting, SEO tools, Plugins, Themes and Softwares.

What is Affiliate marketing?

It is the process of creating awareness about another brand’s product(s) and/or service(s) and recommending them to your visitors.

The Purpose: Why do we do so?

Our website provides free reviews, content, and information to our visitors. We never ask for any donations.

So, to meet the website maintenance cost, we recommend or sell some of the products that we feel are good for our audience.

While a purchase is made using our links, we earn a commission.

Will This Commission Adds to Your Cost?

No, Not at all. You get the products at even better rates most of the time. We inform our audience about various deals and coupons that are available from time to time.

Please be rest assured that the commission that is paid to us is not at all an additional cost to our visitors. It is a kind of nominal fee being paid to us by various companies for the hard work behind the scene that we do.

It includes research cost, content writing cost, social media management cost, web hosting charges

Our Suggestions

While we only recommend a brand that we personally feel is good for our audience, we still recommend you to check the product’s suitability as per your requirements.

Always check for a money-back guarantee and refund policy before making a purchase. In case, you don’t find the product suitable, we urge you to cancel it accordingly and ask for a refund.

We strongly recommend you to compare the products by multiple companies and the same company as well according to your project requirements. Choose the one that provides relevant features.

A Request

We request you to keep sharing your real-life experience about the products in our comments section, which is available on each and every post. This will help us improve and also help other users to make an informed decision.

Thanks and Regards

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