7 Best VPS Hosting Providers In India | Cheap VPS Servers For 2024

It is now the perfect time to use our expertise in web development and server management at DigitalVishesh. We will help you find the best VPS hosting services in India that are still cheap.

If a plant outgrows much for its pot, it’s necessary to shift it to a bigger one. And, it works the same as your website. You can’t depend on some typical shared hosting services for your expanding business and website.

Here’s why VPS—Virtual Private Server is the next step to pick up the pace. If you’re thinking of a switch, you’re already walking on your way. But before taking any steps ahead, you have a critical task to do, i.e. choosing a Cheap And Best VPS Hosting.

In this guide, I would clear all your doubts in the next 10 minutes. Check out the 7 best Indian VPS hosting that are will help you. So let’s get started.


7 Cheap And Best VPS Hosting Providers India (Linux & Windows VPS)

Here is the list of 2024’s most recommended web hosting solutions.

BigRock₹449.00 Managed and UnmanagedLinux
Hostinger₹419.00 UnmanagedLinux
Contabo₹697.82UnmanagedWindows, Linux
Cloudways₹1148.06ManagedWindows, Linux
Hostens₹307.52Managed and UnmanagedLinux
GoDaddy₹699.00 Managed and UnmanagedWindows, Linux

1. BigRock

Operating SystemLinux (CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian)
Available DiscountsUp to 50% Off
CPU2-4 cores
Storage 20GB- 120GB
Bandwidth1TB- 2TB
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days
bigrock vps server hosting

BigRock is a US-based ICANN-accredited company that holds a well-reputed image in the web hosting industry of India. When it comes to its VPS service, it is the best choice for medium to large websites & applications with its 10X fast speed.

The VPS is Linux-based and follows KVM technology, which means your server is highly isolated, independent, customizable, and secure.

What’s special about BigRock is that it connects your VPS with multiple authorized Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for free. This means your server will stay connected to the internet 24/7.

With the latest and advanced technologies, you can be tension-free about the hardware quality, speed, and security. It has built-in DDoS protection and other security measures with cPanel or Plesk.


I personally like how BigRock has intelligently designed the pricing plans. It has two separate plan categories for US and Indian server locations, each containing 4 plans: Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate.

Get FREE Migration with every plan (usually migration costs more than ₹5000 in the market). In exception to its Standard plan, you’ll also get 1 dedicated IP for free, which is a breath-saving feature for large websites.

You’ll also appreciate its billing section, as each plan can be customized. It includes multiple billing modes such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, and triennially. So, if you want to try BigRock once, you can choose from any of its short-term plans.

Furthermore, it offers several choosing options for OS, billing panels, control panels, and backup add-ons.

Overall, the pricing is reasonably set—not too cheap, not too expensive. Moreover, it has zero setup fees. The fully managed VPS plans are also affordable and not excessively expensive.

Let’s have a look at its pricing stakes:

₹ 449.00 per month₹ 899.00 per month₹ 1349.00 per month₹ 1799.00 per month

If you choose Indian server option, the price will be just ₹ 359 per month.

Payment Options: Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards

2. Hostinger

Operating SystemLinux (CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian)
Available DiscountsUp to 68% Off
CPU1-8 cores
Storage 20GB- 250GB
Bandwidth1TB- 12TB
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days
hostinger vps hosting india

Looking for Indian VPS hosting that offers product details in Hindi as well. Hostinger is one of India’s leading brands for available for cheap but still offer best VPS hostings.

It offers seamless Linux VPS web hosting through its advanced stability, backups, and computing power. 

You don’t have to worry about any cyber attacks with BitNinja’s full-stack security, AI-powered firewall, and in-built DDoS protection. 

The premium fact is your VPS would be integrated with dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 internet protocols to create or assign infinite IP addresses. In easy words, you get minimal latency, network issues, or blacklisting. 

The server can utilize a connection line of 100 Mb/s, plenty of RAM, gigabytes of storage, and 99.99% uptime.


Hostinger pricing has four cheap VPS options with remarkable markdowns for gradual scalability with ascending RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. You must choose the next VPS plan through your control panel without any data loss, file transfers, or downtime. 

KVM 1₹419.00 per month
KVM 2₹579.00 per month
KVM 3₹919.00 per month
KVM 4₹1829.00 per month

Payment Options: Credit Cards, eWallet, Cryptocurrencies, PayPal, UPI, and Debit Cards

3. Namecheap

Operating SystemLinux (CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian)
Available DiscountsUp to 30% Off
CPU2-8 cores
Storage 40GB- 240GB
Bandwidth1000 GB- 6000GB
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
namecheap vps hosting india

If you need some advanced root access, security, support, and backup features, you can go for Namecheap. It offers multiple features that you won’t find anywhere, such as 

  • Root access
  • SolusVMaccess
  • Server monitoring
  • WHMCS license
  • Firewall
  • ModSecurity
  • Offsite backup
  • Free site migration
  • Audio/video streaming
  • CXS anti-malware

It gives you two web panels, Interworx for CentOS, and cPanel for CentOS & CloudLinux. You can manage your VPS server with complete control and flexibility. 

If you have concerns over the pricing, you can pay only for the resources that you need which are awesome and genuinely help to save your wallet. 


The price rate for NameCheap has been distributed into 3 plans (Pulsar, Quasar, and, Magnetar) with monthly, quarterly, and annual billing modes.

₹564.80 per month₹1057.36 per month₹2042.48 per month

Payment Options: Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and Debit Cards

4. Contabo

Operating SystemWindows, Linux, (Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, AlmaLinux, and RockyLinux
Available DiscountsNot available
CPU4-10 cores
Storage 200GB- 1.6TB
Money Back Guarantee14-day revocation policy
contabo vps hosting india

For 19 years, Contabo has held the trust of 150K+ clients and runs over 300K VPS servers worldwide. The award-winning host service deploys some premium VPS features that make it a part of our listing. 

The DevOps feature helps to do customized changes in your cloud VPS straight from codes. You’ll be able to get custom .iso or .qcow2 images, Contabo API & CLI for efficient workflow, command line control, and SSH keys. 

Snapshots backup, unlimited incoming traffic, IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, DNS management, private networking, and lightening fast storage are some additional features that gain direct attention. 

Contabo has 10 global data centers in 7 different regions that ensure the lowest latency, 99.996% uptime, and standard security. 


You would be impressed by the lean plans of Contabo. It promises to give you a truckload of power and RAM with a maintained price-to-performance ratio featuring NVMe SSDs and AMD EPYC 7282 Processors. 

It has four sized plans, small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra large (XL) but pricing is available in USD, Euros, and Pounds. You can pay via debit or credit card if your bank supports international payment otherwise you can use PayPal to avoid such issues. 

PlanPrice in USDPrice in INR
Cloud VPS S$8.49 per month ₹697.82 per month
Cloud VPS M$13.99 per month₹1149.88 per month
Cloud VPS L$22.99 per month₹1889.62 per month
Cloud VPS XL$40.49 per month₹3328.00 per month

Payment Options: Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards

5. Cloudways

Operating SystemWindows, Linux
Available DiscountsNot Available
CPU4-10 cores
Storage 200GB- 1.6TB
Money Back Guarantee3-refund policy for unused data
cloudways vps hosting india

If you need an enterprise-grade VPS, Cloudways is made for you. It provides the best VPS hosting directly from the top 5 cloud hosts such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, and Linode which means you can choose your trustable cloud. 

It has a 3-day free trial that doesn’t even ask for any credit card details. The best part of cloud ways is you can pay for what you are using without any lock-in. 

You don’t have to worry about any website crashing through its auto-heal function, 15+ monitoring metrics, WordPress safe updates, and server cloning. 

All the services enable Cloudflare add-on of enterprise-grade along with free migration and full SFTP & SSH access for better customization. 

You’ll be surprised but it counts 60+ global data centers making it available for each corner of the earth. It has so many countless features to explain, you can visit the official site to know more. 


Cloudways have standard and premium price plans for each cloud host and their individual prices vary according to given RAM, processor, storage, and bandwidth. 

You can bill monthly as well as per hour. It’s the best scheme for those sites which get immense traffic seasonally. Here’s the overview of their standard plan.

Cloud HostPrice in USDPrice in INR
Digital Ocean$14.00 per month₹1148.06 per month
AWS$38.56 per month₹2998.66 per month
Google Cloud$37.45 per month₹2735.01 per month

Payment Options: Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards

6. Hostens 

Operating SystemLinux 
Available Discounts70% Off on all plans
CPU1-4 cores
Storage 25GB- 160GB
Bandwidth1TB- 5TB
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
hostens vps hosting india

Hostens gives you unmanaged VPS hosting at a great price without any hidden charges. This Lithuania-based company offers various VPS categories working on different operating systems including Windows and Linux. 

It uses KVM and OpenVZ virtualization to give you extreme reliability and stability. Hostens is truly a home for your website with fully furnished RAID SSDs, DDR4 ECC REG RAM, and 40 cores Intel Xeon CPUs with a 2.40 GHz clock rate. 

For server security, it has a special VPN, GeoTrust SSL, and spam filter which helps to get unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast servers in 63 countries, unlimited emails, and anti-virus protection. 


Hostens is a cheap VPS hosting provider in India. Each hosting VPS has small medium, and large tiered plans with monthly, yearly, biennial, and triennial billing modes. 

  1. Linux VPS: CentOS, CloudLinux, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian with web panels such as cPanel, VNC, Cloudron, VestaCP, DirectAdmin, ISPConfig, Plesk, and Webmin
  2. Windows VPS: Windows server with Plesk control panel
  3. Storage VPS: CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu with ownCloud and Filer control panel
  4. Container VPS: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian with cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Webmin, ISPconfig, VestaCP, and VNC control panel. 
PlanPrice in USDPrice in INR
Linux VPS$3.75per month₹307.52 per month
Windows VPS$9.38 per month₹769.20 per month
Storage VPS$2.50 per month₹205.01 per month
Container VPS$2.50 per month₹205.01 per month

If you are looking for the cheapest vps hosting India, go for Hostens.

Payment Options: Credit Cards, Net Banking, Cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and Debit Cards

7. GoDaddy

Operating SystemWindows, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu) 
Available DiscountsUp to 37% Off
CPU1-8 cores
Storage 20GB- 400GB
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
godaddy vps hosting india

GoDaddy is the ultimate VPS hosting provider to get unlimited traffic, automated daily backups, and on-demand snapshots. If you don’t want to take whole control of your hand, you can trust this service as it gives you both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. 

At cheap prices, GoDaddy gives you uncountable features. You can sleep peacefully without any security issues as your site is getting monitored at each 5-minute interval. 

You can cheer for its peer-to-peer support service. Another best fact about GoDaddy is you can have unlimited hosting accounts with full root access and various control panels such as cPanel/WHM and Plesk. 


The pricing plan of GoDaddy is based on Standard and High RAM. For both categories, there are four sub-plans based on the CPU and storage. 

Standard RAMHigh RAM
₹699.00 per month ₹1099.00per month 

Payment Options: Credit Cards, Net Banking, Paytm, eWallet, Debit Cards, and UPI

Do You Need To Upgrade Your Hosting?

It’s one of the crucial questions that you should ask yourself. But if you aren’t tech-savvy and don’t know whether to upgrade the server? To know this, here are some signs to notice.

  • Your site is getting slow day by day with increasing downtime.
  • You are receiving more traffic (more than 500) daily. You can use Semrush to check it.
  • The site is eating more bandwidth than before.
  • Current storage and RAM aren’t enough and you’ve to pay extra cost.
  • You need in-built security features for more protection.
  • You want to manage more sites with a single hosting plan.
  • You require more root access and control.
  • You want to add custom software.

If you are facing all these symptoms over your website, you have to upgrade it to VPS as soon as possible. But why? Why upgrade soon? Is it necessary? An overflooded website comes with a lot of cons that can’t be ghosted.

What Will Happen If You Continue With Shared Hosting?

The root of all these causes is the increased traffic on your site. This increased traffic ultimately affects the bandwidth and downtime. Also, your site demands some extra space to grow. 

As per Google Search Central, a loading time of more than 2 seconds can drastically affect your traffic as well as your revenue. 

Do you know? Amazon could lose $2 million with a 10-minute downtime which means $3300+ in each second. This shows how frequent bad uptime can ruin your brand’s online reputation in some seconds as well as your 75% audience. 

If you continue with your classic shared hosting, there’s a possibility that you’re going to be charged for extra reinforcements of storage drives. In these cases, paying for a proper VPS package is cheaper than ripping your wallet for add-ons. 

Not only this but with a growing brand you can’t stay with limited hosting and FTP access. Slowly by time, you start lacking your growth options because everything has been consumed already. 

If your SEO strategy is going so well, your other sites are going to face the same issues. Instead of purchasing separate hosting for every site, can’t you just pay for one that gives you unlimited website hosting?

Security and privacy are other matters for choosing VPS. As your site bucket has already filled up and there are certain warnings of data leakage, high traffic can open windows for cybercriminals. In such cases, you need multilayered security that you can’t have in shared hosting.

Challenges After VPS Hosting

VPS server is a solution for heavy traffic sites but do not make life easier always. There are certain challenges or you can say duties come with it. 

VPS starts with as low as 1GB RAM, but you might need to revisit your resources requirement. Compare your resources with what you were getting in your previous hosting plan.

The other standpoint is, you have to manage so many things by yourself. It’s good news for those who are tech-genius and want to sharpen their skills. On the other hand, it’s bad for some who usually don’t have the knowledge or time to manage everything. 

Cheap VPS usually offers bandwidth restrictions and you might need to may extra. Ensure you get enough bandwidth limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best and cheapest VPS?

Here are some best and cheap VPS options.
1. BigRock
3. Contabo
4. Cloudways
5. GoDaddy
6. Hostinger

Is there any free VPS provider?

Unfortunately, no hosting service gives VPS servers for free. You can have free trials or monthly packs with a money-back guarantee for loss-free usage.

Is 1GB RAM enough for VPS?

If your server is running for a single site, 1 GB of RAM is totally fine. However, it also depends on the amount of traffic you are getting in a day.

Do I need VPN for VPS?

Not actually. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that places a secured connection between your device and the server. It adds an extra security and privacy layer over the VPS server and prevents any 3rd party from stealing your data. This also decreases the throttling of bandwidth and imposes speed.

Conclusion: Best VPS Servers We Recommend For Indian Websites

VPS hosting is another type of web hosting that is a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting that uses premium technology for a server. VPS usually has more control and flexibility than shared hosting.

But It’s a cheaper yet easier alternative to dedicated hosting. With VPS hosting, you can select the software that you want with complete full root access. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Have a nice day!

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