Top 10 Best Internship Websites In India (2024) Post & Apply

Are you a candidate looking for internship opportunities, or HR will to post Internships in India? We have shortlisted the best websites for Internships in India.

Nowadays, just a college or university degree doesn’t cut it when it comes to successfully passing a job interview, real work experience counts just as much if not more. 

This is where an internship comes into play, an internship can give you that much-needed work experience and help to make your resume more attractive. 

An internship is an amazing opportunity to get used to working in a fast-paced work environment, build and refine skills and get yourself closer to getting that dream job you have always wanted. 

As a fresher, an internship will help you in several ways such as improving your resume, gaining practical experience, helping to build a network with professionals that may come in handy after the internship, and you can also be offered a full-time position based on your performance during the internship.

With so many options available, landing the right internship can be a difficult task, this is why I have compiled a list of the best websites that you can visit to get the best internship opportunities based on your skills and interests.

best internship websites in India

The Best 10 Internship Websites in India 

We hire interns for our digital agency as well and basis our own experience, we are sharing the best websites to look for Internships in India.

1. Internjobhub

Founded 2023
FounderVishesh Gupta, Sunny Jain
Internship TypesFull-time/Part-time, Remote/On-site

Internjobhub is a new age internship and job portal established by industry veterans with decades of experience. It is a website specifically dedicated to students and young professionals searching for internship opportunities. 

Internjobhub helps students get internship opportunities from Indian as well as International brands, in both startups as well as established MNCs.

Ease of Use 

Internjobhub does not have much of a learning curve, it offers a refined user interface. 

Users can narrow down their search using the built-in filters and get internships specifically based on their skills, preferred location, expected stipend and internship mode. 

Some Helpful Features Offered By Internjobhub 

  1.  Internjobhub offers resume writing services where specialists can help you enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile to capture the maximum attention of HR professionals. 
  1.  Internjobhub also offers HR services to help startups and top companies source quality employees. 

2. Internshala

Founded 2010
FounderSarvesh Agrawal
Internship TypesPart-time and full-time 

Internshala is a popular website that offers various internship opportunities to students and recent graduates in startups and well-established multinational companies. 

Internshala also has Internshala Trainings and Internship Guarantee courses which is an effective way for students to learn and gain knowledge about various programs like Web development, Content Writing and Digital Marketing to name a few. 

Ease of Use 

Internshala has an easy-to-use UI, and students can search for Internships based on several filters such as the location, duration, desired stipend, WFH availability etc. 

The duration of Internships on Internshala can be 1 to 36 months, however, most internships generally have a duration of around 1-6 months.

3. LinkedIn

FounderReid Hoffman, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Konstantin Guericke, Allen Blue, Eric Ly
Internship TypesPart-time/Full-time

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social media website that also doubles as an amazing platform for students looking for internship opportunities. To get noticed, You need to make an attractive profile, adding in all the necessities such as your updated CV and a Profile Photo. 

Ease of Use 

The process of finding Internships on LinkedIn is very simple, thanks to LinkedIn’s user interface which is easy to navigate. You can use various filters to make this process easier, such as the date posted, experience level or if it is an on-site or remote (WFH) job that you are looking for. 

LinkedIn offers several types of Jobs such as Part-time, Full-time, Internships, Contracts etc. The duration of the internships is generally around 1-12 months.


FounderSanjeev Bikhchandani
Internship TypesPart-time/Full-time, Paid/Unpaid is one of the largest employment websites in India, small startups and large multi-national companies both post job/internship offers on

Ease of Use has a clean and simple UI, so students can narrow down their internship search based on helpful filters such as the expected stipend, duration and location of the internship, you can also use more advanced filters such as the role, industry and company type. offers all types of Internships such as work-from-home, on-site, hybrid, part-time/full-time.

5. Glassdoor

FounderRobert Hohmann; Rich Barton; Tim Basse
Internship TypesFull-time/Part-time, Entry Level Internship

Glassdoor is an employment-based website based in San Francisco, California. It offers more than just internships or jobs though, users can get insight into companies such as salary info, work environment or work-life balance, these reviews are posted by current and former anonymous employees. 

Ease of Use 

Glassdoor has a refined user interface, it doesn’t have much of a learning curve. This makes it easier for users to find relevant jobs by using its helpful filters such as company rating, location and date posted. 


  1. You can get valuable insight into a company such as the salary structure, work environment and work-life balance
  2. You can also narrow down the search according to the industry or job functions. Additionally, Glassdoor offers both on-site and remote jobs. 

6. Indeed

FounderPaul Forster, Rony Kahan
Internship TypesFull-time/Part-time, Remote, On-site

Indeed is a great website for students to find an appropriate internship program based on their skills and interests. All you gotta do is create your profile and upload your updated resume. 

Ease of Use 

In terms of the ease factor, Indeed offers a nice and clean user interface with many filters such as job type, education level, pay offered etc. to help students find the right internship program for them. 


Similarly to Glassdoor, Indeed also has the feature to check out company ratings and salary satisfaction posted by Indeed users. 

7. Foundit (Previously ‘Monster’)

FounderJeff Taylor
Internship TypesFull-time/Part-time

Foundit is one of the biggest job portals in the world, with its Indian headquarters situated in Hyderabad. Millions of students in India and worldwide use Foundit to search for Internship opportunities. 

Ease of Use 

Foundit is easy to navigate and has a neat user interface, you have to make your profile and upload necessities such as your CV, and you can then filter your results using the inbuilt parameters such as location, skills, and job type to name a few. 

A couple of nifty features offered by Foundit to help students: 

  • Resume builder: Foundit has a resume-building tool, which can be very helpful for students to create or improve their resumes.
  • Career Advice: Foundit offers features such as articles and tips to help students with their career plans and job search. 

8. Youth4work

FounderRachit Jain
Internship TypesFull-time/Part-time

Youth4work works a little differently from the other websites mentioned in this article, it profiles people based on their talents, which is why it is called a “marketplace for talent”. Youth4work offers a test to its users that determines the best career path for them, it then suggests Internships based on the talents and skill set of the user. 

Ease of Use 

Youth4work has a nice user interface that lets users narrow down their job search by filters such as talent, course, job type, location and experience level of the user.


  1. Can search for jobs specifically for your talents.
  2. It offers a test that can determine the best career path for you.

9. Freshersworld

FounderSubsidiary of A Team Lease Company
Internship TypesFull-time/Part-time, Remote, On-site

Freshersworld is an employment website specifically made for freshers to find entry-level internships and jobs. With a database of over 1.5 crore job seekers, it is a leading job portal for freshers in India. Freshersworld collects CV data of different users and sends it to the companies it is partnered up with. 

Ease of Use 

Freshersworld has a similar UI to that of, it is simple to understand and easy to use. Users can get a look at the best internship opportunities by using the built-in filters such as education level, job type, location, and experience.

Work-from-home internships are also available on their website. 


Freshersworld can collect CV data and send it to companies it is partnered up with to increase your chances of getting selected.

10. Wellfound

FoundedNaval Ravikant and Babak Nivi
Internship TypesPart-time/Full-time,  

Wellfound is a hub for startups, investors and job seekers, its not just an employment website but also offers additional services like connecting fresh startups with investors for funding purposes while also giving investors promising growth opportunities.

Naturally, it is also an amazing website for students or recent graduates to find Internships and jobs.

Ease of Use

It is easy to navigate through Wellfound’s website due to its refined user interface which helps to narrow down your search by using its built-in filters such as location preference, job type, and field of work. 


Wellfound offers helpful features for startups and investors to benefit from each other by sending investors to startups to give them a head start while also giving promising investing opportunities to the investors.

The Importance of Internships

Internships act as sort of a bridge between college and work life, they help a student gain practical experience that is impossible to attain in an academic setting, additionally, internships also help to figure out what the work in a field entails.

Why Internships Are Important for Students?

Let’s take a look at some reasons why internships can be super beneficial for students.

1. Practical Work Experience

One of the most important benefits of an internship program is that it allows students to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms to a work environment and gain practical experience. 

This experience is invaluable as many job offers these days have minimum requirements of some work experience alongside a degree.

2. Internships Enhance Your Resume

Internship experience could end up being the factor that leads to your resume getting shortlisted for a job opening. Adding info about the duties you had during your internship in your resume will make it look more attractive to potential employers, as hiring managers are often looking to hire people with practical experience in a work environment. 

3. Potential Job Offers

It has been reported that 70% of employers offer permanent positions to interns who did well during the internship. If you accomplish your tasks appropriately, your employer may hand out a permanent position. 

Naturally, if you meet their expectations, they will see you as a valuable asset to their company. This can make it easier for you to transition into a full-time permanent job.

4. Networking and Referrals 

Internships allow you to meet all sorts of experienced professionals and build your network in different fields of work, which can be invaluable as you may meet someone who ends up mentoring you and giving you good advice to reach your professional goals. They can also refer you for an open position after you have completed your internship.

Who Should Apply for Internships?

As we have learned so far, internships are valuable opportunities for all sorts of people in their academic or professional journeys. Here is a list of individuals who can benefit the most from an internship. 

1. Students and Recent Graduates 

It is very beneficial for students and recent graduates to apply for Internships, as it is an amazing opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained in their classrooms in an office environment and gain practical experience. 

Students can also be offered permanent positions based on their performance during the internship.

2. Individuals Looking to Change Their Career

Internships can be very helpful for people who are looking to change their field of work. By enrolling in an internship program, an individual can explore different fields of work without fully committing to a specific one, this way they can find out what interests them and what doesn’t. 

FAQs about Top Internship Websites in India

Q1. Can Only Students Do Internships?

No, students, recent graduates and even established professionals looking for a career change can start an internship program. 

Q2. Is Internshala Safe? 

Yes, Internshala is a safe website where you can access opportunities for jobs and internships, however, be careful and research a company before applying for an internship or job opening.

Q3. What Are The Best Websites For Internships? 

Internjobhub, LinkedIn,, Internshala, Glassdoor, Indeed, Foundit (Previously Monster), Freshersworld, Youth4work & Wellfound are recommended websites for Internship.

Q4. Do I Need to Pay for Internship Websites?

No, looking and applying for internships on internship websites is free of cost, but keep in mind that some websites offer additional services, though usually at a reasonable price. 

Q5. Will I Get a Salary During The Internship?

Firstly, an Internship offers a stipend, not a salary, the amount of the stipend will depend from internship to internship. 
Whether you will get any compensation or not depends on the type of internship you have, some are paid while others are unpaid. An internship offer will generally mention the availability and amount of stipend on the website, if it is not mentioned, then it will probably be discussed during the interview process. 

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