Hostinger Pricing: Domain, Hosting, VPS Cost In 2023

Looking for the detailed ‘Hostinger pricing’? If yes, we have shared the minimum cost of popular Hostinger plans in each category, be it shared hosting, Hostinger VPS cost or its domain cost.

Over 1,597,691 Website Owners have registered themselves on Hostinger’s portal for their good. As per Forbes Advisor, it’s the cheapest and best hosting provider around the globe.

Here, I’ll introduce you to each hosting plan of Hostinger with its pricing measures and discounts.

So let’s take scoops of each Hostinger plan and pricing.

hostinger pricing

Summary Of Hostinger’s Pricing Across Products

ProductStarting PriceRecommended For
Shared Hosting₹69 per monthBeginners, Personal bloggers, Startups
VPS Hosting₹249 per monthSmall-large eCommerce, blogs, and sites
Cloud Hosting₹699 per monthHigh Traffic, Large business
WordPress Hosting₹69 per monthFor any WordPress site
CMS Hosting₹69 per monthSites with Joomla and Drupal
Email Hosting₹39 per monthAll businesses
Minecraft Hosting₹599 per monthMinecraft players
You can check them on pricing page, visit here directly.

Hostinger Pricing For Shared Hosting Plans

Whenever we start a site, the wisest thought process is buying a cheap shared plan rather than doing a high investment initially. See the pricing below.

Hosting PlanPriceHostinger Discount
Single Web Hosting₹69 per month83% Off
Premium Web Hosting₹149 per month75% Off
Business Web Hosting₹269 per month62% Off

If you are choosing shared hosting, it means you are sharing a very small portion of a large server ocean. If you are asking, what Hostinger can bring to the table, here are some key notes that might help you.

hostinger shared pricing

Single Web Hosting For Beginners

This plan offers unlimited Free SSL, weekly Backup, Cloudflare security, malware Scanner, free Website builder, 30 Day money back, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. But the only con is you won’t get any domain for free and you have to buy one. However, Hostinger has cheap domain prices too.

Also, you will have a limited amount of SSD (50GB), Bandwidth (100 GB), single Email, single FTP, single core CPU, and 768 MB of RAM. (Well, It’s sufficient for the initial 6 to 12 months of the beginning of any blog site).

Premium Web Hosting For Personal Bloggers

As this plan gives you a domain for free, it’s the most popular plan. Not only this, it has something extra for you such as unlimited bandwidth, WordPress CLI & multisite, 100 GB of SSD, 100 website management, unlimited FTP, 1024 MB RAM, and everything that the previous one has.

You might miss options for daily backups here.

Someone looking for Hostinger domain and hosting cost combined should choose this plan. Why? Because domains comes free with hosting.

Business Web Hosting For Business Startups

If you’ve started a business mindset and need something a little extra, it’s a basic business hosting plan. It provides daily backups, extra RAM (1536 MB), inodes (6,00,000), and 2 core processors.

Check out shared hosting plans available in the market below.

Comparison of Hostinger’s pricing with other competitors:

  • Bluehost shared plans start at ₹169 per month while Hostinger ₹69 per month, i.e. you save ₹100 monthly.
  • Godaddy costs ₹119 per month, i.e you save ₹50 per month with Hostinger.
  • Hostgator costs ₹79 per month, i.e you are saving ₹10 per month and ₹120 per year.

Check Hostinger coupon code to save extra 7% to 15% on already discounted price.

Hostinger Professional Hosting Pricing

Hostinger has a bomb plan for business sites saving your budget. It is the combination of 3 selective plans one from a shared plan and the other two from the cloud.

But here the modification is the addition of a helping toolkit including a powerful control panel.

  • Business Web Hosting for the Optimization of Small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Cloud Startup for medium to large-sized owners.
  • Cloud Professional for large online and eCommerce Stores
PlansPriceHostinger Discount
Business Web Hosting₹269.00 per month83% Off
Cloud Startup₹699.00 per month59% Off
Cloud Professional₹999.00 per month70% Off
hostinger pricing for professional hosting plan

Hostinger VPS Pricing

Time and again, as your site starts getting traffic, it also starts demanding more area and range to expand. Continuing with shared gets so horrible when it comes under the red zone of slow speed, lags, and 404 errors. high latency, less coverage, and so on.

At this moment, you need to buy sufficient slices of bread to feed your site. In other words, shared hosting isn’t enough for it.

Virtualization in web hosting: In VPS, hosting services make multiple partitions of their physical server and each part is an isolated server for a particular client that’s known as a private server. As it's a virtual process, we call it Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Pro Tip: If you are upgrading your shared plan, choose one of the initial 4 plans of Hostinger VPS.

As per our web development experience, 2-4GB RAM can handle 500- 1000 visitors per hour.

VPS 5 to VPS 8 are for websites which are getting 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs page views per month.

PlanCostHostinger Discount
VPS 1₹249.00 per month58%
VPS 2₹429.00 per month69%
VPS 3₹779.00 per month61%
VPS 4₹1135.00 per month68%
VPS 5₹1999.00 per month65%
VPS 6₹3499.00 per month63%
VPS 7₹4499.00 per month63%
VPS 8₹5999.00 per month63%
hostinger vps pricing

VPS plans of Hostinger are pretty amazing for those who want to switch from shared or dedicated. It has 8 VPS plans that gradually ascend according to RAM, storage, bandwidth, price, and other crucial features.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is a very handy extension for shared hosting. What’s heartwarming is all of its plans work on OVZ (Open Virtuozzo) virtualization technology. OpenVZ allows users to manage their servers through their operating system (Linux) and is best to run apps, games, and heavy sites.

Note: Every VPS plan offers you free Dedicated IP, that otherwise is an additional cost with other hosting providers.

VPS is always cheaper than a Dedicated server, but you need to pay some extra cost (10-60%) either way as compared to shared hosting.

My experience: If you are a pro, choose Hostinger’s VPS, you will have to manage the server on your own. But if you are a beginner and want to focus on your website only, go for Hostinger’s Cloud plan. With Hostinger Cloud, you will get dedicated RAM, CPU like VPS but it will be 100% managed. Means, the power of VPS but comfort of shared hosting.

Hostinger Domain Pricing

In need of cheap domains? Hostinger is the only top brand that provides an affordable variety of domains. Do you know how many people got domains from Hostinger in India last 5 years? There are 89,357 Whois Records for .com TLD alone.

TLDsPriceHostinger Discount
.in₹499.00 per year29%
.com₹699.00 per year30%
.online₹75.00 per year97%
.io₹3109.00 per year18%
.icu₹239.00 per year88%
.xyz₹3109.00 per year18%
.me₹809.00 per year29%
.cloud₹79.00 per year95%
hostinger domain cost

Hostinger also has its own Who’s Lookup that gives you all the details about the domain owner and registrar. If you already have a domain that’s going to expire and you want it to renew through Hostinger, you can do that too.

In the Free bucket, you have some free domain extensions too such as,, .xyz, .net, .in, .shop, .online, .com, .space, .icu, .info, .tech, .site, .store, .host, .link, .click, .help, .website, .uno, .fun, .pw, .me, and .press.

Good news! Hostinger is currently offering free domain with its hosting plans. Choose the plan accordingly.

Hostinger Pricing For WordPress Hosting

PlansPriceHostinger Discount
Single WordPress₹69.00 per month83% Off
WordPress Starter₹149.00 per month75% Off
Business WorPress₹269.00 per month62% Off
WordPress Pro₹699.00 per month59% Off
Hostinger WordPress Hosting Price

WordPress hosting is a special type of web hosting that has been particularly performed on WordPress CMS-based websites. Hostinger WordPress hosting is a managed one. it has highly useful tools such as WordPress CLI, staging, multisite handling, acceleration, and object caching.

You can also do PHP configurations and access SSH and MySQL databases. The hpanel of Hostinger can easily install WordPress with a single click.

Hostinger Joomla And Drupal Hosting

In the race of being the best, Hostinger is already standing at the finish line. Many people use other CMS platforms such as Joomla, Magento, Wix, and Drupal. If you don’t use WordPress but using Joomla or Drupal currently, you would get specific hosting for that too.

The pricing and features of both CMS hostings are the same as WordPress. The only different fact is that both have been designed separately following their values.

Hostinger Email Hosting Price

PlansPriceHostinger Discount
Business Starter₹39.00 per month74% Off
Business Premium₹89.00 per month68% Off
hostinger email hosting

The Business Starter plan costs ₹39.00 per month per mailbox with a 74% discount. This plan is made for small business teams following cloud base infrastructure with 10GB of Email storage, 50 Email aliases, and 10 forwarding along with an antivirus and anti-spam check. 

The Premium plan is a little costly but it promises an additional 20GB of storage (i.e. 30GB) and 40 extra forwarding rules(i.e. 50). However, it has all the punches that the starter has.

There are many sites that have free Email hosting as well but they are usually too risky without any security cloak and irritating with ads. If you look over Hostinger Email pricing, it’s much cheap enough with sufficient security, privacy, and ad-free.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can send emails from anywhere. Furthermore, you will be able to send 5000 emails per day. Connectivity with Thunderbird and Outlook is also available.

Hostinger has always been user-friendly. You don’t certainly need to have any expert knowledge of IMAP, POP3, or SMTP to perform E-mail hosting.

Hostinger is affordable, it helps you keep your website hosting cost low.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Pricing

Cloud offers you stable hosting environment, similarly like VPS. Hostinger’s Cloud plans can handle sudden traffic spikes and can be scaled or downgraded easily.

You can also demand more RAM, and CPU. 

PlansPriceHostinger Discount
Cloud Startup₹699.00 per month59% Off
Cloud Professional₹999.00 per month70% Off
Cloud enterprise₹5099.00 per month30% Off
Hostinger cloud pricing

Talking about a cloud server, there is common series of questions that come to our mind, i.e. how much RAM, how much SSD, how much speed, and so on.

For that Cloud Server of Hostinger offers what you need. Nothing extra and nothing less. It has 3 plans, startup, Professional, and enterprise. Here you can manage a maximum of 300 websites with 100 Email accounts.

Besides you’re going to receive, 3-12 GB RAM, 200-300 GB SSDs, 2-6 cores of CPU, 2000000-3200000 inodes, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, and dedicated IP.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Hostinger offers you the best Minecraft hosting options.

PlansPriceHostinger Discount
VPS Alex₹599.00 per month50% Off
VPS Creeper₹1259.00 per month50% Off
VPS Enderman₹2499.00 per month40% Off
hostinger minecraft pricing

Minecraft is one of the most played games in the world and it’s truly obvious that one would be seeking a separate server hosting for it. For hassle-free management, you have a multitalented game panel that allows you to manifold server types such as Spigot, Forge, Official, and so on.

With the auto-installers, you can add your favorite mods and plugins to your server. As it’s a VPS server, you have full root access. For your server security, you have complete DDoS protection, SSL, dedicated IPv4/IPv6 addresses, and recurring automatic backups.

Hostinger Pricing For Small eCommerce

For small businesses or eCommerce startups, there’s a specific plan with inbuilt eCommerce features in it. It comes with a free domain also. Here, you’ll be able to sell over 500 products in a day with 20+ payment options.

The panel helps you to manage all the supplements in your inventory so you can easily manage your orders and deliveries.

It has a single plan costing you ₹149.00 per month only. Rest, it has included web hosting, a free domain, free email, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL certificates.

Hostinger Plans For Small eCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hostinger cost?

Hostinger’s initial cost is ₹69 per month.

Is Hostinger free?

No, Hostinger doesn’t have any free plan.

Is Hostinger premium plans worth it?

Yes, Hostinger’s premium plans have significantly more advanced features than their basic ones. If your need matches the tiers, you should go for the Premium subscription.

Is Hostinger faster than Bluehost?

Yes, apparently Hostinger has high speed than Bluehost.

My Opinion on Hostinger Cost ( With Freebies And Benefits)

If you deeply analyze the pricing of all plans of Hostinger, you’ll get to know how perfectly they are designed for their clients as per their requirements than other hosting providers.

For example, the shared plan of Hostinger starts at only ₹69/month offering a sufficient amount of bandwidth, storage, RAM, and processors with genuine logic. The most amazing fact is, you are not paying anything extra that doesn’t need certainly.

All plans are fully scalable. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you want. If you are upscaling it, you have to pay a little extra cost. Moreover, if you’re not satisfied enough just cancel your subscription and get your money back. Fetching savior, isn’t it?

I personally trust Hostinger for my multiple web development projects and I have received so many pleasing comments from my clients.

There are some other cool features that come free with almost every plan of Hostinger such as

  • DDoS Protection
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Zyro Website Builder
  • Unlimited FTP
  • GIT integrations
  • 24/7 client support

Conclusion: Hostinger Cost

I hope this article is helpful to you. Hostinger is best choice for web masters just starting a blog and searching for shared hosting or VPS hosting plans.

We have shared the best possible pricing for Hostinger, along with freebies, that helps you keep your web development cost under control.

Hostinger currently doesn’t have any dedicated server as it’s not necessary enough. For high-traffic sites, it’s the 8th VPS plan is enough alone.

If you still have any doubts regarding choosing a hosting plan for you, you can contact our web development team. Have a great day!

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