How to Start a Blog in India? Create Blog and Make Money Blogging in 2023

Are you looking forward to starting a blog from scratch and want to monetize it in the future? If yes, then don’t miss out on any section in this article, because I am going to cover every single detail in a beginner-friendly way.

This article aims to guide you through the What, When, and How of Blogging in India.

Even if you are an experienced blogger and stumbled upon this article, you might find new ways to explore the idea of blogging like never before.

After creating 5 successful blogs in leading platforms like WordPress and Blogger during the last 4 years, I have prepared this guide – “How to start a blog in India”. You can create a blog and make money in 2023 without any help. Come on board and get a blog up and running in the next 30 mins.

NOTE: For a beginner, if you don’t have a hobby or can’t find a “Niche” as it is referred to, you can NEVER bring good content to the public.

Yes, Experienced bloggers have an established audience and the know-how of blogging which gives them the freedom to experiment with their content.

Most beginners don’t have an idea about “niche” when they first start and that’s completely okay.

This is a comprehensive guide aimed to give you all the tools and knowledge to make it big in the blogging world of INDIA.

how to start a blog in India

What Is A Niche?

If you will search on Google, a simple definition may look like this – “Niche is a job or position that is suitable for you ”. To break it down, every person is unique in their own little ways.

But, how many of us are able to earn by doing something that we like to do? Something that is based on our interest, hobby, or maybe knowledge. Isn’t it sad? When you enter the blogging world, you are not at all bound with any sort of compulsion that otherwise, you are bound to do in your 9 to 5 job.

You get a chance to identify and embrace your uniqueness and turning it into good content and message for your online community. After all, this is the main idea behind picking a “niche”.

You stick to a topic that you always wanted as a career for yourself and start building a loyal audience around it. I have given some very common examples below to help you differentiate between a broad market and a “niche” within that market.

MarketNiche Markets
Pet IndustryPet cameras, Organic Food and Treats, Accessories and clothing, personalized pet products for owners
Gaming IndustryMobile Gaming (now a $150 billion industry itself), decals to personalize accessories, Merchandise featuring aspects of gaming culture
Fitness IndustrySupplements and Consumables, Workout routines, Weight loss programs, Fitness equipment
Information Technology IndustryEducation, Advertising, Cyber Security, Application Development
Food And Drink IndustryCoffee, Alcohol, Restaurants, Desserts, Recipes
Textile IndustryCotton production, Merchants, Apparel Design
Chemical IndustryPersonal Care Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Edible Chemicals (MSG, artificial sweetener), Farming Chemicals (pesticides, herbicides), Production of Liquor and other spirits
Entertainment IndustryEsports, Comedy, Theatre, Magic, K-Pop

Importance Of Niche In Blogging?

A simple saying goes “Try to please Everyone, you won’t impress Anyone”. The same translates to blogging(or any other business), if you try to cater to everyone, your overall message will not speak to anyone

A targeted niche can help you identify and relate to a client or customer much better and understand the problems they face on a much personal level.

You can also accommodate special requests, offer custom services, and get to know your customers on a more individual level.

Each of these practices will enable you to better serve your customers than any other competitor further enhancing your relationship with them and solidifying their loyalty to you.

It is only logical that Niche markets do not have ruthless competition, even if you have a small segment and provide few or one service.

It is highly likely that you will still find a lot of growth and business opportunities early on chances are that a few (if any) people serve the particular niche that you cater to.

Pro-Tip: People in the same niche are in frequent touch with each other (generally friends or business acquaintances), and building an online community that brings these people together is a great way to get promotion through word of mouth and develop your community.

The whole point of finding a niche beforehand is to push out consistent and quality content without having to go out of your way to produce it, sounds simple?

Let’s “Pick A Niche” 

First and most importantly your niche should be a combination of your skills and passion as well as professional expertise, only passion is not enough to sustain a blog ( I wish it were).

It could be something you love doing in your free time, something that you would stick to doing even if you were not getting paid for it.

The sweet spot is finding a niche that sits somewhere in the middle of your passion and professional knowledge, that way you never run out of ideas or concepts for new content and naturally let your creativity take over.

Considering the Indian demographic in mind, a country of 136.6 crore people who speak different languages, practice diverse religious beliefs, eat differently, think differently and whatnot.

So, in a landscape so vast and colourful it is impossible to lose sight of your niche and never run out of concepts for new content and very easy to find potential clients or customers that seek service in your niche.

Remember, it is absolutely okay to be sceptical or even second guess your options. But once you pick a niche, make sure it is something that you can passionately work on without regrets even if you don’t see the desired results immediately.

Niche Strategy

Just like in life, following a strategy will allow you to achieve your goals faster, I would suggest you the following :

Step 1Select your Target Audience.

Assuming that you have picked a niche out by now. You get a general idea about what kind of audience you want to target with your service. 

I would suggest you visit public forums such as Facebook or Reddit and look for a niche group that interests you.

This way you come across a lot of inside information that can help you shape and mould your content in a way that resonates with your audience and start meaningful relationships within your community.

Step 2: Analyze for Unmet, Underserved, or Neglected Need.

No system or market is perfect, once communication is peaceful and organized in the community, you can start to look for gaps in the current marketplace of your niche.

Then, look for ways you can fill that gap with your skillset, a young online community by your side to guide you with their feedback, be sure to ask for it.

Step 3Research Your Customer Base.

It is a good practice to frequently research your customer base and most (if not all) successful businesses revolve around this business model. 

It is key that your audience is involved with content development as early as possible. So, when you identify your online community needs, wants, expectations, frustrations, etc. for the first time, then you get an even more accurate idea of how you can serve in your niche with maximum results.

It’s time to take action.

Step 4: Personalize Your Business Plan.

The best approach is to create a plan that clearly defines your product or service and the needs it will fulfil so that your message gets across to your target audience. 

It is key that you fine-tune your business idea according to your customer base research (Step 3) and try to make your business idea as fulfilling to the needs of the community as possible.

Step 5: Present Your Service or Product To Your Audience.

Decide your ideal customer and a pricing model (if applicable) and pitch it to your niche group, in particular, don’t worry about other niches or even the broader market.

What I found out is that targeted ads, promotion on social media, and podcasts are the best tools to reach out to the people seeking services in your niche.

Example: For a person selling homemade baked goods it will be very beneficial to appear in a local radio show or podcast dedicated to Cooking or request the concerned management to publish a small article dedicated to her in the local newspaper.

What is a sub-niche?

Your niche should be small (the smaller, the better), sometimes referred to as a sub-niche that targets a specific area or service of the broader market that has unmet or underserved needs to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This is the concept of Sub-Niche and is hard to grasp but is instrumental in determining the growth of any blog during early stages. 

So you must understand the example given below, it is a long example so please bear with me.

Example: A watchmaker only specializes in Rolex (Luxury Swiss Watch Brand) and does not sell or repair other brands. 

Don’t you think any Rolex owner far away(or nearby) would be pulled to this person for the service, maintenance, or purchase of their watch for this very reason? YES.

Does he lose other potential customers due to this reason?

Yes.. and No

Let me explain,

The part of customers he lost may not have had a meaningful encounter with him since a vast number of wristwatch models available in the market have different brands and models.

On The Other Hand, the number of customers that he gained due to this specialization will far outweigh the lost customers. 

Due to the fact that every single one of the new customers has all their wristwatch needs fulfilled from this single person and will not look for another place, easily retaining the customer, while attracting more Rolex owners.

So do you see the importance of sub-niche?

If No, feel free to head over to the Sub-niche market – Wikipedia to get a more in-depth understanding of Sub-niche.

NOTE: It is MOST IMPORTANT to make sure that there is an existing need for your niche in the online (or offline) market, as it is the ONLY difference between a passionate blogger and a full-time earning blogger.

This can be done by simple keyword researchGoogle Trends is a nifty tool that helps you look up trending keywords related to your niche that popped up during Google searches worldwide. 

It offers a wide variety of filters the application lets you fine-tune your research based on country/region, time duration, etc. 

My personal favourite and the reason for the recommendation is the side-by-side comparison it offers between two trending keywords with all filters applied.

If the search volume for your niche is anywhere around 5-10 thousand views monthly, it suggests that there is a need for it in the marketplace. 

But any lower than a thousand views a month means your blog will have a tough time turning into a lucrative business. This gives you a fair idea if you are entering an exciting new market or a saturated old one.

IMPORTANTBy now you MUST have a niche picked, its sub-niche identified and a niche strategy ready.

If NOT, Go back and take your time to make a decision, and if YES, let’s now understand what a blog is and the ABC of blogging in India.

What Is A Blog?

what is a blog

Simply put, a digital canvas with unlimited possibilities. 

For a hobbyist, it may serve as a memoir of sorts, an online journal, maybe an informational page, or a place to document their journey pursuing the hobby and share it with other people online.

Or it can be a platform to showcase a special skill set or simply, show off a prized possession, whichever may be the case, original and quality content is the only way to success.

2020 was a hard year for most of us, a large chunk of the population was either being let go by their employer, simply quitting on their own accord or at least double thinking about their professional decisions during this testing time. 

More and more people are opting to either work from home or take a completely different career path altogether.

COVID reinstated the importance of staying close to loved ones as well as the crucial role of technology in the modern world for things as basic as communication to pushing out a vaccine in record time. 

All of that is possible because of advancements in technology. Everybody has a special skill set unique to that individual and can easily make money off it but not everybody has the knowledge and the tools to turn it into reality. 

This is where blogging comes in, it is the easiest way to showcase your skill-set to an audience and a great way to make passive income. 

All while building your online community as well as making connections with Industry Experts, and most importantly, blogging with the right approach can give you time for loved ones and financial freedom.

Financial Freedom ($$Money$$) + (Quality Time Spent) = Happy Man

Makes sense.

Is It Profitable To Start A Blog In 2023?

You must be wondering if it is even considered profitable to blog these days?

The possibilities are unlimited as the Indian demographic is so vast in every aspect, that no matter what niche you pick to blog upon. 

If your content is engaging you will surely see an increased number of visitors compared to any other market. 

It is important that you try to follow your other hobbies and interests alongside blogging, as it helps you maintain a consistent flow of ideas, sometimes even related to the betterment of your blog in the most unexpected ways.

In India, especially since the launch of Jio in September of 2016 and making the internet easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone. 

The statistics of data usage throughout the country saw an exponential increase and raced to the second spot for the world’s second-largest internet user base only behind China.

The top paid individuals in the game are hobbyists before bloggers, for example, Amit Agarwal (Highest earning blogger in India) earns approximately 30-35 lakhs a monthYES in one month.!!

And he is not the only one of many bloggers in India who have turned blogging into a full-time profession.

It is simply amazing how these people are able to command such a big online community but You must remember that even they started somewhere and worked their way up.

How To Start A New Blog?

Contrary to what you may believe due to various CMS (Content Management System) software available, setting up and maintaining a blog in 2023 is very easy and can be done without any knowledge of computer coding whatsoever.

There are only two steps for it:

  1. Purchasing a Domain Name and a Hosting Server (Yes, you have to buy 2 things)
  2. Installing a CMS on your system to manage your content. 

That’s all.

Let’s understand Domain Name, Hosting Server, and CMS software, in that order.

What Is A Domain Name?

The domain name is the web address allotted to your blog and it can make or break the first impression of your blog if a person (potential community member) comes across its name. 

Make no mistake in choosing a domain name, as this will be your blog’s identity and it is of utmost importance that you think this through.

Choosing A Domain Name

I will try to help you in picking out a domain by pointing out common mistakes made by beginners and giving tips along the way.

1. Keep it short

This is talked about a lot but even so, I cannot stress the importance of this enough. But a short and sweet domain name goes a long way in helping a blog grow. Global corporate giants like Apple,  Amazon, Google are some examples.

2. Avoid confusing words

For may sound like You don’t want that to ever happen because it means people might misinterpret your message without even looking at it and you lose direct traffic.

3. Avoid using numbers and/or special characters

They run a risk of being hard to communicate verbally. For example, when a person is told a number, they may be unsure about how to pen it down as in “seven” or “7”  OR  when someone is told the word “hyphen”(a special character) they might not understand what it means.

Pro-Tip: It is often beneficial to acquire a country-specific (.us, .uk, .in) or the all-time favourite (.com) domain extension that gives the visitor a sense of authenticity while browsing through your blog.

Now, if you have a Domain Name picked out in your mind let’s get on with the process of actually acquiring it this is where a hosting server comes in.

What Is A Hosting Server?

Hosting, as the name suggests it is a service that provides the user with storage space on a web server

In simple terms, a Hosting service allocates space to a user to store files that can be accessed from anywhere with a capable device and an internet connection. 

Let’s begin with acquiring a domain name on a hosting server.

A simple Google search will turn up with hundreds of hosting websites, but the most reliable ones that have a huge user base are:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostinger
  3. GoDaddy
  4. iPage
  5. HostGator

Depending upon the choice of plan and services opted for you might have to pay anywhere between ₹150-₹1500 a month to keep your blog alive. 

After browsing all your options and finding a plan that suits you best, check to see if the domain name you picked is available. If it is, BUY IT, don’t overthink it.

NOTE: You may come across sites that offer free hosting services, but remember that a website hosting business is expensive to maintain and they recover this cost (and make a profit) by the so-called “free” hosting.

Adding a ton of ads on your website (that may not even represent your brand), upselling other services they offer through your website, even going to the extent of limiting your website traffic

Next, I will guide you through the process of purchasing your Domain Name on one of the Hosting Websites mentioned above, let’s take Hostinger for the sake of this example since it is a good choice as it provides options for as little as ₹59/month(Domain Name cost not included).

Steps To Start A New Blog

Now, here you will know the steps to start a new blog. It is suggested you to not skip any single step that is explained below.

Step 1: Head over to Hostinger, and select a web hosting for you.

Step 2: Choose a plan that suits your needs, I choose “best value” (the middle one), click “Add To Cart”,  and then, you will see this screen:

Pro-Tip: If you look closely, I chose the 12-month package since I need not buy a domain name separately since I get a domain name for free as it says at the bottom of the screenshot. 

If you plan to use this service for longer periods, you should go for a longer duration package rather than one-month packages.

Step 3: Click on “Checkout Now” and this page should pop up, set up your payment methods and you are all set.

Yes! It was that easy.

Congratulations you are now the proud owner of your own storage space on the World Wide Web.

Now all that remains is CMS understanding and installation.

First, let us dive into what exactly is CMS software.

If you want to create a blog on Blogger.Com and start a blog for free in India, check out this video tutorial created by me:

What Is A CMS (Content Management System)?

A Content Management System is pretty self-explanatory, it helps a user to manage content such as text, photos, videos, documents, etc on their website, think of it as the personal assistant for your blog. 

This software helps users to edit or modify their blogs without any background in computer coding. 

In the online market, there are a ton of CMS software but the WordPress is the go-to CMS for more than half of the bloggers worldwide 72 million+ active users because it’s free, secure, and highly customizable.

The following graph represents global users of WordPress compared to other CMS Software user bases.

I use WordPress to manage content on websites and it works like a charm.

How To Install A CMS On Your Device?

NOTE: Some hosting services pre-installs a CMS for you so that you don’t have to install it manually.

With Hostinger, you can easily install WordPress from its hPanel. It’s just a one-click job.

Head over to website > Auto Installer > WordPress.

wordpress installation

Just click over it and follow the instructions. The best part is the customer service team of Hostinger. In case you feel stucked, you can connect them and ask for help.

Hostinger web hosting services offer automated software that installs and integrates WordPress into your website and I suggest you opt for this since it does most of the work for you.

For another hosting where WordPress one-click installation is not available, you have to do it manually.

Head over to and scroll to the bottom of the page, you should see a button that says “Download WordPress”. Tap on the button and your download will begin in the form of a .zip file, extract it once the download finishes.

And that’s it, you have successfully installed WordPress on your system.

Click here to go to the official WordPress website and follow the instructions on the screen to automatically set up and integrate WordPress into your blog. 


If you wish to install WordPress manually, go to the official WordPress manual installation instructions page.

Now that WordPress is all ready to manage content, it should be as easy as typing your Domain Name in the URL bar to get started.

Dos And Don’ts Of Blogging

Here we are going to discuss what are things that you should do and do not while starting blogging:


  • It is often talked about but often overlooked that Original content is the key to success in the field of blogging, always remember that every person has a different view of life, skill set, and life experiences that the rest don’t have, besides if you talk about something that you are not familiar with, your audience will not stop paying attention to you after a while or from the start.
  • You want to understand Google’s highly complex algorithms as much as possible for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so your work is being indexed properly and showing up high in the search results. 

Google uses more than 200 factors in determining the web pages, where you’ll rank in search results. But there’s a ton of small measures you can take to ensure your presence in the top 100 results.

  • Always layout a format or structure for your content and work accordingly, since it helps you keep track of the approach you want to make.
  • Use images to make your blog eye-catching, keep in mind that using the image can make or break your blog’s impression on the reader. 

Keep in mind that some images may be subject to copyright, to avoid getting into legal trouble or the image being taken down. 

Always be sure to use non-copyright images (freely available on Google) or better use images that you click.

  • The use of hyperlink in your blog is also a great way to make your blog easy to navigate and it also saves your audience from trouble of having to find things themselves. 

It can be a link to a previous post in your blog, it can be an informative page on a topic that you cannot fully explain, it can be a link to another person’s blog. This will not only help you with getting more clicks but also with your SEO.

  • Your blog’s audience is your online community, make sure you reply to their comments and try to take suggestions from your audience as it will go a long way in helping you to mold the content and message on your blog with respect to your audience. 

Remember, Feedback is the backbone of any service.

  • The power of promotion through social media is often overlooked and every time you make a new post, you should consider sharing it on social platforms as these platforms are home to huge niche groups
  • Any group of people would find it endearing if the content is published in their regional language

The same goes for Indians, if you have proficiency in a certain regional language, then you are in luck because you must realize that you can connect to that group of people on a whole other level and can understand their point of view to the fullest.

  • You can develop a series of episodes of your favorite routines.

For example, if you regularly post on Saturdays and Sundays you can name one of them as weekend getaway series, just so your audience has something to look forward to from your side each weekend.


  • The most common mistake made by beginners is trying to be a person they are not. Always remember that youronline presence should be an extension of your real-life personality and the way you conduct yourself in the real world is the way to go.
  • It is very easy to look at other people’s blogs and feel overwhelmed with their success and wonder if you will ever make it that big. You should NEVER compare your journey with other people, be it any field, some people make it to the CEO position at 30 years of age and for some, it takes a lifetime. Take it slow and steady and focus on creating quality content, the rest will come.
  • A major focus in the mind of a beginner is the numbers that they achieve during the starting stages of the blog. 

This is a huge mistake despite what anybody tells you and no matter how hard you try, people will follow and unfollow you daily so it is best that you trust your work, promote it on social media and focus on providing quality content, and leave the rest to your audience.

  • Do NOT forget to use the tools available to you after a few initial posts, always remember that these tools are a blogger’s best friend and it is key that you should use them regularly to get the most out of your blog. 

Get familiar with PixabayGoogle AnalyticsAlexa RankingsGoogle Trends, etc. as soon as you can.

  • NEVER rush into publishing without final proofreading, take some time out to look for typos or other mistakes as even a minor spelling error can break the experience for the reader. (I always proofread my work twice before publishing)

Simple mistakes or errors in your posts are enough to lose credibility in the mind of your audience, so make sure you always proofread and never end up in this situation.

  • Blogging is like an act of storytelling and like any good story it should be fun and easy to understand and it goes a long way to approach everything positively and avoid being negative in your message. 

Although social media is one of the most powerful tools for the promotion of a blog, keep in mind that self-promotion never really works with a smart audience so don’t be excessive with promotion as it can have an undesired effect.

  • The internet is infamous for “trolls” simply put, people that hate. It is known that these people are not polite and the best approach is to just try and avoid them. 

But every once in a while (if you feel the urge to comment), just make sure to mind your language, even a little verbal spat in the comment section can negatively impact your blog’s reputation and it does not hurt the troll in any way.

You can take advice from a lot of people in any walk of life on how to deal with trolls and the best advice that you will get is “haters gonna hate, ignore them and move forward”, as simple as that.

  • Lastly, setting up and maintaining a blog takes time as it is more than just simply making and publishing content

The final single most important thing is DO NOT QUIT, even if things don’t go your way, stagnant numbers, lack of comments, limited exposure, etc. 

These factors are temporary and it is only a matter of time before your audience starts to value your content. Trust the process, believe in yourself, keep pushing out good content and you will get there. 

Now that we have a blog up and running let’s dive into Monetization and its different aspects. 

What Is Monetization (Money-Making)?

There is no limit to how much money you can make blogging, you can work from home at your own time and pace and there are so many ways to go about this and we will start with easy and common ones and move onto more complex ones.

First, let us make two things clear:

  • Passive Income: Money that you earn which (after initial setup) requires little to no efforts are put under passive income, for example, any investment such as renting out a property, making an app, affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Active Income: We are all familiar with this kind of income since this is the money that we make by actively working and providing services.

For example, salary, commission, hourly wages, etc.

How Do I Monetize My Blog Or Website?

As mentioned before we will start with simple ones:

1: Selling e-books and courses and/or coaching services

Developing and selling e-books and courses aligned with your content is the best way to earn a significant amount of money while providing value to your visitors, most non – fiction work is easy to research and compile. 

So if you are teaching a skill or knowledge in your ebooks it should be pretty easy to compile and put together. 

Similarly, when it comes to learning technical skills such as data analysis, web designing, product management, digital marketing, etc. 

If you put a lot of effort into these e-books and courses, it will show and they will get sold on autopilot.

Many people would rather spend time looking for a professional mentor that will help them in all their personal queries related to the subject in a one-on-one session. 

This is where you can plug in your coaching services (if applicable).

RememberYou already have your blog and other Social Media platforms to promote your product.

2: Affiliate Marketing and Advertising

Affiliate marketing refers to publishing content that serves the interest of your audience as well as markets a product advertisement related to the same message, now this “product” MAY NOT be yours

You provide your visitors with a special tracker link, and every time anyone uses that link to purchase that specific product you get some amount as commission for every single purchase. Isn’t it simple?

For example, if you blog about fitness-related things then it might be in your interest to sell affiliate weight loss and fitness products since there is a chance that people seeking fitness information may also be interested in weight loss and you can make an easy sale.

You may struggle to find products to promote at first so I will include a list of websites that let you select a product and sign up for the affiliate program:

  1. Amazon Affiliate
  2. HubSpot Affiliate Program
  3. Flipkart Affiliate
  4. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  5. ShareASale Affiliate
  6. eBay Affiliate Partner

3: Display Google Ad-Sense

One way to earn passive income is when you are starting. All you need to do is add a script from Google to your website and start displaying ads. 

However, these ads may not be relevant to the message on your blog. 

It works on a CPC (Cost Per Click) model which means that every single time a visitor clicks on one of these you will receive a set fee. 

Head over to Google Ad-Sense Sign Up page and create an account, copy the script provided by them to your website and you are all set to earn passively.

4: Create Paid Areas or Pay-to-View Content

Just like it sounds, having your audience pay to view certain parts or content on your website is a good idea. 

If you are certain that your loyal readers are also your huge fans and would pay a little amount (that you decide) to see your best work. 

Another good idea is to create a member-only area within your website where you answer questions on a weekly or monthly basis and within that area. 

You can allow your community to share ideas and collaborate or share more in-depth photos, videos, and information related to your blog.

This is extremely lucrative since you only need to acquire a customer once and you have a steady Passive supply of monthly membership fees.

5: Secure Sponsorship

This is the best case that can happen to you since sponsorship works just like in real life by allowing company resources to non-profit events or programs in exchange for promotional benefits. 

If you are a blogger who is just not interested in displaying ads to your visitors(most people use ad blockers anyway) and it disrupts their reading flow, then this is your best bet. 

But to get a lucrative sponsorship deal it is a good idea to put together the details of your audience demographics, traffic statistics, social media following, etc so that a potential sponsor gains confidence in your abilities. 

Sponsorships can be difficult to acquire since you need a substantial amount of influence to reel in big sponsors and this can only be achieved after gaining a large audience.

So keep this in mind and try to go for sponsorship at a later stage when you have built an influential audience.

Conclusion – How to Start A Blog Online That Makes Money in India?

And that brings our article to an end to our “How to start a blog in India from scratch” guide. I hope you find this content helpful and informative that can drive you better in starting a blog from scratch.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below in the comments section, I usually write back within the same day.

A lot of research and effort goes into writing an authentic and original article, if you liked my work please consider sharing it with friends, it’s free and it helps me and this blog a lot, and don’t forget to comment your thoughts down below, your feedback is appreciated.

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