Bizgurukul Review 2023: Is the Course and Affiliate Plan any good?

Bizgurukul is an affiliate marketing company that got into light recently. I came to know about the program through some influencers on Instagram. They have been promoting the company and its program for the beneficial profit that people have earned through the program. Bizgurukul has many schemes and courses offered in their program which guarantee earning.

We decided to create a Bizgurukul review for our audience and covered everything along with our views on the basis of our experience in the industry.

Bizgurukul Review

It is quite new in the market or industry and not many insights are known about the company. In this article, we will elaborate on the entire program and course curriculum of Bizgurukul. Let’s see if this program is beneficial for you or not.


If you are an actual user or affiliate of BizGurukul, we request you to share your experience in the comments section. This will help others in understanding the platform better. We request you to be transparent and provide actual views only.


Bizgurukul Reviews

Bizgurukul is getting more and more popular with time. Actually, not much time has passed since the company was launched and in such a short period of time, it has managed to gain fame and popularity which some companies take years to find. 

Instead of calling it popular, we can also call it trending because on many social media platforms this program is being promoted. It is even observed by me that they are offering 70% of their affiliate program to its users. 

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Not even months have passed and the company is ready to give away such a high ratio is quite surprising. This is why we dig deeper into its schemes and programs and find that they have guaranteed as much as 40k of income with literally no effort. This is truly a new plan wherein the pandemic situation people are struggling to even earn for their livelihood they have managed to provide such a high-income ratio.

The company was launched in May 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak. This idea was cultivated by the smart brains of Rohit Kumar Sharma, Ritesh Tiwari, and Ritwiz Tiwari.

Courses Offered

Bizgurukul courses

Bizguurkul has 3 courses that they offer on their website. In these courses, they have different offerings and learnings which can help the user. In this section, we will explain all of it to you about their courses and their prices.

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1. Gold

The first and the basic plan that is offered by Bigururkul is the Gold. This is the cheapest one among all the other 2 plans and programs that they offer. You will be able to learn a lot about digital marketing through this program. The program has sections and modules which include personality development, Spoken English mastery, and video guidance.

You can start to learn about the world of digital marketing and its scope through this program. Promoting entrepreneurship is one of the motives of Bizgurukul. This motive they have tried to apply in their courses as well. With the program, you can learn how you can form leads, get clients, and once you have the required clients how to treat them or approach them.

You are provided proper guidance by its training team for the methods and strategies which are essential factors of a business. It has information related to Facebook, Instagram, and digital marketing.

The cost of this program is Rs 2999 and the commission which is received is Rs 2000.

2. Sapphire

The program of Sapphire does include all the information that is provided in the Gold plan. Additionally, you will get the Gold course with the sapphire. This means that you will get the original course and also the benefit and knowledge of the Gold course. The information and knowledge in this course are advanced when compared to the Gold plan. It also includes Excel, Google ads, and YouTube.

The cost of the Sapphire plan is Rs 5999.

3. Platinum

The platinum program has all the information a digital marketer will need. From copywriting to content writing they are including everything in their program. They even help their users become a better public speaker with the course they provide.

The course does not lack the main agenda of knowledge of social media handles and digital marketing. When you purchase the plan, the company offers you the previous two plans that are Gold and Sapphire along with it for no additional cost.

The cost of this plan is Rs 9999 and you get a commission of Rs 6999 on it.

4. Diamond

Diamond course has not yet been launched by Bizgurukul. It is soon to be launched. The cost of this course has not been revealed yet.

What Is The Affiliate Program?

Now, you definitely know that the course has become popular and the talk of the town. But the main factor that makes the course popular is the affiliate marketing program. Basically, affiliate marketing is a simple path to getting a higher number of sales. These sales are related to anything that is a product or service related to the company or business.

In this program, a user will have to register themselves in the company. Then every time the user will make any sale of their product or service the affiliate marketer will earn commission through it. Mostly when someone becomes an affiliate marketer for any company they don’t have to pay anything or any money for that to happen.

But in Bizgurukul to get the commission you will first have to spend yourself and then you will get to be the affiliate marketer. In case some user has not used the affiliate link then it will be a total waste to them because buying it in the first place is for earning money.

Pros And Cons Of The BizGurukul

Everything and every program have some good and bad sides to itself. Even Bizgurukul has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s detail what are the points which will be useful for you and which points will not be useful to you.


The course is simple and basic; this means that even newbies won’t find much difficulty in understanding it and applying it.

Indians who are not well versed in the English language finds it difficult to find the program in Hindi. But Bizgurukul provides its program in the Hindi language as well.

Apart from the course they even try to help students in personality development and marketing programs.

They have good customer support which will help you in times of need or queries related to your program.


They don’t have a refund policy which can be disheartening for many users. Usually when users don’t find a program beneficial they opt-out of it. But in Bizgurukul you cannot get a refund in any case.

The cost of the plans is certainly high as these programs are available at a lower cost on other online platforms. YouTube provides these plans for free.

They do not have a proper product and sales page which can create difficulty for those who are not well versed in these actions.

Finally, you can join their affiliate program only if you have purchased the courses from them.

External Reviews For Bizgurukul

Here are some reviews about Bizgurkul through different platforms:

Social Media Review

Bizgurukul Social Media Reviews
Bizgurukul Review in Facebook
Bizgurukul Mixed Reviews on Social Media

As you yourself can see in the images of these facebook reviews that Bizgurukul has mixed feedback from its users. Some of them are happy but others are facing issues. It will be too early to judge the institute but taking the right measures and observation before subscribing would be a wise decision.

Customer Reviews:

Bizgurukul customer reviews
Bizgurukul reviews by customers

Bizgurkul’s courses do not have any direct problems, but many of their customers have experienced misleading information and refund issues. They don’t offer refunds and as per the customers, they got the assurance for the refund if they don’t like the course. These customer reviews have been picked from the customer complaints site.

Bizgurkul Alternatives

Even when the hype is making the BIzgurkul one of the most popular affiliate programs or the digital marketing program, there are many other programs as well which provide the education and information that too at a lower cost.


Alternative of Bizgurukul - Udemy

Udemy is an educational platform that provides various courses at a very affordable cost. The same courses that are casting thousands at Bizgurukul are amiable here at Rs 385.

You can join the affiliate program for free. And every time you sell an affiliate you will earn commission through this. Unlike Bizgurkul which costs you beforehand for the affiliate program.


Amitad the alternative of Bizgurukul

Admitad is another program for affiliate marketing that lets its users earn from affiliate marketing. You do not have to pay for anything in advance and just need to post the link. And if someone downloads using that link then you can earn the commission.

Is It Worth It?

Bizgurukul is a legal affiliate marketing program. But there are many issues with the program like the pricing and plan. This is why we have a small piece of advice for the following types of users:

Suggestions For Students

For a student who is willing to learn and earn through affiliate marketing, this shall not be the best plan for you as it costs you before you earn from it. You can check out many other plans and courses that are available on the internet at a lower cost. We have mentioned some of them in the above section. In the top part, you can get videos and tutorials on this on YouTube and other platforms for free.  

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Suggestions For Affiliate Marketers

For anyone who is planning to become an affiliate marketer, this might seem they can check out options like Admitad and which do not charge in advance. You can also go for Bizgurkul but only after performing the right amount of research into the topic.


What is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurkul is an online platform that teaches digital marketing strategies, personality development and offers affiliate programs

How does it work?

Bizgurukul provides affiliates and when someone uses that link the users will get the commission mentioned in the program.

Is Bizgurukul legal?

Yes, it is a  legally registered company.

Is Bizgurukul trusted?

Bizgurukul is a legally registered company but it will be too soon to make a statement about if it can be trusted or not.

When was BizGurukul founded?

BizGurukul was founded on 24th March 2020.

Final Words: BizGurukul Review 2023

Bizgurukul has surely taken out its name in the top list of affiliate marketing schemes but there are still many unanswered questions and doubts in people’s minds. Looking at the ample number of opportunities that are available right now it is necessary that you make the right analysis of your thoughts before you go for the program.

We recommend choosing platforms like Udemy to learn affiliate marketing as you get cheaper courses there offered by experienced marketers. For affiliate marketers looking at earning opportunities, we recommend joining platforms like Admitad and Share-A-Sale as they are free to join and time tested.

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