500+ YouTube Channel Name Ideas For Beauty, Makeup and Fashion – 2021

Term beauty has different meanings for different individuals. Back in school, we were conditioned to think in a certain way. It’s very surprising how lockdown has allowed people to break out from the chains of those years of conditioning. This, to me, is beautiful. Being able to think freely. 

It is completely alright if you do not agree with me. You do not have to. No one can decide what the definition of beauty is for you.

Having said that, many YouTubers are working in the niche BEAUTY. There is one thing that I find common. They are confident under their skin. Confidence comes from within, so does beauty.

youtube channel name ideas for beauty makeup and fahion

Latest Beauty Channel Name Ideas

Given below are some of the latest beauty channel name ideas. 

  1. Fashion Luxe
  2. Stallion Allure
  3. Beautwind
  4. Beauty Elevated 
  5. Fashsters
  6. Charm Nourish 
  7. Beautiba
  8. Fashland
  9. Allure Spire
  10. Charm Core
  11. Allure Automate
  12. Beautlux
  13. Fashion Stallion
  14. Spectacle Fashion
  15. Marvel Fashion
  16. Grace Studio
  17. Allure Aura
  18. Deific Beauty
  19. Carnation Fashion
  20. Allurelia
  21. Beautopia
  22. Entice Allure
  23. Bare Allure
  24. Luxe Fashion
  25. Fulgent Beauty
  26. Wayfarer Allure
  27. Attractive Fashion
  28. Cookie Beauty
  29. Smurfy Beauty
  30. Guided Allure
  31. Beautoont
  32. Flossy Fashion
  33. Victoria Allure
  34. Hummingbird Fashion
  35. Lavish Luxe
  36. Venust Fashion
  37. Galvanic Fashion
  38. Natty Beauty
  39. Entice Fashion
  40. Lucent Beauty
  41. Crest Beauty
  42. Majestic Fashion
  43. Lavish Point
  44. Allure Club
  45. Bunker Fashion
  46. Pasha Allure
  47. Modish Allure
  48. Attract Allure
  49. Botanica Glam
  50. Gene Allure 
  51. Hazel Beauty
  52. Visage Fashion
  53. Ruby Fashion
  54. Opal Allure
  55. Opal Fashion
  56. Wish Allure
  57. Allure Serenity
  58. Regent Fashion
  59. Mink Allure
  60. Regent Beauty
  61. Rover Fashion
  62. Bay Allure
  63. Renewing Allure
  64. Kaiser Allure
  65. Chard fashion
  66. Stylish Beauty
  67. Closet Fashion
  68. Fashion Home
  69. Prestige Fashion
  70. Emerald Beauty
  71. Outpost Allure
  72. Tempting Allure
  73. Notch Fashion 
  74. Rebalance beauty
  75. Flair Fashion
  76. Bare allure
  77. Peach allure
  78. Rose Allure
  79.  Iris Allure
  80. Carnation Beauty
  81. Daisy Day
  82. Anemone Beauty
  83. Bells of Ireland
  84. Boronia House
  85. Daffodil Beauty
  86. Lilacs Beauty
  87. Narcissus Fashion
  88. Peony Beauty
  89. Tulip Club
  90. Amaryllis Fashion
  91. Amaranth Allure
  92. Azalea Allure
  93. Aster Beauty
  94. Begonia Fashion
  95. Bluebell Fashion
  96. Carnation Allure
  97. Modeloral
  98. ChanelleDoll
  99. Beautivia
  100. Tranquil Idol
you tube channel name ideas for beauty make up fashion

Let us look at the list of names that relate to your beauty, fashion, makeup channels on YouTube.

Recommended Beauty YouTube Channel Name Ideas

beauty you tube channel name ideas

Given below are some of the recommended beauty YouTube channel name ideas. 

  1. Poetic Scenic
  2. Magical Model
  3. Knitwear Hair
  4. Giselle Doll
  5. Decor Dior
  6. Rustic Land
  7. Trendy Sindy
  8. Pegged beauty
  9. Creativeops
  10. Makers Wave
  11. Trophy Creative
  12. Vlogvio
  13. Wire Angel
  14. Medium Creative
  15. Edge Fashion
  16. Empress Fashion
  17. Shining Charm
  18. Refine Beauty
  19. Divide Marvel
  20. Gene Charm
  21. Paragon Beauty
  22. Harmonious Beauty
  23. Sage Charm
  24. Aesthetics Beauty
  25. Nest Marvel
  26. Shoot Charm
  27. Marvel Formula
  28. Zen Beauty
  29. Vintage Charm
  30. Hulk Charm
  31. Plush Charm
  32. Beauty Marvela
  33. Alaska Marvel
  34. Fly Beauty
  35. Sauve Charm 
  36. Polished fashion
  37. Urbane Fashion
  38. Poised Beauty
  39. Smooth Beauty’
  40. Poised Venus
  41. Debonair Charm
  42. Sauve Fashion
  43. Smite Beauty
  44. Don Marvel
  45. Buxom Beauty
  46. Magnolia Beauty
  47. Fanatic Beauty
  48. Spitfire Sauve
  49. Paladin Marvel
  50. Radiant House
  51. Conquer Sauve
  52. Engage Beauty
  53. Matte Sauve
  54. Posh Lush
  55. Beautihive
  56. Esthetic Sauve 
  57. Gene Sauve
  58. Genius Beauty
  59. Sauvefluent
  60. Duchess sauve
  61. Grumpy Fashion
  62. Marvel Mark
  63. Zero Marvel
  64. Vengeance Beauty
  65. Superb Beauty
  66. Hype Beauty
  67. Alaska Sauve 
  68. Colorway Beauty
  69. Athena Marvel
  70. Hackel Marvel
  71. Bloom Fad
  72. Knick Sauve
  73. Sage Beauty
  74. Fascinate Sauve
  75. Grande Marvel
  76. Razer Marvel
  77. Frost SFancy
  78. Tonal Beauty
  79. Beauty Hues
  80. Glamour Sauve
  81. Corner Beauty
  82. Looker Trend
  83. Ultimate Prestige 
  84. Marvel Effect
  85. Cue Beauty
  86. Affects Fashion 
  87. Mob Marvel
  88. Deep Mode
  89. Beautzilla
  90. Beguiling marvel
  91. Daisy Craze
  92. Mode Beauty
  93. Shift Mania
  94. Beauty Approach
  95. Glamour Colour 
  96. Wonder Fad
  97. Vogue Landscape
  98. Vogue Trend
  99. Charm Effects
  100. Splendour Craze

Catchy and Stylish Names for Beauty Channel on YouTube

catchy and stylish name for beauty channel on youtube

Given below are some ideas of the stylish names for beauty on YouTube. 

  1. Charm Mania
  2. Belle Vogue 
  3. Fineness Style
  4. Glory Visit
  5. Glorious Gen
  6. Lavish Trends 
  7. Ornate Rage 
  8. Modish Chick
  9. Chic Beauty
  10. Obsession Fashions 
  11. Eclat Fashion
  12. Beauty Frame
  13. Dusky Fusion 
  14. Actaea Craze
  15. Dahlia Styles 
  16.  Dame’s Light
  17. Daphne Hut
  18. Echinops Club
  19. Echium Hue
  20. Echeveria Shades 
  21. Elder Glory 
  22. Encyclia Fusion 
  23. Epigaea Frames
  24. Epiphyllum Fills
  25. Epipremnum Emporio 
  26. Eranthis Lush 
  27. Eremurus Glory
  28. Erigeron craze
  29. Erysimum Fancy
  30. Etlingera Mania
  31. Elatior Dior
  32. Euphorbia Fad
  33. Eustoma Vogue 
  34. Felicia Couture 
  35. Ficus Trends 
  36. Fig Marigold House
  37. Firethorn Fancy
  38. Flamingo Glamour
  39. Flannel Shades
  40. Forsythia Fad
  41. Fritillaria Fashion
  42. Frosty Fire
  43. Fuchsia Stile 
  44. Anemones Mania
  45. Poppy Blooms
  46. Galium House
  47. Galanthus Beauty
  48. Aristata Store
  49. Angelic Fashions
  50. Valley’s Dior
  51. Calandiva Diva
  52. Gaura Aura
  53. Gazania Mania
  54. Ginger Fad
  55. Goatsbeard 
  56. Gomphrena Times
  57. Grevillea Hustle
  58. Guzmania’s Show
  59. Gypsophila Villa
  60. Hamamelis Hercules
  61. Haemanthus Home
  62. Multiflorus Hues
  63. Hawaiian Blues
  64. Harmonious Hood
  65. Hawthorn Hut
  66. Helix Felix
  67. Helenium Heena
  68. Helianthus Show 
  69. Helichrysum Shades
  70. Heliconia Colors
  71. Hellebore Heaven 
  72. Helleborus House
  73. Fabglamour
  74. Mrs Glamour
  75. Eternal Bee
  76. Tranquility Beauty
  77. Beauty Pulse
  78. Beauty Gaze
  79. Beauty Plush
  80. Relentless Mania
  81. Vogue Individuality
  82. Fancy Passivity
  83. Trends Fierce
  84. Capricious Convention
  85. Pearlure
  86. Scorpion Pearl
  87. Glam Couture
  88. Beautiful Illusion
  89. Unpredictable Craze
  90. Glamour Genes
  91. Sanity Beauty 
  92. Alpha Beauty
  93. Fancy Sterility
  94. Vogue Mystification
  95. Glamreel
  96. Original Credibility 
  97. Impetuosity Couture
  98. Glamour Story
  99. Vibrant Jewels
  100. Condign Design

Makeup YouTube Channel Name Ideas

make up youtube channel name ideas

Given below are some of the makeup YouTube channel name ideas. 

  1. Laterals Maples 
  2. Recordset ringlet
  3. Cabotage Drayage
  4. Beauty Overline
  5. Spontaneity Modernity
  6. Redecoration Avocation
  7. Frontline Green
  8. Glaaze
  9. Glossy Glossary
  10. Buffer Buffet
  11. Doe Foot House
  12. Kabuki Store
  13. Glossy Queen
  14. Shimmerie
  15. Glam Calms
  16. Pink Swan
  17. Twinkle Blush
  18. Rouge Blinks
  19. Kohl and Beauty
  20. Peachy Glare
  21. Glisten Psyche
  22. Glint Cosmetics
  23. Lustre Blusher
  24. Glittery Pancake
  25. Fulgurate Persona
  26. Sparkle Psychology
  27. Sparkle Psyche
  28. Glint Nature
  29. Glistening Foundations
  30. Blinking Kohl
  31. Glare Paints
  32. Scintillate Kohl
  33. Wink Blusher
  34. Glitter and Dance
  35. Lusture Mascara
  36. Sparkly Panstick
  37. Glistening Constitution 
  38. Flash Frameworks
  39. Fulguration Beauty
  40. Winking Greasepaints
  41. Glarey Pancake
  42. Coruscate Kohl
  43. Twinkle Format
  44. Lustre Assembly
  45. Glint House
  46. Sparkle Store
  47. Flicker Club
  48. Flare Hues
  49. Scintillate Colors
  50. Glisten Home
  51. Glint Boxx
  52. Twinkle Framework
  53. Flare Fenix
  54. Glitter Sparrow
  55. Sparkle Mouse
  56. Glint Goose
  57. Glare Dare 
  58. Flicker Fish
  59. Moonlight Beauty
  60. Glistening Moon
  61. Lustre Lioness
  62. Scintillation Science 
  63. Sparkle Ship
  64. Glnt Abode
  65. Shimmer Captain
  66. Loud Luminous 
  67. Luminosa 
  68. Luminating Colors
  69. Shiney Stones
  70. Radiant Blusher
  71. Glisten House
  72. Ablaze Maze
  73. Gleam Goat
  74. Fluoresce Foundation
  75. Beaming Form
  76. Sparkling Foundation
  77. Burnish Box
  78. Ablaze Store
  79. Illuminatati
  80. Incandesce Space
  81. Bright Box
  82. Coruscatng Space
  83. Lighted Roof
  84. Glimmer Goose
  85. Glisten Space
  86. Effulgence Time
  87. Luminescence 
  88. Lambency Embassy 
  89. Flicker Town
  90. Glamour Hut
  91. Allure Villa
  92. Flicker Valley
  93. Shiney Town
  94. Gleamy Space
  95. Incandesce Chair
  96. Shimmer Room
  97. Glint Town
  98. Glittery Space
  99. Spangle Space
  100. Illuminati House

Fashion YouTube Channel Name Ideas

fashion youtube channel name ideas

Are you looking for the best YouTube channel name ideas for fashion?

Don’t worry. We have got you covered.

Given below are some of the fashion YouTube channel name ideas. 

  1. Classy Mania 
  2. Customary Fashion
  3. Elegant Trendz
  4. Genteel Fad
  5. De rigueur Fancy
  6. Snazzy Fashion
  7. Sassy Fashions 
  8. Spiffy Fashion
  9. De Design Trends
  10. Modish House 
  11. Vogue Stories
  12.  Modish Convention
  13. Classy Stories 
  14. Cool Chronicles
  15. Snappy History
  16. Needling Fashions
  17. Furor Seconds
  18. Spiffy Tales
  19. Recital Elegance
  20. Glam Narration
  21. Trendsetting Pieces
  22. Sassy Scenario
  23. Exclusive Anecdotes
  24. Groovy Stories
  25. Chic Trends 
  26. Vogue Spell
  27. Mod Minutes
  28. Snazzy Occasions
  29. Boho Hour
  30. Bandwagon Times
  31. Cultism Moments
  32. Chic Lines
  33. Mode Shapes
  34. Trendy Points
  35. Groovy Days
  36. Glamour Suits
  37. Vogue Ensemble 
  38. Craze Clothings 
  39. Fad Attire
  40. Trendy Robes
  41. Elegant Ensembles 
  42. Modish Outfits
  43. Trendy Turnouts
  44. Sassy Regalia 
  45. Mod Apparels
  46. Snazzy Garbs
  47. Customary Finery
  48. Stylish Array
  49. Popular Rigs
  50. Elite House
  51. Needlecrafts
  52. Stitcheries
  53. Scuffle Funnel
  54. Stylized Stitch
  55. Stitchia
  56. Fashion Bookable
  57. Modstitch
  58. Cotton Dupper
  59. Silk Circle
  60. Chiffon Case
  61. Tissue Tales
  62. Velvet Knits
  63. Voile Nest
  64. Terry Tomb
  65. Tartan Times
  66. Sateen in House
  67. Shantung Grace
  68. Silver Knits
  69.  Sheeting Sittings
  70. Taffeta Toils
  71. Pointelle Tails 
  72. Percale Space
  73. Flannel Founds
  74. Fustian Studio
  75. Gabardine Workshop
  76. Chiffon Studio
  77. Georgetting
  78. Gingham Kings
  79. Greige Age
  80. Intarsia Robes
  81. Jacquard Junctions
  82. Chiffon Shapes
  83. Khaki Times
  84. Linsey Atelier
  85. Mousselining
  86. Muslin Studio
  87. Organdy House
  88. Sassy Organza 
  89. Baize Buzz
  90. Batiste Base
  91. Bombazine Baseline
  92. Brocade Club
  93. Classy Calico 
  94. Crazy Cambric
  95. Classic Corduroy
  96. Vogue Casements
  97. Cheviot Robes
  98. Chintz Dresses
  99. Crepe Clothe
  100. Crewel Jewel
  101. Damask Dior
  102. Crepe and Needles 

How To Choose The Best Name For Your Youtube Beauty Channel

best name for youtube beauty channel

To decide the best name for your YouTube channel make sure that you are aware of the kind of content you will be uploading. For beauty channels, this becomes easier. You have to name your channel in a way that shows the relation to beauty. 

1.Keep it relevant

The name should be easy to read and memorise. The more relevant it is, the easier it is to memorise. You want your followers and people in the internet space to be able to connect with your content.

For example; having a channel name 001Box or GlamourBox, the former doesn’t seem relevant for a beauty channel the former looks relevant.


Focus on keywords that depict the overall essence of your content. For example, if you are running a beauty channel having a name that contains contour, blush, or kohl might do the trick.


Skillfully design the channel name. Take your time in deciding what will do the trick. Like having capital letters in the YouTube channel name increases its visibility.


Yes, being consistent with the name of your channel is important for building your brand. If at some point you feel the need to change it, remember that you can always change it. Brainstorm the name, this is a very important part of your YouTube channel. 

Who Should Start A Beauty Channel In India?

starting a beauty channel in india

Anyone who has a keen interest in beauty or beauty related works can start a beauty channel in India. You may decide the interest of your platform. Make it particularly for hair care, hairstyles, nail arts, face and skin care, makeup, artistic makeup etc.

The more focused it can be the more audience the channel will attract. Make some 10 videos before you start your channel. This will give you leverage. Post content consistently. It’s a discipline in life that works wonders. 

Provide value in your content. The more informative your content the more audience you get. 

Tips To Grow Your Beauty Channel

Opening a public account on any social media platform is pretty easy. The same goes for starting a YouTube channel. Growing it takes time. Certain things can help you in growing your beauty YouTube channel. 


Keep your content in and around the focus you have decided for your beauty YouTube channel. Putting a hairstyling video on a nail art channel might be a bad idea. Try including trending songs in the background of your videos. Have good quality content, use good hardware and software for creating and editing your content.


Posting content with consistency helps in its growth. Decide a time that works best for you. Refer to the insights on your YouTube studio for information about your channel. You can make video content in advance so it helps you in maintaining steadiness.


Putting content that is engaging is not enough. You have to do your bit. Engage with your audience. Engage with fellow YouTubers so the traffic is diverted to your channel. Remember that you are the face of your brand.


Respond to comments on your content. After posting the video, respond to every comment that comes within the first 48 hours. This is crucial.


Use other social media platforms to bring traffic to your YouTube channel. You can use Facebook, Instagram to advertise your channel. Learn free social media marketing on these platforms, that would certainly help. 

FAQ: YouTube Channel Name Ideas For Beauty

Who are the best beauty vloggers in India?

Shruti Arjun Anand, Ankita Shrivastav, Sejal Kumar are some of the best beauty vloggers in India. Shruti has over 9 million YouTube followers. Her content is specific to beauty. She teaches makeup in her videos.

The way she teaches is interesting. She often takes on social topics. Like rich v/s poor, their reactions in different situations. She makes the content funny. Situations involving makeup usage. 

She is targeting an audience that is interested in makeup tutorials, an audience that needs leisure, and an audience that can engage in social topics. One content is doing all that. This is how YouTubers grow.

Which is the most popular beauty channel?

Ankita Shrivastav is one of the most influential YouTubers in the beauty category. She is the brand ambassador of her channel Corallista.
Her love for makeup, cosmetics can be seen easily in any of her videos. She is a great content creator. With absolutely flawless dialogue delivery. She knows to make her content presentable. She often engages with other YouTubers. Also, she has achieved a great command over her audience.

What is the best name for a beauty channel?

These are some of the best names for beauty channels:
1. Fashion Luxe
2. Stallion Allure
3. Beautwind
4. Beauty Elevated 
5. Fashsters

Final Words: Beauty Channel Name Ideas For YouTube

Yes, the name is important but what’s more important is that your channel grows. Creating content that is adding value to your audience. The amount of engagement you receive from your content. These things will always be the most important. Naming it right will certainly help.

Hope the article provides you with the information you were looking for. I wish you good luck on your YouTube channel. 

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