Blog Mentoring and Consultation Service In India For 2022

Are you a new blogger looking for a blog mentor? or Are you someone looking to start a blogging consultation service?

If yes, we at DigitalVishesh will help you for sure.

Before we share the process and pricing, let us understand what difficulty you will face as a beginner in the blogging world.

Why You Need a Blog Mentor and Consultant?

As a new blogger, you will find difficulty in the following areas:

  1. Finding the Niche and Micro Niche for your Blog
  2. Choosing a right blogging platform, WordPress or Blogspot?
  3. Web Hosting and Domain purchase
  4. Setting up the platform for first post
  5. Keyword Research Tools
  6. Competitive Research
  7. SEO basics
  8. Content Writing tips
  9. Blog Monetization Avenues
  10. Advanced areas like backup, hack protections, and speed optimization.

Not only the above mentioned areas, but it can also be anything coming up in your mind for which you might seek handholding.

Connect with us and we will be glad to assist you.

How To Get Started With Blog Consultation?

There are two ways, both Free and Paid.

Free Blog Starter Guide

If you are not looking for one to one consultation, you can read this comprehensive post: How to start a blog in 2022.

We have prepared this guide with our own experience of over 5 years.

As a beginner, you will learn blogging basics, Niche identification, WordPress, Best Hosting, Getting ready for your first blog and even our recommended plugins and themes.

But, if you are looking to connect with an expert – Vishesh Gupta, here is the solution.

Premium Blog Mentoring

Connect with us over the call. I will personally help you with finding the solution to your difficulties.

30 Minutes One To One Telephonic Consultation

With DigitalVishesh Aka Vishesh Gupta

Pricing: Just Rs. 3500 1999

60 Minutes One To One Telephonic Consultation

With DigitalVishesh Aka Vishesh Gupta Pricing:

Just Rs. 7000 2999

Why You Should Choose Us As Your Blogging Mentor?

It’s all about knowledge, success and numbers. DigitalVishesh’s founder Vishesh Gupta has worked with brands like Vodafone, CitiGroup, HDFC and various others.

For the last 5 years in full-time blogging, he has scaled his affiliate income to $3000 in November 2021. Overall traffic on websites has crossed the 200000 pageviews mark.

Here are the snapshots or proofs of income:

affiliate income from commissions junction
Hostinger income
impact radius income snapshot

Is this all?


DigitalVishesh is now a digital marketing firm that writes content for industry leaders. Not only that, but we also manage small to large web development projects for leading clients in India and abroad.

Again, check out a few recommendations by industry experts about our services:

recommendations and testimonials

Want more proof?

Although we cannot share the URLs of all our blogs but this new website Digitalvishesh.IN was started a few months back and you can check the growth chart here:

blog growth chart

Final Words About Blog Mentoring

Blogging is a perfect source of passive income. It, first of all, needs a business mindset. Like any other business, a blog also faces competition. But, if you can ensure continuous learning, consistency, a positive attitude and proper handholding, you will grow.

Making a successful blog is not get the rich quick type of scheme. You need to invest time, effort and money.

Invest in it & give your best, you will surely get success in the blogging world.

Visit Contact Us page, Drop us an email, our team will share the payment details and time slot available. Your search for blogging mentor ends here.

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