Translate English to Korean (영어를 한국어로 번역) 2023

Translate your text from English to Korean for free with this English to Korean Translator. This new translator will help you to convert your English text into Korean with accuracy, in seconds.

With a high accuracy rate, our AI based tool is available for free. Try this, get your results fast and accurately.

Any name, any sentence, or important document can be used, You can use this tool for your personal and professional use.

Free English To Korean Translation

Here is how to translate English to Korean, just enter your text in the English section below and press “Translate” button. Your text will be automatically converted in the Korean language.

Result will appear here…

Simply enter your English Text and press the translate button above. With in no time, you get your results. Just copy and use it wherever you want. You can also download it for free.

Commonly Used English To Korean Phrases

english to korean translator
  1. Hello – 안녕하세요
  2. Goodbye – 안녕히 가세요
  3. Yes – 예
  4. No – 아니요
  5. Thank you – 감사합니다
  6. Sorry – 죄송합니다
  7. Excuse me – 실례합니다
  8. How are you? – 어떻게 지내고 있나요?
  9. I’m fine – 저는 좋습니다
  10. My name is… – 제 이름은… 입니다
  11. Nice to meet you – 만나서 반갑습니다
  12. How much is this? – 이것은 얼마입니까?
  13. Can you help me? – 도와주시겠어요?
  14. Where is… – …은 어디에 있습니까?
  15. Do you speak English? – 영어 할 줄 아세요?
  16. I love you – 사랑해요
  17. How old are you? – 나이는 어떻게 되세요?
  18. What is your occupation? – 직업은 무엇입니까?
  19. Can you repeat that? – 다시 말해주시겠어요?
  20. Have a nice day – 좋은 하루 되세요
  21. How do you write V in Korea – Follow this video.

Follow These Steps To Use This Korean Translator

Step 1: Simply type or paste the English text into the input box, that you want to translate.

Step 2: Once you enter the text, Press the translate button to initiate the translation process. 

Step 3: The results will produce in seconds, you can copy the results and use them wherever you want.

Note: This tool has a word limit of up to 500. So keep your words up to count for the best results. This English-to-Korean translator is powered by Google API, Which uses a Machine language Algorithm to do translations.

As humans are not involved, There are chances to make mistakes and will miss the context and cultural nuances of the language. So it is advised to recheck before using it, especially for important documents. Looking for an exact translation, contact us for professional translation by Human.

Features of English To Korean Language Converter

  1. Looking for convenient UI/UX in translation tool? Our tool provides that.
  2. Want a quick translator? Our Korean translation tool works in seconds. It is fast and accurate.
  3. Using our software, you get wide range of accessibility, and it supports multi-device. You can access it from wherever you want.
  4. You can copy and download the converted text.
  5. It automatically detects the source language and translates it.
  6. This tool continues to update to give better results.
  7. It is supported on a mobile device. You can easily do translations on mobile.
  8. It gives a high accuracy rate of translations.

Some Interesting Facts About The Korean Language

  1. The Korean language has two writing systems, 1)Hangul (한글), 2) Hanja (한자).
  2. The Korean language has a unique alphabet. Do you know Hangul was created in the 15th century? Yes, it is considered one of the scientifically designed alphabets.
  3. Korea currently follows 2 language education, Both Hangul and Hanja are taught to the students. It is interesting to note that Hanja is used in official documents and texts.
  4. The Korean language is also used in various Chinese and Japanese literature and these days it is incorporated with English words.
  5. The Korean language has different and unique grammar. Korea’s grammar is different from other languages with subject-object-verb word order and a system of particles that indicate tense and mood.
  6. The Korean language has roots in the Altaic Language family. Which include languages spoken in Asia, Mongolia, and turkey.
  7. The Korean language is the official language of South Korea. It is spoken by Korean communities around the world. Including North America, Europe, and Australia.

Learn Korean using this video:

Limitations In Using This Translator

While this English-to-Korean is a useful tool. It is important to keep in mind this tool has some limitations.

1. Accuracy becomes challenge sometimes: The Accuracy of the Translator is based on the Complexity of the text. There may be an error in Grammer and vocabulary or meaning that affect the overall quality.

2. The limitation with the software: The software may not be handle some kind of specialization and technical language. Which may result in incomplete or inaccurate translation.

3. Human review is missing: As humans are not involved in this process, The translations may not be accurate. This may cause misunderstanding.

4. Translator tool doesn’t understand Idiomatic expression: Our translator is based on Google’s API, and cannot understand Idiomatic expression, and this may end up with a less natural translation.

The Key Feature of Our Korean Translation Software

  1. It produces English to Korean name or sentence translation results in seconds, which makes it easy and reliable.
  2. It has multi-platform support, You can use it on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. you can access it from any kind of device.
  3. It produces as high an accuracy rate as possible. To ensure the translation is precise and reliable.
  4. Korean name translator is completely free to use, for both personal and professional use.
  5. With our tool, you get Multi-language support, providing users with even more versatility and flexibility.

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Conclusion: How To Translate English To Korean

It is 100% free to use. You can translate texts for unlimited. Our translator uses Google API to translate texts, which uses advanced machine learning algorithms and Artificial intelligence techniques.

As humans not involved in it will miss the context and cultural nuances of the language. so translations are pretty reliable and accurate. Translations might not be word-to-word exact but convey the general meaning. however, Be aware that this tool can occasionally produce awakened or wrong results.

It is recommended to recheck the translation before using it. Especially if it’s for an important document or discussion. Enjoy translating!

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