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Translate English to Tamil using our free tool on this page.

Our team has professional English to Tamil translators. Using their expertise, we have developed a free tool for unlimited Tamil translation.

A Free English-to-Tamil translation tool is based on Google API. The tool leverages the power of Google API to produce the translations.

Whether You are a student, a business professional, or someone who wants to communicate with Tamil speakers. This tool is a perfect solution for all your translation needs. Try this free tool today!

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Use this tool, enter the text in the English section and press the Translate button. Within seconds, the text will be updated in the Tamil section.

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How to Use Our English To Tamil translator?

Want to use it like an English to Tamil dictionary or to check the meaning? This tool is more than that. It converts unlimited English sentences to Tamil and that’s for free. Here is the process.

  1. Simply type or paste the English text into the input box, that you want to translate.
  2. Once you enter the text, Press the translate button to initiate the translation process. 
  3. The results will produce in seconds, you can copy the results and use them wherever you want.
Note: It's important to keep this in your mind, this tool has a word limit of 500, So keep your word limit for the best results. 
Also, please note that the tool is not always 100% accurate due to the complex grammatical makeup and linguistic setup of the Tamil language. 
However, it could provide translations that are pretty accurate and culturally relevant as possible. 

Commonly Used English To Tamil Phrases With Their Tamil Translations

We have used Google translate API for every single word that you want to convert. Here are some common words to learn and speak Tamil.

  1. Come – வாருங்கள்
  2. Go – போ
  3. Hello – வணக்கம் (vaṇakkam)
  4. How are you? – உங்கள் உடன் எப்போதும் வணக்கம் (uṅkaḷ uṭaṉ eppōtum vaṇakkam)
  5. Fine, thank you – சரி, நன்றி (cari, naṉṟi)
  6. What is your name? – உங்கள் பெயர் என்ன? (uṅkaḷ peyar enna?)
  7. My name is… – என் பெயர்… (eṉ peyar…)
  8. Nice to meet you – நீங்கள் தான் பரவது போகலாம் (nīṅkaḷ tāṉ paravatu pōgalām)
  9. How are you today? – இன்று உங்கள் உடன் எப்போதும் வணக்கம் (iṉṟu uṅkaḷ uṭaṉ eppōtum vaṇakkam)
  10. Good morning – காலை வணக்கம் (kālai vaṇakkam)
  11. Good evening – மாலை வணக்கம் (mālai vaṇakkam)
  12. Goodnight – இரவு வணக்கம் (iravu vaṇakkam)

Interesting Facts On The Tamil Language

  1. Do you know? Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world. Approx spoken by 70 million people in India.
  2. It is believed that Tamil is 2000 years old language that was derived from the Brahmi script.
  3. The ancient history of India is mostly captured in Tamil, and Tamil literature contains a rich history.
  4. Tamil was recognized as a classical language in 2004 by the Government of India.
  5. Tamil has its unique number system, And it is still in use in some parts of Tamil Nadu.

The Key Feature Of Our Translation Software

Our English to Tamil translation tool is unique. Here is why:

  1. It is designed to produce easy and instant results. You can copy the produced result and use it wherever you want.
  2. This software provides Multi-platform support, It is accessible for a variety of devices from laptops and desktops to mobile phones and tablets.
  3. It produces as high an accuracy rate as possible. Ensures the translation is precise and reliable.
  4. Best of all, It is completely free to use. and you can make unlimited translations for both personal and business use.
  5. It offers multi-language support. providing users with even more versatility and flexibility.

Limitations Of English To Tamil Converter

  1. Despite of high accuracy of the converter, they are still struggling with capturing the complexity and nuances of the language.
  2. The converter is not aware of cultural references, jokes, and idioms. This lack of cultural understanding makes some difference in translation. so It is important to recheck the translation before using it.
  3. The quality of the translation depends on the quality of the software you use. We use the best tool but it may also make errors.
  4. Tamil language has a vast vocabulary, As it lacks human intervention, some incorrect sentences in English can lead to wrong or incorrect translations.
  5. Tool is fully based on technology (Google Translate) so any technical glitch or malfunction can interrupt the translation.

Who Can Use This English-To-Tamil Translator?

It is used by a variety of people and businesses. it will be beneficial for individuals who want to learn Tamil or individuals who want to interact with Tamil speakers.

And with the help of this tool, businesses can translate their content and reach a wider audience. It is a completely free tool to use. In this way, the use of an English-Tamil translator can help bridge language obstacles and promote communication between individuals and organizations.

For What Purposes This Tool Can Be Used?

  1. Language learning: By using this translator, you can learn and understand the language.
  2. Translation of personal and professional documents: You translate personal letters, documents, and emails into Tamil.
  3. Business translation: To translate business-related content such as website content, Marketing materials, and product description into Tamil to reach a wider audience.
  4. Academic Research: To translate the research papers, academic contents, journal articles, and research findings.
  5. Media and entertainment: You can translate English songs, movie dialogues, and other entertaining stuff into Tamil.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Translator

Can I download the translator software?

No, you can only use the translator online. but you can download and install the Google Translate chrome extension, which helps you to translate the entire page or you can highlight texts and translate.

Is it 100% accurate?

It uses automated machine language technology, As humans not involved in it will miss the context and cultural nuances of the language.

Can I use it for free?

Yes, Absolutely. It is a free tool however, it has some restrictions like robots or automated software not allowed to abuse our tool.

Can I translate texts in the pictures or images?

No, Only texts can translate with this tool, But you can use Google translate app to translate images.

Conclusion: Free English To Tamil Converter Online

Hope you liked our 100% free to use translation tool. You can translate texts for unlimited. Our translator uses Google API to translate texts, which uses advanced machine learning algorithms and Artificial intelligence techniques.

As humans not involved, we request to check the output, but as per our experience, the results are pretty reliable and accurate.

Translations done by this tool convey the general meaning. If you want the translation for an important document or discussion, we also recommend our professional translation service. Enjoy translating!

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