Free Online Courses With Certificates In India By Government

The government of India is working its way to provide the best courses for free from the best platforms available. The intention behind this is to educate the country as a whole. To make the country unstoppable. Some leaders have taken great steps in educating their people.

To raise new, ethical, and fine entrepreneurs, different courses are being offered. We are going to check out some of the finest courses offered by the government of India. These courses are free of cost. The duration in which they can be done will be provided to you along with the course.

free online courses with certificates by government in india

Let us read about some of the free online courses with free certificates in India by the government.

free online courses with certificates in india by government

Eskill India

e skill india

Established in 2004, Eskill India is being run by NSDC- National Skill Development Corporation. It is providing various courses online. The courses are delivered by government-trusted people. They share their stories, provide shortcuts, video lessons and a lot more.

16 knowledge partners are working with Eskill India. Some of the big names are IBM, UpGrad, and the British Council. It is providing an online course with certificates in India by the government. 

Some 22 categories are listed on the website of Eskill India like apparel, beauty, electronics, It-Ites, construction and more. Each category contains courses related to it. On selecting a particular category you will be diverted to the courses. Duration and ratings are given upfront. 

Basic Electrical Training

The course content is being provided by Amrita Technologies Pvt. Ltd. this course helps in understanding basic electrical operations. The learner will be able to understand the basics of an electrical circuit. 

The basic working of electrical circuits. The theoretical knowledge would be imparted in this course. 

  • Duration -It is a 2.5-hour duration course.
  • Mode of Learning – Online
  • Fee-FREE
  • Pre-qualification –Someone who has cleared 9-10th grade
  • Assessment availability –Available
  • From knowledge partner     

The listed course provides the basics of electrical training. For a more advanced approach, you can visit  Udemy. There is a similar course, Online Electrical Training by Julio Herrera. It contains a 39-minute video and a downloadable resource. It is rated 4.6 stars with many enrolled students. 

You will learn all about Lock-Out and Tag-Out. The devices that are used to lock out power. Along with that, you’ll learn how to explain the grounded circuits. And a lot more. 

Domestic Data Entry Operator

Do you want to become a freelancer? These free online computer courses with certificates in India by government will help you for sure. Data entry is one of the best and easiest freelancing opportunities that we see growing day by day.

With data-related jobs flooding the market this can be a relevant course to go for. Usually, the data related courses are a bit pricey. Here in Eskill India, it is being offered for free. The knowledge partner of this course is Unifiers Social Ventures Pvt Ltd.

More than 7k students have taken up this course. It has a 4 stars rating. It is a QP based course and all NOS’s are covered in it. 

  • Duration -It is a 20-hour duration course.
  • Fee – FREE
  • Certificate Availability from –– Available by Knowledge Partner
  • Pre-qualification – Someone who has cleared 9-10th grade
  • Mode of Learning – Online
  • Assessment availability –  Available

There are many similar courses being offered at Udemy. Introduction to Data Entry Administrator Training Course, Comprehensive Data Entry Course: Become a Data Entry Pro and many more. 

If you need expert guidance after taking up the above-mentioned course, you may visit Udemy. They are taught to create and modify the worksheet formulas. You will learn to protect your data. And a lot more. 
The course is being crafted by Alpha academy is considered one of the best e-learning platforms. It has a 4.4 stars rating. 

e learning platforms

Some more courses that are related to the selected course appear on the right-hand side as Related Courses. Click the link for further information. 

Also, similar courses are available on Udemy that are almost free of cost too. Check those as well. 

All India Council for Technical Education

all india council for technical education

Are you looking for free online computer courses with certificates in India by government? Visit the site of AICTE that provides you courses related to Java, Python and even ethical hacking.

AICTE was working as an advisory body under the ministry of education but was given statutory status by the parliament of India. enabling it to work more effectively. AICTE approved courses may provide government jobs.

Some of the free online courses with certificates in India by government for students are given below.

Open EDG Education Partner Program Python/C/C++/JavaScript

open edg education partner program

This course will provide a good understanding of data structures and algorithms. Every software has its data algorithm. The imparted knowledge will help the learner in the maintenance or development of software. This is FREE of cost. Click on the link to visit their website.  A similar course is offered by Udemy that is almost free of cost.

  • Fee – FREE
  • Certificate Availability from –– Available from Knowledge Partner 
  • Mode of Learning – Online

If you are looking forward to advancing education, you can visit Udemy. They are offering courses like Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp, The Data Science Course 2023: Complete Data Science Bootcamp and a lot more at affordable prices. 

The course contains complete data science training in mathematics, statistics, python. It teaches advanced statistics in python, machine & deep learning. The course comes with 501 downloadable resources, 90 articles, over 20 hours of video content that you can access all life. 

Ethical Hacking- SQL Injection Attack

sql injection attack

Ethical hacking is gaining importance in our world. With E-commerce building up the need for ethical hacking will increase. The course offers a great opportunity for people who wish to pursue this as a career. It is one of the highest-paid careers in the IT sector. 

The course includes learning about SQL injections, SQL language, the collection of data from web apps, and the vulnerability of web applications. For any further details go through the website

  • Fee – FREE
  • Certificate Availability from –– Available from Knowledge Partner 
  • Mode of Learning – Online   

If you are considering studying this course at an expert level then you should visit Udemy. They are offering various courses in ethical hacking at affordable prices. They have more than a 4-star rating for each course.

Courses in ethical hacking have been taken up by a lot of students who can vouch for the online course. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch is one. It enables you to learn hacking like black hat hackers and to learn to secure like experts. 

Cybersecurity for Business- The Fundamental Edition

cybersecurity for business the fundamental edition course by government

With most businesses shifting online learning a skill like this can come in handy. The course provides in-depth knowledge of online threats, advanced hackers, mitigating government spies.

Explore the threat landscape, in-depth security issues, basics of cyber security, operating systems, encryption.

All that and more for FREE. visit the website for more details.

I would try it out. Do let me know in the comment section below if you’d too. 

  • Fee – FREE
  • Certificate Availability from – Knowledge Partner 
  • Mode of Learning – Online

If you need expert skills you can visit here. A similar course offered at Udemy is the Complete Cyber Security Course. This is curated by Nathan House who is the winner of the Cyber Security Educator of the Year 2020 award.

The course has a rating of 4.5 stars. It has been taken up by more than 2 lakh students. It has 4 volumes. It moves from basics to advance. You can pick the course volume that is best suited for you.

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning

national programme on technology certificates in india

NPTEL is an initiative taken up by the most renowned Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT’s) also it is funded by the government of India. This shows the value of the courses offered by NPTEL. You will add a lot of value by taking up a course offered by them. Some of the interesting and popular courses are given here, for the rest visit their website

As visible it has courses in several disciplines. One can choose the discipline of their choice and get enrolled in the course of their interest.

They offer video content from some of the most reputed professors. Along with the books and transcripts for the content. 

ongoing courses and certificates in india

The courses require the full-time participation of the individual. The content is well established and of high value. Exams are conducted before the issuance of the certificates to assess the knowledge that has been absorbed. 

Some of the free online courses with certificates in India by government 2023 are given below.

Product management

product management course by the government of india

My sister started her career as a product manager. The skill can be very useful. The fact that IIT professors teach here, is the cherry on the top. In the course, you will understand the role of product managers in different companies. 

You will understand the product life cycle and how it applies to the products. Learn how to excel beyond just getting hired. Learn the use of API’s, how they can be useful to your teammates. Understanding the designers and what matters to them the most. For more information click the link.

  • Duration -10 days over 2 months
  • Fee – FREE
  • Criteria – Average assignment score (out of 100) >= 40 AND Final exam score ( out of 100) >= 40.
  • Mode of Learning – Online
  • Assessment availability –  Available

There are some similar courses in the advanced level that are being offered at Udemy. Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job is one of them. This is one of the best selling courses on Udemy. 

It teaches the learner to use a sketch system called POP for digitizing product sketches, how to Create specs for epics and user stories and a lot more. It was created by Evan Kimbrell.

This course has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessInsider, BuzzFeed, Mashable, TheNextWeb, The Daily Beast, & Techcrunch.

Human Resource Development

human resource development course offered by indian government

Resource development is an integral part of human resource management. Resources are what makes any organisation. There are people in every company who are working in this field. This course opens the possibility of getting hired as an HR manager. 

The course Human Resource Development is online and provides learnings like, what learning and development are and how it helps in achieving organisational goals. The basics of talent management, ways to identify different roles in learning and development and much more. 

  • Duration -It is over 2 months
  • Fee – FREE
  • Criteria – Average assignment score (out of 100) >= 40 AND Final exam score ( out of 100) >= 40.
  • Mode of Learning – Online
  • Certificate Availability from –– Available

A similar course is offered by Udemy. Diploma Course in Human Resource Management (HRM) the course provides the learner with immense knowledge. It sets the course for becoming a top-notch human resource manager. 

The course has been taken up by a lot of students. It has proved to be useful to them. The course comes with 40 articles, 17 downloadable resources, 2 practice sets and more. You may visit the link provided above for any further information.


swayam certification course in india

Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds. Swayam is a program initiated by the government of India. It focuses its attention to provide free education to everyone including the most vulnerable groups of society. It is working very hard and gaining recognition. 

The courses provided here work on equity and equality. They provide certificates that are recognised by the government of India. Swayam is working with the best national coordinators like IIBM, UGC, IGNOU, AICTE and more. Feel free to check out this wonderful initiative with a click.

Some of the online courses with certificates in India by the government are given below.


This course is designed by multi-disciplines in the field of animation and gaming. It’s considered to be one of the finest courses for those who want a career in gaming, design engineering or animation.

Dr Abhishek Kumar is one of the facilitators of this course. He is awarded a PhD Doctorate in Computer Application, Apple Certified Associate, USA. He has trained over 1 lakh students from across 153 countries.

Along with him, there are many other university professors that will acquaint you with the intricacies of animation. Click here to know more. 

  • Duration -It is a 15-week long course.
  • Fee – FREE
  • Criteria – The certificate is available after clearing an examination. The examination is optional.
  • Mode of Learning – Online
  • Certificate Availability from – Available

If you are looking for a more advanced course then you can pay your visit to Udemy. Creative Advanced CSS Animations – Create 100 Projects is a course in animation over there. 

This course teaches advanced techniques in CSS animation, with over 100 projects you can achieve a great level of practice in animation. Click the link provided above to get redirected to their page.

Artificial Intelligence

An Introduction to AI course has more than 40k enrolled students. The course is being conducted by IIT prof. Mausam. The course discusses AI fundamentals, AI philosophies, AI models. It teaches first algorithms to solve formulations. This course is designed for undergraduate level students.

Some basic details are given below.  

  • Duration -It is a 12-week-long course.
  • Fee – FREE
  • Criteria – The certificate is available after clearing an examination. The examination is optional.
  • Mode of Learning – Online
  • Certificate Availability from – Available

For a more advanced approach, you can refer to Udemy. Artificial Intelligence A-Z is a course that is being offered there. It provides complete information on data science, machine learning and deep learning. 

You can also find course creators offering various courses in ethical hacking.

Curated by an AI instructor and a data science specialist. The course contains knowledge on deep convolutional and Q-Learning, ways to understand theories behind AI and a lot more.

Some Popular Courses Of 2023

some popular courses of government of india

Some of the top trending courses in the year 2023 are:

  • Big Data
  • Product Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning 
  • Cloud Computing, etc

Some of them have been discussed already. They were free online courses with free certificates in India by the government. Some are discussed below.

Data Science

In simple words, data science teaches us how to use the data for various research and reporting. To derive meaning out of the data. With changing times the demand for data science specialists has increased by 46%. 

Some more places that offer data science courses for free are Udacity and Edx 

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence in simple words is the way of managing the business so it grows. There are strategies, technologies, data interpretations and a lot more things involved in it. For any company, its BI analyst plays a very crucial role.  

There are many platforms that are providing this course for free along with a completion certificate. Edx and Coursera are two of those.

Cloud Computing 

Like you have google cloud storage on your phones. It is very similar to that. It is a technology that lets the users store and manage their data on remote servers. According to one survey, the cloud computing market in India is at 2 billion dollars. This can make a great career option. 

There are various platforms providing free cloud computing courses. Coursera and Udemy are two of those. 

Full Stack Development

This refers to development on both sides, ie. on the front end (client-side) and back end (server-side) of a web application. A full-stack developer gets a handsome salary. 

Full Stack Development courses that are being offered for free are listed on Coursera and Udemy.

Apart from the information provided above, there are several government-initiated platforms that provide e-learning resources. These resources are well prepared by some of the finest professors, research scholars. Apart from that, there are several e-books and literary content that can be helpful.

  1. Vidwan
  2. e-Sodh Sindhu 
  3. National Digital Library
  4. Swayamprabha

Conclusion: Best Online Free Courses By Government of India

In my view, the course that you can relate to would be the best one to pursue. The government websites that are offering free courses. Good courses require your time. The examination at the end of completion of the course tells you the amount of information you’ve absorbed. A lot of excellent courses have been included here.

We also have a detailed free blogging guide that helps you start blogging in India.

Feel free to comment or question any information that is given here. Would be glad to hear from you.

Check out the list of important government sites:

FAQs: Free Online Certification Courses By Government

Should I enrol in free courses?

Some of the courses offered can improve the respective skill tremendously. You can always opt for these courses. The courses are provided by the government. They hold a lot of value. They can be taken up when you wish to gain basic knowledge. For advanced knowledge, you can refer to paid platforms that offer similar courses at affordable prices.

Are online courses by the government any good?

The courses offered by the government hold a lot of value. You can use those certifications in your CVs. Sometimes these courses provide just basic know-how. Most of the courses listed here are initiated by the government. The facilitators are renowned professors from elite universities. In the end, it depends on how much information you are able to absorb.

Are free courses worth studying?

I know a lot of people who study from YouTube. That is FREE right? The courses created have a defined line. You can learn a lot of basic information from them. YouTube on the other hand does not have a defined pattern as to how to study. YES, free courses are worth your time.

What are the best Eskill India courses?

Basic Electrical Training and Domestic Data Entry Operator are the best courses that come under Eskill India.

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