Jasper AI Black Friday Deals – Get Free Extra Credits

Are you excited about the best deals on your favorite AI writing tool? Yes, we are talking about Jasper AI Black Friday deals.

Jasper AI writer has solved the huge problem of content writers or blog owners who have no time to write long posts. Jasper can write anything be it social media ads or 1000-word articles in minutes. It can make your content creation process 10X faster.

Latest Deals of 2022

Free bonus 1. Get 300,000 extra words (Savings of $297)

Free bonus 2. Jasper Art for 3 teammates (Savings of $720)

Free bonus 3. Ticket to Jasper’s conference (Savings of $499)

Total value of this bundle: $2,704.

Jasper AI Black Friday Offer 2022

Black Friday deals for Jasper have not been announced yet. We will put the deals here if any announcement regarding Jasper Black Friday occurs. So, bookmark this page.

 But we have another offer that you can grab now.

Claim free credit of 10,000 words for 5 days. Use this special Jasper link to get the deal.

Jasper AI Black Friday Deals

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Process To The Get Best Deal On Jasper Black Friday 2022

The steps below are shown to get the free credits of Jasper.

Step 1: Click on this special Jasper link

Step 2: Sign up on Jasper

Step 3: Select the appropriate plan and continue. (Don’t know which plan to choose? Read the plans and pricing section)

Step 4: Enter your payment details and there you get the free trial of 5 days.

Jasper AI Plans & Pricing – My Review

Jasper offers the following three plans. Annual plans come with a 17% discount.

  • Starter: For 20,000 words monthly plan costs $29/mo whereas the annual plan costs $24/mo
  • Boss Mode: For 50,000 words monthly plan costs $59/mo whereas the annual plan costs $49/mo
  • Business: Its pricing depends on the requirements of the organizations.

If you are a marketer who writes only short content then a Starter plan is suggested for you but if in case you also write long-form content like blog posts, books, stories, etc. then a Boss Mode plan is suggested to you.

My Verdict For Jasper Plans

I found all the features of respective plans very appropriate but there is one thing missing that can be referred to as a drawback, earlier there used to be a plan with unlimited word limits which was of high importance for high-load writers.

The flexibility of words, which is you can select and change the word limits without actually changing the plan is an amazing option.

Want to know which plan is best? Read this Jasper plans analysis.

My Verdict For Pricing

Without a second thought, I will say it is expensive compared to other AI writing tools like Rytr. But there is a reason for its expensiveness, it has the most advanced and trained AI writer among all competitors also it provides so many templates and customization options that are not available in other tools.

What Can Jasper AI Write?

Jasper can write more than 50 types of content for you. Below is the name of templates that are available in Jasper

  • Text summarizer
  • Paragraph Generator
  • AIDA Framework
  • PAS Framework
  • Product Description
  • Creative story
  • Content improver
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post into the paragraph
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • Feature to benefit
  • Sentence expander
  • Personal bio
  • Facebook ad headline
  • Company bio
  • Facebook ad primary text
  • Google ads headline
  • Google ads description
  • SEO – Title and Meta descriptions
  • Real estate listing
  • Amazon product description and features
  • Social media posts
  • Review responder and many others.

What If You Want To Create Some Other Task The Above Mentioned Ones?Jasper Recipes

In that case, Jasper offers its powerful feature called Jasper recipes. So, the next question you may get in your mind is “What are Jasper’s Recipes & How to use them”?

Consider Jasper Recipes as the preloaded templates where you will have to change the variables with your content information as shown in the snap below.

Jasper Recipes

You can create a new recipe, or use third-party recipes available there which will act like a new template. For example, if you want a full blog post in the same structure every time, then you can create the recipe for a blog post and change the variable to get the output.

Jasper recipes are available only with the Boss Mode plan.

What Makes Jasper AI The Best AI Writing Tool?

Some of its features are just astonishing and deliver quality where it is difficult to differentiate whether the content is human-generated or AI-generated.

Jasper Commands

As the name suggests, it is a command to Jasper AI writer to write something for you. It is a kind of instruction to Jasper for writing content.

For example, if I want Jasper to write a blog post headline on Black Friday, I can simply open the Blog post outline template and instruct Jasper by writing “Write blog bost outline about Black Friday” and then hit CTRL + Enter on PC or CMD + Enter on Macbook and this tool will give the output.

It is somewhat similar to Alexa and Siri, the only difference here is you have to give instructions by writing to Jasper.

Commands are also available only for the Boss mode plan.

Multilingual Features

Jasper has no boundaries when it comes to language. It can write and understand more than 25 global languages. So, this tool is also a bonus for many non-native English populations.


Jasper has integration options with many popular apps and tools to make your writing interface even more convenient.

Chrome extension of Jasper is very helpful for those who write on Docs and WordPress.

Integration with Surfer SEO and SEMrush helps with SEO optimization and keyword research while writing the content without giving extra time.

FAQs: Jasper AI Black Friday 2022 Sale

Is the Jasper AI Black Friday 2022 sale live?

No, Jasper AI Black Friday deals are not live yet but the offer and deals that we have shown on this page are live now.

2. Who is Jasper’s Boss Mode plan for?

Boss mode is suited for those who want AI writers to write long content for them. I must say not only long-form content should be the reason to go for this plan but those who are more reliant on AI generate their task much faster and use more powerful features like recipes and commands which are available only in Boss Mode.

3. Is there any free plan for Jasper?

Jasper does not offer any free plans, so if you want to use it for free go for our deal that gives you access to Jasper at zero cost for the next 5 days.

Conclusion: Jasper 2022 Black Friday Deal

Black Friday is the right time to buy Jasper as you will get great discounts during this time. Be updated with this page to know the Jasper AI Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as soon as they get announced.

Till then use Jasper’s free 10,000 words credits.

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