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The Turkish language has had various connections in Europe and Asian countries since the prehistoric era. It’s the official language of Turkey and is currently spoken by more than 70 million people.

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Turkish Vs English Language: A Comparison

If we look into the depth of the rich Turkish history, the language has been influenced by Arabic, Persian, and French roots as you can see some similarities between their vocabulary.

Turkish is a member of the Turkic language family, which has 29 letters, 8 vowels, and 21 consonants.

Languages can be translated from one to another. And there are so translation APIs in the market that are being used to translate languages such as Google, Microsoft, and Yandex translators.

But how could you check its accuracy? To know the actual meaning of the language we need to know the crucial differences and similarities between the operated languages.

English LanguageTurkish Language
English uses ‘He‘ for males, ‘She‘ for females, and ‘It‘ for any object.No word is used to describe any gender. It commonly uses “O” for everything.
English uses helping verbs such as is, am, was, and are for linking any two verbs in a sentence.In Turkish, there is no use of helping verbs 
It needs both definite and indefinite articles to denote nouns, pronouns, and adjectives.It doesn’t use either definite or indefinite articles.
Lacks vowel harmonyUses vowel harmony that creates a fluidity in language i.e. vowels match with the previous vowel on suffix addition 
English is an isolating/analytic language meaning that words are expressed with grammatical relationships.Turkish is an agglutinative language meaning that words are expressed by stringing together via morphemes.
It is a non-phonetic language. There are so many words that have different pronunciations with different spellings. It is a phonetic language, i.e. It is written as it’s pronounced.
It has a subject-verb-object (SVO) word order.Turkish has a subject-object-verb (SOV) order.

Is the English Language Similar to Turkish?

English and Turkish have so many dissimilarities but still, there are some linguistic similarities. There are so many borrowed English words in Turkish vocabulary e.g. Balkan, Shish Kebab, Boza, Yoğurt, and Bulgar.

If we talk about grammar, both languages have different use of suffixes to indicate tenses and plurals. But both use Latin alphabets in their written language. However, there are also some additional letters that are not found in English.

Key Phrases and Vocabulary for Turkish to English Translation

  1. Bugün nasılsın – How are you doing today?
  2. şuanda meşgulum – I am busy right now.
  3. kahvaltı yaptın mı? – Have you eaten breakfast?
  4. Neredesin? – Where are you located?
  5.  Merhaba – Hello
  6. Benim adım [Name] – My name is [Name]
  7. Lütfen – Please
  8. Elveda – Goodbye
  9. Affedersin – Excuse me
  10. Teşekkür ederim – Thank you
  11. Hangi renk seversin? – What color do you like?
  12. Başka bir dil konuşuyor musun? – Do you speak another language?
  13. Seni seviyorum – I Love You
  14. Yardıma ihtiyacım var. – I need help.
  15. Bana bu adresi söyler misin? – Can you tell me this address?
  16. Benimle evlenir misin? – Will you marry me?
  17. Başka bir dil konuşuyor musun? – Do you speak another language?
  18. Anlamadım – I don’t understand.
  19. Burada bulunan tüm turistik yerleri gezmek istiyorum. – I want to visit all the tourist places here.
  20. Seninle bir randevuya çıkmak ister misin? – Would you like to go on a date with me?

We recommend you see the video below that helps you learn Turkish.

Common Mistakes In Turkish To English Translation

If you are not using a translator who isn’t a gold miner and not so knowledgeable, it fails to understand many linguistic terms resulting in so many errors and mistakes.

There are more reasons for errored translation such as limited language understanding, ambiguity, lack of machine learning practice, lack of human touch, the inability of context translation, and many more.

Here are some common mistakes that you can see while translating Turkish lines to English.

  1. Some Turkish words seem similar to English but they have different meanings. e.g. Seven means Loving in Turkish but in English, it’s just a number.
  2. Despite being a phonetic language, several unusual sounds can’t be pronounced accurately. It can create misunderstandings, so make sure to get its proper pronunciation.
  3. Sometimes we translate sentences word by word resulting in awkward and unnatural translations. Consider the overall meaning of the context for natural translation.
  4. Turkish has variations in different regions with unique dialects, pronunciations, and expressions. You have to look over these variations as well.
  5. English and Turkish have a great differences in grammar. If the tool isn’t known the differences then you could be in trouble. Dec
  6. Turkish is rich with idioms and expressions and many translators fail to translate them correctly.

FAQs about Turkish and English Language

What does the girl mean in Turkish?

The word for “girl” in Turkish is “kız”.

How do you say no in Turkey?

The word for “no” in Turkish is “hayır”.

What is I wish in Turkish?

The “I wish” phrase can be translated as “keşke” in Turkish.

What does Polat mean in Turkish?

Polat means steel in Turkish.

How do you wish someone in Turkish?

You can wish someone by following phrases: İyi günler (Good morning/afternoon/evening), Sağlıklı kal (Stay healthy), Mutlu ol (Be happy), Başarılar (Good luck) and many more.

Conclusion: Translate Turkish To English In 2023

This tool is based on the translation API of Google and is able to translate accurately with a heavy load of language training and learning.

Turkish is ultimately a unique and tough language for non-native speakers but you can easily rely on us with assured 99% accurate Turkish to English translation.

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Turkish To English Translation 2023: Translate Türkçe Free

Your search for free Turkish to English translation ends here. Our professional translation team has developed this in-house free tool.

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