How To Install Premium Hotstar (Disney Plus) In India – 2023 Guide

Premium Hotstar is an Indian company which provide online video streaming to their users. Hotstar VIP has tv series, Movies, Sports and News in their app. They provide videos in a wide variety of languages like Hindi, English and Marathi.

The Premium Hotstar app is free but some of the features come underpaid version. For watching IPL you have to go for their premium version. They provide tv series, shows and movies from Hollywood to Bollywood. You can watch Premium Hotstar on mobile, laptop and tv also.

Premium Hotstar has 300 million active users and 46.4 million paid users. Premium Hotstar launched on 11 February 2015. Star India is the owner of Hotstar. Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution are the parent company of Hotstar VIP.

how to install premium hotstar

How to Install Premium Hotstar on Mobile?

disney hotstar for kids

Installing Premium Hotstar on mobile is very easy. Here I am describing how to install the Premium Hotstar app step by step. Just follow these steps-

Step 1- Open Google Playstore on your Mobile.

how to install hotstar in mobile using playstore

Step 2-  Type Premium Hotstar on Playstore search.

installing hotstar on mobile

Step 3-  Click on Install on Premium Hotstar app

hotstar vip

Step 4 –  After Installing click on open

hotstar premium

Step 5 – You are ready to watch whatever you want

hotstar vip feature

How to Install Premium Hotstar on Computer?

Mobile screens are small in size which does not provide a good experience while watching movies and tv series that’s why I am describing to you how to install Premium Hotstar on Computer.

Step 1 – First Download and Install Bluestack on your Computer

ott platform hotstar

Step 2 – Open Bluestack and then open Playstore in it

disney+ hotstar

Step 3 – Search For Premium Hotstar and click install

online streaming app hotstar

Step 4 – Now you are ready to watch movies and shows

how to install hotstar on computer

How to Install Premium Hotstar on TV?

Want to watch movies and tv series with family or friends then TV is the best option. Here I am explaining how to install Premium Hotstar on TV.

Step 1 – Open your airtel tv App.

installing hotstar on tv

Step 2 – Open Playstore in it.

disney+ hoststar online steaming videos

Step 3-  Search and install Hotstar

ott platform disney+ hotstar

Step 4 –  Now you are ready to watch everything.

disney+ hotstar premium

Hotstar VIP Features

If you want some more features then you can go for Hotstar VIP features. Premium Hotstar free version contains ads and limited content. Premium Hotstar paid version provides you with more content without ads you just have to pay some price for it. Following are some of the features of Hotstar VIP-

  1. Languages – We know how many different languages and cultures are in India that’s why  Hotstar VIP provide different language for different people. They have Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali languages available.
  2. Login Features – You have to first log in with your mail id or mobile number to watch all the content available in Hotstar VIP. Without login, no one can access Hotstar VIP.
  3. Tv shows – You can watch the Tv shows for free but some of them may be paid. Especially the star channel tv shows you can easily found here. Hotstar VIP has tv channels like Star tv, Star jalsha, Star Bharat, Star Vijay and star maa which comes under the star tv production other than that they have channels like HBO, Foxlife, Starsports and many other.
  4. Smart Search – Hotstar VIP has smart search options. When you type ar in their search box a dropdown list came which suggests all the tv shows and movies which starts with ar like Arjun, Arjun Reddy, Arya. This is called a smart search option which is makes searching very easy.
  5. Userfriendly User Interface – Hoststar VIP has organised and categorised every tv show and movie according to its genre which provides a very good Userfriendly User Interface to their website. 
  1. Original Shows – Hotstar VIP also produced their own original shows like Aarya, Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, 1962: The war in the hills, Special Ops, Hostages, November Story and City of Dreams which are very popular among their users. 

Hotstar VIP Pricing

hotstar pricing

Hotstar VIP provides free services as well as paid services to its users. Hotstar VIP has three subscriptions Mobile, Super and Premium. Hotstar VIP Mobile subscriptions are 499 per year, Super subscriptions are 899 per year and premium subscriptions is 1499 per year. Mobile subscriptions is only available in Mobile. Desktop users can not see their mobile subscriptions.

In mobile subscriptions number of devices that can be logged in is 1 whereas for Super and Premium subscriptions number of devices that can be logged in is 2 and 4 respectively. Super and Premium subscriptions have 4K and 1080p video quality whereas mobile subscription has only 720p video quality.

Super and Premium subscriptions have Dolby 5.1 audio quality. Mobile subscription has Stereo audio quality.

Why Install Premium Hotstar?

premium hotstar

Everyone feels bored. Everyone wants to watch movies or tv series once a week or twice a week that is the time when u need apps like Hotstar VIP. Hotstar VIP provides the best tv series, shows, movies and sports entertainment videos.

It provides its users best content available in the market. Hindi movies, Bengali movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies all are available on Hotstar VIP. Sports like cricket, kabaddi, wrestling, tennis, football and basketball you will find here.

Premium Hotstar has a special section for kids with the name Disney+ kids. Where you will find all cartoons and animated movies for kids. If your child is troubling you and does not leave you alone then show your child the Premium Hotstar cartoons. 

Hotstar VIP Payment Option

Hotstar VIP provides multiple payment options for its customers. You can easily pay for Hotstar VIP subscriptions. They have Debit cards, Credit cards, Netbanking, Paytm and UPI payments options. If one payment option is not working then you can use other. 

If you do not have Credit and Debit cards then you can use Paytm and UPI payments options which are very secure and reliable.


Can you use Hotstar VIP on your Mobile?

Yes, You can definitely use Hotstar VIP on your mobile.

What are the different prices of Premium Hotstar?

They have 3 subscriptions Mobile, Super, Premium. Mobile subscription is 499 rupees per year. Super subscription is 899 rupees per year. Premium subscription is 1499 rupees per year.

Is Hotstar VIP free?

Yes, Hotstar VIP is free but they provide limited content in it also you have to watch many ads.

Who is the owner of Hotstar VIP?

Star India is the owner of Hotstar VIP.

What is Hotstar VIP and Premium?

Hotstar Premium plan is more expensive than the Hotstar VIP plan in Hotstar Premium you get access to all the content of the Hotstar. In Hotstar VIP you get access to sports content and Indian content.

Conclusion: Steps to Install Premium HostStar

I have summarized all the details about Hotstar VIP  like What is Hotstar VIP, Why to install Hotstar VIP, How to install Hotstar VIP on mobile, How to install Hotstar VIP on Computer, How to install Hotstar VIP on tv and  Hotstar VIP pricing. Now you have all the knowledge about Hotstar VIP. Go install Premium Hotstar and Enjoy.

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