24 Best Web Series Download Websites | Sites to Download New WebSeries Free

At least once a month or even every week, we all have that craving to watch some of the latest and best web series. But when doing so, a big question arises: What is the best website to download web series for free?

Even though there are a lot of paid streaming services like Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. That lets you watch the latest web series and movies, but their paid subscriptions might put a dent in your pocket.

So because of this many people look for different ways to download web series for free. But all they get is some crappy website. Which instead of letting them download those web series for free it redirects them to fishy websites.

You might not want to risk your data as automatic redirects might upload the virus to your system.

Still, the craze for watching and downloading the latest web series for free, drive many viewers to search for free ways to do so.

So for this reason and to help you all out I have created a list of 24 best new web series download websites. We have shared this list as we find these sites live and sharing the content. However, we cannot confirm the ownership of the web series with these downloading sites.

best web series download websites

Before starting I suggest you all use these websites to watch the latest web series:


Before we move ahead with the list of some popular sites in India that enables you to download web series, we have an important suggestion for our visitors.

All movies that are produced in India, are protected under the copyright and piracy act. The idea of downloading any web series or movie for free may sound good, but it comes with its own risks.

Firstly it’s illegal in India to download copyrighted content as it violates “Copyright Infringement Law“.

Secondly, the main source of income for such sites is an advertisement, which sometimes transmits malware.

We here at DigitalVishesh don’t promote these illegal activities or piracy.

The content shown here is only for educational purposes that lists the existing sites facilitating download. But we don’t confirm if these sites are the authorised licence holders or have obtained permission to distribute or not.

Most web series downloading sites in India are doing distributing the content without permission from their creators. For your safety, we recommend you use VPN and AdBlocker that help you keep your information encrypted and safe.

Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. KatmovieHd

katmoviehd Web Series Download Websites

KatMovieHD is one of the best and people’s favourite websites to download their web series. Here, you can download the latest web series from Hollywood and Bollywood and movies, TV shows, Anime, and even dubbed movies.

Unlike many web series downloading websites, they don’t have any pop-up ads or redirects ads.

You see a web series or a movie you want to download you can just click it then select the quality in which you want to watch the web series.

That’s it! Just sit back for the downloading to be completed.

Visit this site here

2. MkvCage

mkvcage web series movie download

MkvCage is another popular website that offers the latest web series to download for free online. With a seemingly simple website design, you can easily download anything from the latest movies, web series and TV shows.

The best part is they also don’t bombard you with pop ads though they have one or two, that is something that you can make peace with.

Though they are short on Bollywood content. If you are a Hollywood junkie like me then it’s one of the best places to be.

3. Tubi Tv

best web series download website tubitv

If you are looking for a premium experience while watching or downloading web series then Tubi TV is the best place to be on. Tubi TV is one of the best free premium websites to download your web series from.

They offer you thousands of movies, TV shows and web series to watch and download plus a premium experience that is all for free.

This website is one of the very few free websites from where you can download your web series legally.

Visit this site here

4. The Roku channel

the roku channel web series downloader

The Roku Channel is another one of the few websites that let you watch and download movies and web series for free and legally. To download your favourite series you have to register yourself as one of their users and that is it, you are good to go.

On this website, you can watch and download all kinds of free movies, web series, TV shows you want to. Roku channel has something more than all the free websites mentioned in this list.

Along with other movies and web series that let you watch and download their own Roku originals, yes I know it is hard to believe but it’s the truth.

Visit this site here

5. YTS


YTS is one of the very few torrent websites that is included in our list of 24 all web series download websites. One of the main reasons to do so cause of its popularity as the best website to download series for free and in HD quality.

To download web series you just need to have a torrent downloader in your system which is available to free. They have a huge database that is updated regularly with all the latest releases.

Visit this site here

6. O2TvSeries


I personally like a website with a simple easy to navigate layout and O2TvSeries is that kind of website. On this website, you get all kinds of the latest web series to download for free, and in the highest quality.

A new web series just landed and you can not watch it for free don’t worry just download it from this site, they take no time to upload the latest web series. T

They have subdivided the web series list in alphabetical order, so it’s just a breeze for you to find.

Visit this site here

7. MoviesDi


They might have “MoviesDi” as their website name but don’t get fooled by that, along with the latest movies they offer all the best and latest web series to download from.

You can get all the latest movies and web series on their home page alone, if not just search for it.

I would suggest you use any free ad blocker to block off unwanted ads and pop-up’s, other than that there’s nothing to worry about.

Visit this site here

8. Movies Found Online

movies found online

Movie Found Online is another web series movie download website. Here you can also download movies, short films, documentaries, animations and even Stand Up comedy videos.

All the videos are available to be downloaded in the highest quality.

This website is best for people who are looking only for English content cause they have no Bollywood movies or web series to download. Let’s hope they start doing so.

Visit this site here

9. Yifi Movies

yifi movies

Yifi Movies is another torrent website to download web series or movies for free. From here you can download web series in 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4K and even in Bluray.

Just like another torrent website on our list to download movies from this site you need to have a torrent downloader, which is able to download web series from the link you get from this website.

10. MoviesSquad


MoviesSquad is another amazing website on our list of 24 Best web series download websites. Here you get all the latest movies and web series to choose from and download.

You can think of this website as the underdog of these 24 best web series download websites cause not only do they have the latest web series but they are the cleanest of all.

They don’t have any pop-up ads or any annoying redirects but only some display ads that are not obstructive.

Visit this site here

11. TvSeriesnMovies


As it’s in their name TvSeriesnMovies, here also you get the latest web series to download for free without any hassle.

On their website, they got all the latest movies, web series, TV shows, and even Anime so you won’t be short of videos to watch any time soon.

The admin of this website offers download links with the highest video quality but the file size is much lower size than any other website.

Visit this site here

12. TVShows Today

TVShows Today

Well, we have another one of the best and premium sites to discuss, TvShows Today is all about web series and web series only. Here you will get all the latest web series that’s released recently anywhere in the world.

They also offer you the highest quality to choose and download from without any unnecessary pop-up ads.

Visit this site here

13. TheNetNaija


At first, it might seem that no this website doesn’t provide you with any web series download link.

But when you click on the “Video” option from their menu then you will be redirected to the page where you can see that they have all the latest web series and movies to download.

One thing that I don’t like about TheNetNaija is that it has a lot of unnecessary pop-up ads which really gets annoying.

Visit this site here

14. Web Series Club

Web Series Club

We have another best website Web Series Club. This website does what it says without any hiccups and unnecessary ads.

On this website, you can download all the latest movies, web series in high quality.

They provide download links to movies and web series from all the genres from south Indian to Hollywood or even Punjabi.

Visit this site here

15. Filmy Meet

best web series download website Filmy Meet

Filmy Meet website is another website from where you can download your favourite website for free and a lot of other things as well from dub movies to Hindi dubbed series. (Don’t confuse it with filmy4wap)

This website also doesn’t bombard you with any crappy ads so the process of downloading will be all plain and simple.

They provide videos in HD quality.

If you are having any problem downloading the web series from their sites then they have created a post listing the ways on How to download web series from their site.

Visit this site here



TFPDL is a wholesome kind of website which lets you download your favourite web series for free and in HD quality.

Along with that, you can watch movies, download games, different software, and ebooks etc.

This website has a very good layout which makes it easy to navigate through. Still, if you are having difficulties finding, your web series then their easy search filter helps you.

Visit this site here

17. All Movies Hub

all movies hub

Again let me say don’t get fooled by the name of this site “All Movies Hub” is also the best website from where you can download HD web series for free without any intrusive ads.

They give you the option to download web series either in Hindi or English and also have well-designed categories through which you can navigate to find your web series.

Even if you are looking for older web series or the latest ones they have got it all in their database.

18. HdMovieArea


We have another amazing website on our list HdMovieArea, which might be one of the fastest sites to keep themselves updated with any new web series.

Though the downloading process is a headache on this website, just because they redirect you to a lot of different sites.

But they don’t have any kind of ads on their website so you have to make peace with the downloading process. Other than that it is also the best website to download web series for free online.

Visit this site here

19. Movies2u


Movie2u is another website from where you can download your favourite web series for free.

One thing I like about this website is that you can download your web series by spending much less data as their file size is not more than 600 MB.

From Hollywood to Bollywood and even south Indian you can download any web series in dual audio without any problem. If you don’t find your favorite web series to download then you can even make a request for it.

20. InExtMovies


Now we have another best free premium website InExtMovie on our list, think of all the domains that release web series, this website gets it all for you.

Be it movies or web series from Hollywood, Bollywood, or even Hollywood you will find it all here in HD quality.

Along with a huge database, they also have a user-friendly website layout and are keeping the website updated regularly. So you don’t have to wait for new web series to watch.

Visit this site here

21. Filmyzilla


FilmyZilla is a celebrity kind of website, cause many people already know this website’s name for a long time. They have got a lot of Hollywood movies web series that you can download with ease.

They don’t annoy you with intrusive ads like many free web series downloading websites do. With their very simple website layout, you can easily find your favourite web series to download for free.

If you can’t find your favourite web series to download then you option to make a request for that.

Visit this site here

22. Dramacool9

If you are a fan of K-Pop dramas or Asian web series then my friend this is the perfect place for you. Dramacool9 has got a never-ending supply of the latest Korean dramas.

They don’t have any annoying ads plus you can even watch all those web series for free without downloading if you want.

Visit this site here

23. Internet Archive

internet archive

Internet Archive is like a museum of the Internet you can most probably find many things including web series to download.

Along with web series to watch and download for free, they have a huge database that includes millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

If you try hard enough then even in this coal mine you may find gold.

Visit this site here

24. Download Full Movie

download full movie

Last but not least we have Download Full Movie on our list here on this website you get a wide range of web series to download for free.

Once you visit this website you will forget about other web series download website names. And if you ever had issues finding your favourite Bangla web series then have your back.

They are regularly updating their website with Kolkata Bangla Movies, Bangla web series, Hollywood and Bollywood movies and web series.

This website has got a clean and user friendly layout and for the download links, they provide google drive links that are very easy to download.

We also have included the YouTube video that tells you the process of – how to download the web series?

Conclusion: Webseries downloading websites for 2023

This was the end of 24 Best Web Series Download Websites. All the websites featured in this list were chosen on different parameters, so you won’t experience any hiccups while downloading your favourite web series.

And after this post, I am sure that you will never ask for web series download website list.

Summary: 24 Best Web Series Download Websites

So, here is the summary of some of the Indian sites to download web series and movies for free.

  1. KatmovieHd
  2. MkvCage
  3. TubiTV
  4. The Roku Channel
  5. YTS
  6. O2TvSeries
  7. MoviesDi
  8. Movies Found Online
  9. Yifi Movies
  10. MoviesSquad
  11. TvSeriesnMovies
  12. TVShows Today
  13. TheNetNaija
  14. Web Series Club
  15. Filmy Meet
  16. TFPDL
  17. All Movies Hub
  18. HdMovieArea
  19. Movies2u
  20. InExtMovies
  21. Filmyzilla
  22. Dramacool9
  23. Internet Archive
  24. Download Full Movie

FAQ: about best webseries download websites

What is the best website to download series for free?

These are the best website to download series for free:
1. KatMoviesHD
2. MKV Cage
3. TubiTV
4. The Roku Channel
5. O2TvSeries
6. MoviesDi
7. Movies Found Online
8. Movies Squad
9. TvSeriesnMovies
10. TV Shows Today
Users are requested to ensure the copyright and piracy act is not overlooked.

How to download web series for free?

You can download all web series in India from legit sites and OTT platforms like NetFlix, Hotstar etc.

How to download web series legally in India?

You can download web series legally in India on these websites:
1. Internet Archive
2. The Roku Channel
3. TubiTV
4. MXPlayer
5. YouTube

Is downloading web series from Torrent illegal in India?

Yes, downloading anything from third-party sites that are not copyright owners is illegal in India.

Which is the best website for downloading the web series?

KatmovieHd and MkvCage are one of the top websites for downloading web series.

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