How to Get Netflix For Free? Subscription and Free Trial 2023

Are you searching for a free Netflix subscription plan as the paid plans are getting out of your pocket and budget? Do you want to know how to get Netflix for free?

Netflix is one of the popular OTT platforms or applications that provides streaming services, for which you have to pay a certain amount and take Netflix subscription packs, which are monthly payable and the amount is according to the video quality, resolution and number of devices you can use to watch. It provides you with ad-free content. and you can cancel your subscription plan anytime.

Netflix allows its subscribed members to watch TV shows, movies and different web series without any interruption in between on any device which has an active internet connection.

In this article, we have mentioned the ways which can provide you free mobile Netflix subscription.

how to get netflix free

How can you Watch Netflix Shows Without Paying Any Price?

Now we will reveal how to get free Netflix account without paying any extra amount.

Netflix home page

Netflix is popular globally, and it has a huge number of paid customers or subscribers all over the world. They offer their service with different plans. That includes ₹ 199, ₹ 499, ₹ 649 and ₹ 799 packs as the monthly billed amounts.

Netflix does not offer any free or unpaid subscription, you are just allowed to watch the first episode of some of the popular series. So the question arises that can you get it for free, if yes then how can you get it for free if it does not provide you with any free plan? Yes, you can obviously watch it without any extra money and even you don’t even need to buy a Netflix subscription pack. We’re gonna tell you how are you supposed to do that?

Ways of Getting the Netflix for Free

Today here we will tell you how can you get a Netflix subscription without spending a single penny. and you can watch all Netflix content for free.

There are many ways, that provides you Netflix subscription or you can watch Netflix for free. Let’s start with the most used and popular plan.

Jio Postpaid Plan

Jio provides you with a free Netflix mobile plan subscription, to their Jio postpaid customers, without paying any extra money. You can enjoy Netflix tv shows, Hollywood or Bollywood movies and web series anytime with an internet connection on your mobile phone. Just by paying the mobile plan price amount.

The one main thing about this plan is they come with family plans in which it provides one, two or three additional Jio sim cards. and also you get the free Netflix subscription amount for your mobile screen only not for tv or laptop or any console.

These offers are for Android users as well as for iOS users. based on their bill plan. Visit more plans on the Jio website or My Jio app.

The table below shows the Jio plan with a free Netflix subscription account and Data.

Jio PlanDataGet Plan
(with Netflix subscription)
₹ 39975 GBGet Plan Here
₹ 599100 GB
(1 additional
sim card)
Get Plan Here
₹ 799150 GB
( 2 additional
sim cards
Get Plan Here
₹ 999200 GB
(3 additional
sim cards)
Get Plan Here
₹ 1499300 GB Get Plan Here

Terms and Conditions for Jio Postpaid Plan with Netflix

  • You must be a jio service user or have jio sim card.
  • Must have logged in in my jio app.
  • These offers are extended according to the eligibility and amount of the billing plan.
  • The company can change the plan anytime without noticing the customer.
  • Customer have to check the jio website or the my jio app to know about plans and change in any of the plans.
  • Even if you don’t claim the subscription plan then also you would pay the same amount for recharge your telecom services.

Other Ways to Get Netflix Services for Free

Above we have discussed the plan that is mostly used and simple but if you want to save yourself from paying that much or you don’t have a Jio service sim card with you then there are other tips and tricks, you can use for getting free Subscription.

Shared Account

You can ask for a Netflix account from your friends or any of your family members. Or even can watch together with their subscription. You can watch Netflix videos on multiple screens at once. so just ask your friends if they have a multiple screen subscription plan it can be one, two or four. And enjoy watching free.

Netflix Gift Cards

In some countries, you can buy and use Netflix gift cards as long as you pay for Netflix in the same currency you pay for with the gift card. You can get these gift cards after creating a Netflix account and checking availability for your country. Collect the Netflix gift card and use it.

How to Get Netflix For Free Using Coupons

Netflix also provides some coupon codes, where you can get flat 50 to 90% off on a similar annual subscription plan, you can get these coupons from the Netflix site or some websites also provide those coupons. You don’t have to pay the full subscription fee, can enjoy it by paying half or less amount.

Combine Account Purchase

You can also purchase a combined Netflix subscription account. If you have a group of four friends or two friends, share the account and contribute the amount to reduce the cost on one person, that way there will be no extra cost on one person and you all can enjoy a single account purchase.

Free Trial Pack

Netflix offers a one-month free trial for its new users, so you can use it for a month, just remember that you need to cancel the subscription before 28 days because it will renew the subscription after completing the free trial month. (Note that- Earlier Netflix used to offer a one-month free trial pack, you have to confirm whether it is available now or not before going for it).

These are some of the tricks using which you can use a Netflix account for free or use it by paying less amount.

How Long You Can Enjoy Free Netflix Streaming?

Now you got an idea about the tricks that you can use and watch Netflix for free or pay a very small amount but do you know how long it can last? You can’t go like this for a long time.

Keep in mind that these tricks don’t always work. For example, you are using a friend’s account or your sibling’s account and you two get into a big fight and they will change their password and if you have watched a series or movie for half or a few episodes then You will not be able to complete it.

You would then go for another friend or ask someone else for their Netflix account to complete that series. It would be so rude and people would ignore you by asking for a password every time. No one always wants to share their membership unless they are your closest friends or family.

So, if you don’t want to pay for extra by taking a Netflix subscription plan, then go with better security and guarantee and go for a Jio postpaid plan which is yours and you don’t need to depend on others, which you can enjoy worry-free and without time limit. You just have to spend half of the actual subscription cost.

What Type of Content do You Get on Netflix?

As you know Netflix is popular and watched all over the world. It contains a huge variety of content that varies from country to country.

That means you can watch everything but not every series will be in English or Hindi only, but it provides subtitles with every series. It haves content in more than 60 languages.

Including Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, French, Thai, Turkish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Tamil, Indonesian, Filipino, German, Malayalam, Punjabi and many more.

You can watch Netflix originals, TV shows, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, documentaries, Indian web series, and many more.

Netflix also offers a Kids section or we can say that these plans also include an interface for kids. It provides famous cartoon TV shows and cartoon movies for kids.

In some countries, Netflix is ​​used to teach values ​​and good manners to children in preschool and also how to talk and behave.

What’s the Catch Behind a Free Jio Netflix Subscription?

Now that we know how to get free Netflix subscription, it’s not time to understand the complete in and about the pricing plan.

There are two faces of Jio service providers- one is you are getting services like data, free calling, free SMS for Jio telecom, and second, you are getting VAS services (Value Added Services) that includes the free Netflix subscription and other subscriptions with JIO tv and cloud.

You are paying for both services but that comes under one payment. But if you don’t take the VAS service then you still have to pay that complete amount.

Jio Platforms Limited (JPL) provides you with the subscription plans of Netflix mobile, Amazon prime, Disney +Hotstar and other JIO apps and clouds at ₹ 135/- with taxes in addition to monthly rent.

Below we are explaining to you how this amount has been distributed.

Actual Telecom Price+ Value-Added Services (VAS)Postpaid Total Plan
₹ 264 +₹ 135₹ 399
₹ 464 +₹ 135 ₹ 599
664 +₹ 135 ₹ 799
864 +₹ 135 ₹ 999
1364 +₹ 135 ₹ 1499

This plan is beneficial for you and you don’t have to pay the Netflix monthly subscription amount you get all the benefits in just ₹135 with Jio postpaid plan.

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FAQ: How to use Netflix for free

You learned how to get Netflix subscription for free above. Here are some questions related to free of cost Netflix subscription and free trial.

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix Offers a price range from ₹199 to ₹799. That includes ₹199,₹ 499, ₹ 649 and ₹ 799 packs as the monthly billed amounts.

Can I get Netflix without paying any money?

Well, Netflix never offers any free or unsubscribe plan, you can watch in other ways like Jio postpaid plan, and other telecom service recharge plans. They provide Netflix subscriptions with monthly rent.

Is Netflix good for kids?

The Netflix Kids is included in your membership plan. but it gets controlled by their parents and they show only cartoons and family-friendly content there.

If you are planning to use Hotstar premium, check out How to install Premium Hotstar!

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Conclusion: Netflix Free Subscription Process

This article is about the ways by which you can get the Netflix mobile subscription for free or with less price than the actual plan cost.

One of the simplest ways is Jio postpaid plan that provides you with some value-added services including a Netflix subscription with other telecom services like data, unlimited calling and free SMS service.

Now you must be thinking about how much do you have to pay for that and how can you claim that, so we have mentioned all details above in the article.

Go through the whole article and you will get to know all details about them and we have also mentioned other tricks by which you can watch free Netflix content.

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