Best 1337x Proxy List Primary, Secondary & Mirror Torrent Sites For 2023

This article helps you get tested and verified 1337x Proxy list of primary and secondary sites. They are also known as Mirror Torrent sites.

If you are looking to download new movies, Tv-Shows, Music or software for free then there’s no better option than Torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents or Tor Torrents.

But since many of these sites hosted or provided the facility to download copyrighted content and software. They are banned by many countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and even in some parts of the USA and Asia.

One more popular torrent site also took a direct hit because of this ban i.e, 1337x Torrent site. After its ban, many people thought “Is 1337x Torrent site banned“, “Is 1337x blocked”.

But that was not the case though its original server was banned there are already many 1337x proxy sites.

1337x proxy torrent site list

So what are 1337x Torrent sites?

1337x was one of the most popular torrent sites that were banned as it was facilitating the download of copyrighted content and was violating cyber laws.

The original domain of the 1337x website might be banned but on the internet, there are numerous 1337x proxies or mirror sites.

These proxies and mirror sites work just like the original site.

So if you are the guy who is looking for some of the best 1337x proxy site / Mirror sites? Then don’t worry you just found the right place.

We curated a list of Primary 1337x Proxy Sites and Secondary 1337x Proxy Mirror Sites.

But before that you might ask:

Are 1337x sites legal and should you use them?

No, these 1337x sites are not legal at all. The main reason is that they enable its users to download movies, TV shows, music, software, games, e-books, etc.

That most of the time are copyrighted and not permitted to be distributed without the owner’s permission.

So if you are one of those users downloading copyrighted content from these sites then you are violating “Copyrighted Infringement Law“.

In my opinion, you should only use websites like 1337x to download or access non-copyrighted content.

PRO TIP: Consider using any free VPN while accessing such websites as they may infect your system with malware. See the Best VPN for 2023.

List of Primary 1337x Proxy Sites

Below we have mentioned the 10 best 1337x proxy sites, which are still available to download Movies, Tv shows, web series, software, games, music, etc.

As they are not copyright act compliant, we don't recommend them. This list will help you to get aware of these sites for knowledge and educational purpose only.

All the 1337x proxy sites mentioned below are fast and active at the time of writing this post.

1337x proxy sites

List of Secondary 1337x Mirror Proxy Sites

In a situation where you cannot access the above-mentioned 1337x proxies then you can try out these secondary 1337x mirror proxy sites. These 1337x mirror proxies will help you unblock 1337x and use it in any region.

If you are still having trouble while accessing 1337x mirror sites then you can use any free VPN.


Important questions now.

Can you download movies or songs from these 1337x mirror sites?

The answer is Yes.

Are these 1337x sites legit?

The answer is no?

Do we recommend the use of 1337x Sites?

Absolutely NO. We encourage you to visit legit web series download sites or movie sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Disney Hotstar.

List of Best Torrent 1337x Alternate Sites

The network of these proxy sites is vast and expanding. The latest use of technology is making them available despite all the efforts by copyright owners.

The sites Primary and secondary 1337x sites that we discussed above may sometimes not work, but still, you have multiple alternatives available.

For information purposes, here is the list of 5 Best Torrent 1337x Alternate sites? That might just have what you are looking for.

1. YTS MX: Best 1337x Torrent alternative site


All the websites mentioned here in this blog post were active and functional at the time when it was written.

If someone is looking to download the latest Hollywood or Bollywood movies, web series and Tv shows then YTS MX is the best option.

They have torrent download links for all the latest movies and web series that can be downloaded in HD quality.

The best part about these sites is that they don’t even ask you to sign up to access their website and get that link.

Simply choose the movie or web series you want to download. Then download their torrent link and open that downloaded torrent link in any torrent application.

If you have a good WIFI connection then the download will start in just a few seconds.

2. The Pirate Bay: Top1337x Torrent Alternative Site

the pirate bay 1337x proxy

Who hasn’t heard of The Pirate Bay, this site truly is the Top 1337x torrent alternate site. Anything that 1337x had, this site hosts all of that. Be it the latest movies, tv shows, web series, software and music, you find them all here.

This site is the best alternative to 1337x.

The process of downloading is also simple just type what you are looking for in the search box. And if it is on their website you can easily download its torrent link and start downloading.

3. EZTV: Popular Alternative 1337x Torrent Site

eztv torrent bay

If you used the 1337x site to only download Tv shows or web series, and now you can’t do it because the 1337x site is banned in your region then don’t worry a bit.

EZTV is the most popular 1337x Torrent alternative site to just download any latest Tv shows or web series.

They have a huge database of Tv shows and web series from all the popular and even non-popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBO etc.

4. YTS: Well Known 1337x Alternate Torrent Website


YTS is like the same torrent site as the YTS MX that tops our list of Best Torrent 1337x Alternate Sites.

It also has an unlimited number of Hollywood movies to choose from and download in HD quality.

In any case, if YTS MX does not work then you can use this site to download movies for free in HD quality.

5. Kickass Torrent: The Best 1337x Torrent Alternative Site In India

kickass torrent

Well, it might be the last but it’s not less than a blast. Kickass Torrent is another popular and one of the best 1337x Torrent alternative sites.

Just like the original 1337x site they also offer you everything from new movies, Tv-Shows, Music or software for free to download.

Conclusion: 1337x Proxy List Primary | 1337x Mirror Websites Secondary

So, you have reached the end of 1337x Proxy List primary or 1337x secondary mirror sites for 2023.

As you know in this blog post we discussed:

  1. 10 best and working 1337x proxies,
  2. 1337x proxy mirrors and
  3. 5 best 1337x torrent alternate sites.

I am sure that after going through this post you will never be short of 1337x sites to choose from. We request you to make an informed decision before using these sites as all 1337x sites are against the piracy and copyright act.

All the sites mentioned here were only included after strict evaluation for education and information purpose.

Summary: 1337x Proxy List primary | 1337x mirror sites secondary

List of Primary 1337x Proxy Sites:


List of Secondary 1337x Proxy Mirror Sites:


List of Best Torrent 1337x Alternate Sites:

  • YTS MX
  • The Pirate Bay
  • EZTV
  • YTS
  • Kickass Torrents

FAQ: 1337x Proxy List primary | 1337x mirror sites secondary

Are 1337x proxy sites legal?

No, these 1337x sites are not legal at all. They share content that most of the time are copyrighted and not permitted to be distributed without the owner’s permission.

How to download torrent files on PC and Android?

Downloading torrent files is very easy on whether it’s on PC or Android. You just need a torrent file downloader that is easily available online.
Best Torrent clients for PC:
1. Utorrent
2. BitTorrent

Best Torrent Clients for Android:
1. TorrDroid
2. LibreTorrent

Is 1337x banned in India?

Well yes 1337x is banned in India. But we know that the internet is a mysterious place, 1337x sites can still be accessed as there are a number of 1337x proxy sites or 1337x mirror proxy sites.

Is accessing torrent sites illegal in India?

No, if you are just accessing them in private then it’s not illegal in India or in any country. But if you are using torrent sites to download copyrighted content then it becomes illegal according to Indian law.

Which torrenting sites are legal in India?

According to our research, we found out that no torrent site is legal in India because they promote downloading of copyrighted material with the owner’s consent.

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