Top 10 Best Content Writers in India – Famous Freelance Article Writers

Are you looking for the best content writer in India in 2023 who can cater to your requirements in the best possible way?

YES, then don’t worry we got your back, for you guys only I have created this list of Top 10 Best Content Writers in India based on people’s recommendations.

Choosing the best from the best was indeed a tedious task but still, we did it. I have actually checked their portfolio, and customer reviews prior to writing down my Best Freelance Content Writers of India.

I personally think that this list of Top Article Writers can help you with all the content creation, content marketing, and content strategy work. I have covered all kinds of writers who can handle various niches ranging from technology to health and fitness.

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1. Aaina Chopra

Aaina Chopra content writer in India

She is a type of writer who loves to create magic with words and seriously who doesn’t love magic. She amazingly creates a perfect write-up that has the power to engage and entertain the masses. She only started freelance writing a few years back but that too did not stop her from following her passion of writing for the masses, and the fact that she holds a B.P.T degree adds to the range of work.

She mainly specializes in health and wellness including any health topic(pregnancy from periods to newborn care, parenting, healthy eating, lifestyle writing, breastfeeding, motivational posts, and many more. Her writing career encompasses a wide range of blog posts, press releases, sales copies, guest posts, business plans.

Why is she one of the best?

She knows how to craft compelling content and convey it to the target audience with better
understanding, clarity, and purpose. She is client-focused and respects deadlines. Has a sharp eye for detail(spelling, grammar, and tonality). She also has knowledge of various blog platforms like
Blogger and WordPress.

How to contact her?

Her Linkedin:

2. Mukti Masih

Mukti Masih is one of the best freelancer article writer

She has been writing content for more than 15+ years now, starting her spell with Times of India. Her 3 years of experience as a journalist came in handy as it taught her how to balance facts and add the right amount of emotions to make that connection with readers/customers.

She has previously worked with various market leaders such as Vinfotech (leading fantasy sports app development company); Akshaya Patra (NGO that’s running the world’s largest mid-day meal scheme); LetsShave (India’s Most Promising Brand award winner); InstaCar (Central India’s first funded start-up and fastest-growing intercity cab startup) and The Crowd Sourcing Week Magazine (Singapore and New York-based magazine on crowd-sourcing economy); Sayaji Group of Hotels among others.

One of her main strengths is writing original content with the right blend of personal touch and a selling strategy. Being an avid traveler, she usually gets to write engaging startup stories for YourStory and travel stories for various other publications. So far she has written over 300+ video scripts, 100+ websites, over 10,000+ blog posts, and around 4,000+ social media posts. She is also the co-founder of a leading video production house AVM Pictures.

Why is she one of the best?

Mukti is a complete content strategist from core to crust who treats every piece of writing like her own personal blog. She naturally brings out a human angle that resonates with the customers in her content. She realizes that more than 1/3rd of consumer decisions are based on emotions, not facts. Her stories, articles, and blogs are credible because they are well-researched, aptly source-credited, and full of interesting analogies.

How to contact her?

3. Priyanka Desai

Priyanka Desai renowned and famous content writing expert

We can never forget Priyanka while talking about the Best content writers of India. She is one of the popular and best-known content writers/marketers from India. A contributor at Forbes, Tech in Asia, SEMrush, e27, and Also, her PR firm iScribblers works with the latest innovative technologies and disruptive entrepreneurs to get their stories featured on top media outlets.

Her PR firm iScribblers also helps founders get established as thought leaders in their industry. As a growth hacker herself, she helps brands achieve visibility and gain necessary traction on the internet via content marketing. Her team has helped brands scale up their user base, grab the attention of investors and hire the best talent using content only.

Why is she one of the best?

She has her own way of writing which makes it even difficult for topics to be perfectly self-explanatory and inspirative for the readers.

How to contact her?

Her Linkedin:

4. Neel Vithlani

Neel Vithlani well known article writer

Neel Vithlani is the guy if you are looking for well-researched backed rich content for your product or service. He is an engineer turned writer who enjoys writing on topics like technology, business practices, management philosophies, innovations, and of course SEO. His extensive research for the content includes Expert Opinions, Statistics, Examples, Case Studies, Suitable Content Structures, and Infographics.

Why is he one of the best?

He is a prolific writer with an ambitious mindset and believes that content is a commercial art that should spark inquisitiveness, provide valuable statistics, has the ability to be associated personally, has an emotional impact.

How to contact him?

His Linkedin:

4. Bhavik Sarkhedi

Bhavik Sarkhedi tech content writer

He is featured by google itself as one of the best content writers in the world which is truly amazing. In the content writing industry, he is popularly known as ‘The Weak Point Dealer’ it is also the name of his book. He is the founder of the parent organization Write Right, and its subsidiaries including Estorytellers, Taletel, Kalam Kagaz, and Dad of Ad, also an author of four published books.

Talking about his work experience he has written over a million words between his books, articles, and personal writings since 2013. He has worked with many different brands like Bajaj Finserv, Blueshark Labs, Doodle Genie, Comviva, Sanjay Godawat Group, Software Suggest, TCS, and many more.

Why is he one of the best?

He easily grasps the concept and creates content that is personalized in nature. He is able to understand the vision of the client, the brand, and create content accordingly that will further boost the marketing efforts.

How to contact him?

5. Vagisha Arora

Vagisha Arora is known for freelance content writing

With over 5+ years of experience as a content writer, I present to you guys Vagisha Arora, having post-graduation in English literature from Delhi University, has completed 250+ projects with Contentmart, a leading Indian Freelancing Platform with a rating of over 4.5 stars. She has got the special power to weave words in such a way that can compel the users to hit the CTA button without any second thoughts. She has completed over 2000+ content writing projects with some well know brands like Medium, Shiksha, Kalaage, Whitepanda, Bonobology, Hindustan Times, and more.

Why is she one of the best?

Her one of the strong point is to leverage your business by creating well researched and engaging blog posts. She can boost sales of your product/service by just writing words in a certain special way.

How to contact her?

6. Preetika Dwivedi

Preetika Dwivedi writes affordable content

From having content writing as a passion to her profession she is gracefully making her clients happy and satisfied with her writing skills. She has over 3 years of experience and is flexible enough to write on the topics like Healthcare, Education, News, Scripts, Grants, Informative, Reviews, Blogs, Articles, Case Studies, Emailers, Website Content, Copywriting, and a few more. Previously she has worked with the Supreme Financier, Market Mirror Research Solutions, Pepper, WP Fixerr, Digital Suncity, Leads Bait, and many more.

Apart from writing content for your business, she can work as a content manager, copywriter, and content analyst, etc. She is versatile and creative and the best part she knows how to her business

Why is she one of the best?

She is an expert at turning information into useful copy that can sell products or inform consumers. She is a person with ethics if you are looking for someone to get a load of work done in a short amount of time then she is the one.

How to contact her?

7. Amrita Angappa

Amrita Angappa is multilingual content writer who writes in Hindi and English both

She is a multi-starred content writer certified by Hubspot and SEMRush having expertise in topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and much more topics. She has written over 150+ technical blogs on various topics so far. Some platforms where she has contributed are SAP, Thrive Global, YourStory, HackerNoon, and Elephant Journal. If you are looking for a writer who can write amazing in-depth Technical Blogs then she is the person for the job. Her experience as a Technical writer and engineering graduate is a plus point.

Why is she one of the best?

She has that creative knack to convert complex technological stuff into a simple, reader-friendly format. She goes extra mile for you by providing some really in-depth advice for your business to drive more traffic.

How to contact her?

Her Linkedin:

8. Vibha Singhania Gupta

Vibha Singhania Gupta writes content for digital marketing firms and individuals

After a successful stint in the education industry as an MBA graduate, she is back to grow as a freelance content writer along with working on my multi-disciplinary skills. She is able to hold the grip of creative writing by keeping a note of the target audience to meet the expectations of clients and the company. She makes it her priority that the website is SEO friendly, or else she optimizes content with in-depth keyword research and does thorough proofreading to make sure no user strays away.

She has previously worked with General Mills, AMUL, ACME Learning, PiggyRide, and many more. She also has in-depth knowledge of marketing and food manufacturing processes.

Why is she one of the best?

She is Proactive, dynamic, and perfectly organized which goes to tell you that she is professional from start to end of the job. She is not afraid to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to write content for you that defines your business.

How to contact her?

Her Linkedin:

9. Priyadarshini Bhattacharjee

Priyadarshini Bhattacharjee is an emerging content creator

Before she started her journey as a content writer, she spent six years as a Private Tutor and one year as a Spoken English Teacher at North Suburban College of Commerce. After that she gained 3 years of experience as a content writer, specializing in content related to education, business, lifestyle, literature, book review, travel, and food. She has worked with 88 other amazing poets to create an anthology, “Rhythms of Life,” which got published on October 28th, 2020, by Split Poetry India.

She has previously worked with Times of India, Frank Creations, ArtSparks Foundation, and many more. She is not afraid to show out-of-the-box solutions in various areas.

Why is she one of the best?

She has Good grasping power, flexibility, and good command of language are some of the key skills that define her.

How to contact her?

Her Linkedin:

10. Vishesh Gupta

Vishesh Gupta is best digital marketer and content writer in India

Last but not least I have got Vishesh Gupta for you all, with over 5+ years of experience as a content writer and running 4 of his own active blogs, this is the guy who knows whats needs to be done to get that piece of content in front of the readers who values it. Content written by him is thorough, well-thought-out, and well-designed. He has a knack for understanding your target audience and creating pieces that are both engaging and informative.

Apart from that, he has over 14 years of experience in Sales with leading brands like Citi, Vodafone, and HDFC which proves his professionalism and expertise. He also runs two placement consultancies. Find more about him here.

Want to learn content writing? Connect with him and see his video on how to become a content writer in India.

Why is he one of the best?

He will provide you with the piece of content which connects and sells, thanks to his 14 years of experience in Sales. Every word written by him has the power to bring the best out of your brand. He puts more than enough effort into researching the topic, understanding the target audience that makes his piece best in quality.

How to contact him?

All the Content writers mentioned in this list are the best in the industry so if you ever choose to work with them then they all will surely go extra mile for you.


Who is the best content writer in India?

Aaina Chopra is the best content writer in India.

Which degree is best for content writing?

You don’t need any degree in content writing. It is a pure skill-based thing. But a degree in English can help you to become a good content writer.

Conclusion: Best Indian Content Writers In 2023 is itself one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies that also specializes in content writing and SEO.

The list of TOP 10 Indian article writers above will help you find the best skill set that can cater to your specific requirements.

Focus on the experience, writing style and pricing too.

Pro TIP: Before you finalize your perfect writing partner, always ask for previous samples and don’t forget to discuss the timelines.

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