Website Making Cost In India: Mandatory & Fixed Charges For 2024

Do you want a website for your company or business then, and the first question that comes to your mind is How can you build a website? What is the website making cost in India?

What are the components you need to launch and make it live? This article is created to help our visitors.

Websites are necessary for everyone today, be it a personal website or your brand’s website. India has more than 500 million internet users, and everyone is mostly dependent on the internet and websites.

Whether you need to grow your business, sell and buy products online and want to people to know about your work and achievements then you will surely need a website.

Here we are telling you how can you create a website and how much it will cost you?

Have a look at the article below to clear all your doubts and to get answers to all your questions.

website making cost in india

Quick Website Cost Estimation

Let’s start with a simplistic table:

3 Pager WebsiteRs. 5000
5 Pager WebsiteRs. 6000
Additional Page CostRs. 500

Included features: One year hosting and domain, weekly backup, 1 email account, development cost, free CDN

Optional features: Blog section, Regular content writing, daily backups, website speed optimization and multiple email accounts for all employees.

Talk to us and we will clear all your doubts.

Detailed Analysis: Key Components of a Website

We discussed this in a nutshell above. Now we are going to discuss the cost in detail.

We will also discuss some of the key components (you should know) that we need for creating our website. These components play an important role in the development and hosting of the whole website.

In a nutshell, these are the components that decide the final cost of a website in India.

We have two categories of components – Mandatory and optional components.

Mandatory Components for a Website

Here are some of the components that are required for creating a good website.


domain cost in website making

A Domain is a particular name that is given to your website and a good domain starts from INR 140 to INR 6000 per year in India. Different domain registrar companies provide domain services of different ranges according to the services included with them. The pricing depends on the popularity and availability of the domain name.

Hosting with Database

Hosting is a platform where your website is kept. In India, the hosting plan starts from INR 75 to INR 4000 per month. The cost of a hosting plan depends on the Services provided with hosting and also on the type of hosting you are taking.


In India, you can get an SSL certificate for free and can use it multiple times but that can risk your protection. And if want the paid SSL can cost INR 4500 per year or can come in the price range of INR 380 to INR 8000 per year, depending on the requirements and Security features.


Content can cost you up to INR 200 to INR 800, depending on the quality of the article. The basic articles can cost you up to INR 150 to 200.

Want a content writer? See our article on best content writers of India.


An SEO improves the search engine results and it can cost you INR 5000 to INR 25000 per month, that is 60 thousand to 3Lakh per year depending on the services it provides.

Optional Components

Now, let us look at optional components for website development.

Email hosting

Email hosting operates email services for your website. Email hosting provides websites that are different from the basic google and yahoo. Big organizations host their customized email id and servers. It can cost INR 60 to 180 per month. Email hosting keeps your email safe and secure.


Security provides protection to personal and organizational websites and from digital attacks and malware, so backup and malware recovery costs INR 5000 to 20000.

CDN Cost

CDN starts with a free option but premium CDN costs INR 1500 in India.

You can also opt for digital marketing Courses, learn the website making and promotion yourself.

How Much Does Website Development Cost in India?

How much does it cost to make a website in India?

Generally, a new website will cost you around Rs. 4000 to 65000 in India. The cost of a website depends on some of the components and other hosting and maintenance charges.

Here is the table below showing the total expense of creating a website:

Mandatory: Price Range (in rupees)
Domain NameRs. 800 Contact us to get it free
Hosting Rs. 4000 Annual Rs. 1700
SSLRs. 380 Contact us to get it free
Content Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 per page
Developer ChargesRs. 2000 to Rs. 20000
TotalThe minimum cost will be Rs. 4200/-
Email Hosting60 to 180
Security5000 to 20000
SEO5000 to 25000 (Not mandatory but advisable)
Total12355 to 63980 (Total cost of website
with optional components)

If you are not creating your website on your own, you need to hire a developer also. He may charge you somewhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 for a 2-3 pager website. If your requirement is complex, like e-commerce functionality, etc, you may need to shell out up to Rs. 20000.

With Hostinger, you get a basic drag-and-drop website builder and you can create your website yourself.

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Cheapest Website Hosting Solution

You will get India’s cheapest Hosting component deals on Hostinger to create a website for you with so many free services.

hosting cost in website making
  1. You can up to 100 free websites.
  2. You get free WordPress Managed hosting.
  3. You get unlimited bandwidth with an unlimited database.
  4. You also get a free website builder
  5. You get Free domains up to INR 679.
  6. With free SSL, SEO and security.
  7. Easy malware recovery and Backups.
  8. DNS Management.
  9. You also get free Email hosting, Free CDN worth INR 545.
  10. The all-over expense will be INR 2000 to 4000 with Hostinger.
  11. With a 30-Days Money back policy.

For What Do You Need a Website?

More than 50 percent of India’s population uses the Internet today. So if you own a company or any organization, and want people to know about your company or organization or any work you need a platform that reaches each and every person or someone who is searching for that kind of work.

  • Website is one of the best ways to create your business, increase sales & contacts, and also increase the product value.
  • If You are launching a new brand or product then you need a website to keep detailed information about that product.
  • Easy reach to customers.
  • Even if you are starting a small business you need a small website to do marketing of your products by yourself.
  • If you have a shop then selling your products online you want an e-commerce website, and can sell and buy products online from and to other cities also.
  • If you are a traveler or love trying new foods and doing any things and want to share your experience and information about them then you need to create blogs and for blogs, you need a website.
  • Some websites are also created platforms for people to interact with each other and help each other by clearing their doubts.

Types of Websites

Here are the types of websites people required.

  • Business Websites– Business websites are mostly used websites as for online trading. All big and small businesses use websites to promote their deals and products. And it also allows you to sell or buy products online.
business website cost
  • E-commerce Websites– Websites that are used by shop owners and small businesses man, who also have offline shops and showrooms, and the owners of grocery shops and general stores use E-commerce websites.
e-commerce website
  • Personal Websites– These websites contain the data of the single person, where they mention them, their works, and achievements. Also the services he does for society. Personal websites mainly belong to politicians, players, and social workers.
personal website
  • Blogs– Blogs are long content writing platforms. They contain mainly articles and images on a particular topic. People create blogs on different subjects like travel blogs and food blogs. Blogs are very popular and a way of making good money. If interested, we recommend you learn how to start a blog in 2024.
blog website cost in India
  • Portfolios– Portfolios are for displaying to people your skills and work done by you in different fields. You can also add images of your work and display your experience and details about your work. Portfolios are used with resumes while giving an interview or also used as business cards.
  • Event Websites– Event websites contain information about your recent events, that includes event schedules, vehicle mode, directions, and time. Event websites also have booking and scheduling options that are specially used for big shows or concerts.
  • Non-Profitable Websites– These websites show the work and description of Non-profitable organizations, with the past events, and display a gallery with pictures and details.
  • Informative Websites– Informative Websites contain content about many things. Their main focus is on giving information to the people on different topics that include general knowledge, full forms, and information about any random topic or thing. They are generally meant to be informative.
  • Online Forums– It is a platform where people interact with other people and clear their doubts to help each other on various topics. Online forums are generally created to get together like-minded people.
  • Membership Websites– Membership websites belong to the owners who want to share their owned websites and make money by sharing resources, tools, and services. This website is also used for joining members to your work like you have an NGO group and you want more people to join it then you will go for a Membership website, mention your work and requirement there the interested people will join through their emails and other details.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Website

Let’s have an eye on the factors by which the cost of your website is decided after launching. The cost of a website depends on the components which are required and necessary for it. Some of the components are mandatory and some are optional.

  1. Domain Cost
  2. Hosting Cost
  3. CMS cost (Content Management System)
  4. Design Cost
  5. Copyright content cost
  6. SEO cost (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Social Media Cost
  8. Cost of Email newsletters
  9. Responsive web pages
  10. Navigation cost

There are many more cost requirements that include SSL Certificates and logos, gifs, and infographics, with maintenance costs.

Ways of Creating a Website

Here are discussing some ways by which you can create a website. You can create on your own or can hire someone or a company for creating and maintaining your website.

Create a website
  • Website creation using website builders: A website builder is s tool that provides you with all features and components which make it easy and quick. It has a drag and drop functions. The Website builder contains rebuild-styled blocks and templates, and you can customize colours and styles according to the needs and UI of your website.
  • Developing Website by Yourself: You can create a website on your own, using the HTML and Styling languages. The basic coding languages are HTML and CSS, these are the foundations of websites for creating the structure and styling it. You will just require – a code editor, an FTP application, and a hosting platform to host your website.
  • Hire a company or a web developer for creating and maintaining your website: You can also hire a company or any individual developer like freelancers to develop and maintain your website. They will take a good amount of money from you. Along with the hosting and domain pricing you have to pay them the maintenance charge and development charge. They will look after your website and also solve issues on them. You just have to pay them. It will save you time and energy and some money.
  • Content Management System(CMS): CMS is a platform for creating a complete website along with content it does not require any external DB with them. The most used CMS platform is WordPress. It has more than 55% of the market share, with so many happy customers. It allows you to store data and tools and even you can customize things through coding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost of Developing a Website in India

How much does Website Development cost in India?

In India, Developing a website can cost you 10 thousand to 60 thousand, depending on components and how big your website is. This cost also counted for the number of web pages it contains.

How much does it cost to build a website in India?

The basic website can cost you up tp 2 to 7 thousand.

How can I build my own website easily?

Here are the ways by which you can create and set up your website easily.
1. Search for a website builder for you.
2. Choose the required plan.
3. Select and create a unique domain name.
4. Pick a template, according to the type of your website.
5. Customize the design and colours as you required.
6. Upload your content or data on that platform.
7. Select an application for your website.
8. Now after completing the above procedures recheck and review it once.
9. Now test your website.
10. Then finally publish it and make it live.

What is the monthly cost of a Website?

The cost of building a whole website is approx 12 to 15 thousand and you have to pay approx 3 to 4 thousand as its maintenance cost per month.

How can I earn money by making a website?

There are two ways of earning money by website development- one is creating and selling and the other is creating and maintaining it with good content and important and required data.

Conclusion: Cost of Creating a Website in India

Websites are so necessary for today’s lifestyle. India has more than 500 million internet users, and everyone is mostly dependent on the internet and websites. Whether you need to grow your business, sell and buy products online and want to know people about your work and achievements then you will surely need a website. Here we are telling you how can you create a website and how much it will cost you?

In this article, we have told you about the importance and why we actually need a website with the development and maintenance cost it required.

We have also mentioned the cheapest hosting plan for you with so many free services, it will surely help you in reducing your expected cost.

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