Top 15 Best Matrimonial Sites in India | Marriage Sites for 2023

In India, we believe and say since long ago that “Marriage is not only between two people it is between two families“. And those families most of the time might not have any prior connections.

This makes getting married in India a complicated task.

So, if you are searching for Best Matrimonial Sites in India then either you are a groom/bride to be or you are searching for a perfect partner for your son/daughter.

I am really glad that before going into the abyss called “Google Search” you found us.

Because, though there are so many good and popular marriage sites in India just signing up on them won’t do you any good. The reason is that there are a lot of inactive profiles on many popular sites because people just sign up and forget about it.

This is happening to a lot of popular and well know matrimonial sites in India.

So, what we did is we did the research part for you all and prepared this list of Top 15 Best Matrimonial Sites in India.

All the sites mentioned here are handpicked on various parameters like on the basis of their user interface, whether they have a database of real and authentic people, and how many types of services they offer.

Because we at DigitalVishesh understand how important it is for a father/mother to see his daughter getting married to a life partner which is best for her or to see his son start a family of his own with a loving and caring partner.

top matrimonial sites in india

Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. No.1 Matrimonial site for Indians is one of the fastest-growing marriage sites on the internet today. Since founded by Radhika Chapekar in the year 1997 it has focused on providing quality service to its users.

They have their main headquarters in Kirti Nagar, Delhi.

Being in this matrimonial industry for more than 21 years proves that they really have impeccable service.

Though many matrimonial sites in this day and age don’t guarantee their user’s safety MatrimonialsIndia ensures their user’s safety. As they are putting a lot of effort into improving their site’s security periodically.

With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), its matchmaking system matches you with the best compatible partner.

They are matchmaking brides and grooms on the basis of their mother tongue, country, religion, caste, occupation etc, from the immense database of profiles.

The sign-up process up on MatrimonialsIndia is completely free.

But after that, if you want to take your profile in front of other users then you can go for their premium membership plans.

That starts at Rs. 3,999 for 3 months to Rs. 7,999 for 9 months.

Some benefits you get after buying MatrimonialsIndia premium membership are:

  1. Contact details of bride or grooms
  2. Perfect E-matches
  3. Personalized messages
  4. Bold Listing
  5. and Astro matching
  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 3,999-Rs. 7,999
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 1,01,008 visitors

2. Renowned Matrimony Website in India is one of the popular sites known throughout India. Its founder Anupam Mittal started this website in the year 1997. Their headquarters is now located in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Before 1999 it was named “” instead of ““. Changing the name was a marketing strategy believing “Shaadi” to be the more marketable name.

In addition to online matchmaking, they have hundreds of Shaadi centres through India that offer matrimony related services.

If you are searching for a site to put your faith in to find your life partner then will be your best bet. Being so long in this online matrimony industry they know almost everything and can help you at every point.

You can start by registering yourself on their website and set up your profile, but to start a conversation with someone you have to buy one of their premium plans.

They have a 3-tier premium plan i.e, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum.

Here, are some benefits you get after buying their premium plan:

1. Chat unlimited with your Matches
2. View contact numbers/Send SMS.
3. Send Premium Interest with your contact details.
4. View hidden photos 
5. View the complete name of your matches. 
6. Get access to Shaadi Meet which helps you to directly initiate a Video call with your matches. 
7. View College & Employer Name of your matches.
8. Get Premium Assistance on priority for all your concerns/queries!

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From 2,701- 7,900
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 5,45,515 visitors

3. IntimateMatrimony: Recommended Matrimonial Website for Kerala is also one of the largest matrimonial sites for Kerala brides and grooms. It was started in the year 2007 by Paraparambil Ramu Kannan, Director of Intimate Matrimonials And Services Kerala Private Limited.

They are also a niche centric website that offers its matrimonial services only to Kerala brides and grooms.

In India, it’s seen that many families prefer not to send their daughters to other states after marriage. So for families from Kerala looking to marry their sons or daughters in Kerala or in nearby states then this website is the best choice for them.

You have the option to choose brides or grooms from all the communities that reside in Kerala.

Profiles of users from communities like Vishwakarma, Ezhava, Nair, Sunni, Mappila and many more along with 2.1 million profiles are listed on their website.

This shows that they have a very big database that they are making sure is kept updated regularly.

To improve your profile’s visibility on their site you can go for their premium plans, which grants you some awesome benefits like:

  1. You can view Addresses
  2. Chat with anyone
  3. Express your interests to anyone
  4. You make your profile a featured profile
  5. Horoscope View
  • For Religions: For all religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 2,000-Rs. 7,500
  • Payment Option: Direct Bank Deposit or UPI
  • Monthly Traffic: 37,710 visitors

4. Estabhlished Site For Matrimony in Tamil

We understand that most of the time it’s difficult for people of a certain community to find brides or grooms in the same community. For that reason, they want a matrimony website that specially caters to them only.

Tamil Matrimony is one of the very few best matrimony websites, that specially caters their matrimony services to all the Tamils in India and abroad.

It was founded by Murugavel Janakiraman, the same person who founded BharatMatrimony. So BharatMatrimony is its parent company.

It was started for the sole purpose of providing matrimonial services to Tamils around the world and in India, and for 21 years they have not failed to do so.

They are helping thousands of eligible Tamil-speaking brides and grooms find their perfect love and get married. For the people of the Tamil community, this website is their first and only choice.

After signing up on their website for free you can set up your profile and list it in several searches.

But to get other premium features like:

  1. Profile highlighter
  2. Astromatch
  3. and ability to send personalized messages

you have to buy their membership plans, which starts from Rs. 4900 for 3 months to Rs. 40,000 for 6 months.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 4,900-Rs. 40,000
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 1,61,142

5. Trusted Matrimony Site in India is another popular matrimony site in India. It was founded by Sanjeev Bikhchandani in October 1998, headquartered in Noida, India.

Jeevan Saathi” in English means “Life Partner” and literally they are helping people all over India find their “Jeevan Saathi”. Even during this pandemic, they are helping many couples to set up virtual dates and meetings between their families.

You can sign up for free and create your profile but to see contact details and to contact other users you have to buy their premium plans which starts at Rs. 532/month.

Other benefits you receive after purchasing their premium plans are:

  1. Send and Receive interests from other members
  2. Browse unlimited profiles of members that you like
  3. Message and Chat with Unlimited users
  4. Priority Customer service
  5. View contacts of members you like
  6. Get featured on top of Search Results
  7. Appear on top of daily recommendations

and much more…

Along with providing online matchmaking services they also provide offline matrimony services through their Jeevansathi Match Point centres.

If you are a parent who doesn’t like doing everything online, then you can find a loving life partner for your son or daughter by visiting these match point centres.

Being an old experienced company they can help you with all your queries or doubts.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 532-Rs. 29,900
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 5,66,323

6. Unique Divorded Matrimony Site For Second Marriage

Some people might not be able to find the right life partner for themselves in one go or sometimes marriages just don’t work out and might even break resulting in Divorce.

After that finding, a partner is a lot difficult.

We understand this and after some research found an amazing matrimony site for divorced people i.e, DivorceeMatrimony.

It is one of the best sites that is offering matrimonial services only to divorced people all over India.

Though even now marrying a divorcee is uncommon in India, but people’s mentality is changing. Divorced people from many regions are now in search of a life partner and is their first and last stop in the journey.

This site is a part of whose founder is Murugavel Janakiraman.

Signing up and creating the profile is easy and free, but if you are serious about your marriage then you can buy their premium membership plan.

That offers a lot of amazing and helpful features like:

  1. Send Unlimited personalized messages* to your matches
  2. View mobile numbers of 55 members to contact them directly
  3. Get 50 free Astro Matches
  4. 1 month Profile Highlighter FREE
  5. Chat with Prospects
  6. DirectlyView Photos/Horoscope of all matches
  7. High profile visibility
  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 4,900-Rs. 12,400
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 66,614

7. Popular Site for Elite Marriages is a website that provides matrimony services to the upper crust of society. Its parent company BharatMatrimony is a well renowned and most trusted online matrimonial website throughout India.

Since it was launched in the year 2008, it has gained over 12 years of experience in elite matchmaking matrimonial services. This got their website is featured in Limca Book of Records for the highest number of documented marriages.

Not only that they were awarded as the ‘Most Trusted Matrimony‘ by the Brand Trust report.

Though their membership costs are high starting from Rs. 1,00,000, still for that much price, you are getting many awesome benefits.

Like you will get your own:

  1. Dedicated Relationship Manager
  2. Profiles from exclusive Elite database
  3. Discreet and Confidential service
  4. You are part of Elite Matrimony till you get married!

and many other exciting benefits.

I personally believe that this site currently is one of the best online matrimonial sites in India in matters of providing quality services.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 1,00,00-Rs, 5,00,000
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 11,467

8. Bengali Matrimony Site is a matrimony website started in the year 2016 by ABP Group that owns a famous ABP new channel. It was founded by Lalit Masta.

They specialize in providing matrimony services to Bengali brides or grooms as they are headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal.

When looking for partners to marry on online platforms it’s important to pick only those website that has built trust and ensures your privacy.

In my opinion, Abpwedding is that kind of matrimony website.

Though it has only been 5 years since it’s founded they are slowing but steadily building trust among people.

The main reason being backed by the enviable legacy of the ABP group.

Here you can register yourself for free and list your profile. But to start connecting with other users and to get benefits other amazing benefits you have to buy their premium plan.

Their premium plan starts from Rs. 2,999 for one month and goes for Rs. 49,900 12 months.

Some benefits you get to enjoy after buying ABPwedding premium membership plan are:

  1. More Contacts
  2. A relationship manager
  3. Chat requests
  4. Horoscope
  5. Photo Requests
  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 2,999- Rs. 49,900
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 34,307 visitors

9. Matrimony Site With Huge Database is the best Indian matrimony website on the Internet. They are matchmaking millions of people every month. Being founded in the year 2000 by Murugavel Janakiraman, who met his wife through his own website.

Now they are celebrating 21 years of matchmaking. Since founded it became the parent company of many popular matrimonial websites throughout India and now itself is a part of

In 2006 they registered their name in Limca Book of Records and also won ‘Most Trusted Matrimony‘ by the Brand Trust report.

BharatMatrimony has been successful in making a name for itself in the online Indian matrimony market. They are the first choice of many Indian families and youngsters looking to marry.

It has a huge database of authentic verified profiles, so it won’t take that much time to find a partner for yourself or your loved ones.

On top of that, they have more than 130 offices all over India, that caters to people of any community and religious background.

So, I would say that take the first step of signing up and leave the rest to them.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 4,000-Rs. 40,000
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 1,075,757 visitors

10. Niche Focused Matrimonial Website for Aggarwals

RishtonkaSansaar is one of the very few free matrimonial sites with contact numbers. Yes, it is on the list of our Top 15 Best Matrimonial Sites in India which offers various matrimonial services for 100% free. They have some plans where post-marriage fees are charged.

It was founded in the year 1993 by Mr Mahesh Sharma who now is the website and company’s director also.

It has its headquarters in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Though they provide their matrimony services to many different communities they are mostly famous for providing matrimonial services to the Aggarwal community.

So, if you are Aggarwal looking for the best matrimonial website for yourself then this might be the best bet for you.

You can register yourself for free and start connecting with people without paying any extra money for paid memberships.

Still, if you wish to buy their premium membership then you can do so. They probably have the cheapest membership plans among all the 15 matrimonial websites listed here.

Their membership plan starts at Rs. 100 and goes to Rs. 11,000 for 180 days.

Some benefits you enjoy after purchasing their membership plans are:

  1. More Contacts
  2. Mediator Facility
  3. SMS Alerts
  4. Unlimited Like, send/Received
  5. Horoscope Matching Service

and much more.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: Free
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 67,146 visitors

11. New & Growing Matrimony Site

It’s only been 6 six years since LoveVivah was launched by Mr Gaurav Aggarwal in the year 2016.

Their main headquarters is located in Gurugram, Haryana.

As they are fairly new in this online matrimony business they are able to provide quality services to their users. That is helping them come up as the most reputable matrimonial website there is.

For their impeccable, track record of providing amazing matrimonial services. They got featured by “The Morning Standard” several times and their founder Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal also got featured by “The CEO Magazine

Currently, they are offering their matrimonial services not only in India but in several other top tier countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

In just 6 shorts years they have managed to grow this much especially because of their customer-centric approach and higher authenticity.

Many people who are just starting their search for the perfect bride or groom, look for a matrimonial site that has a good track record. In my opinion, though they are new still they have that kind of track record.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 2,999-Rs. 7,499
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 42,989 visitors

12. Best Site for Muslim Matches is one of the best matrimony sites for the Indian Muslim community and for Muslims all around the world. They don’t support anything that’s not in Islam so they don’t categorise their website as a dating portal.

It was originally founded in the year 2008 by Thasleem Thazhe Punathil, having its headquarters in Calicut, Kerala.

Since then are not only providing valuable matrimonial services to its Indian users but to Muslims throughout the world.

So, if you are also a Muslim who wants to find the right partner for yourself then what are you waiting for signup yourself now.

You can either go through the process or just buy their premium membership plan which starts at Rs. 18,000 for 3 months and goes till Rs. 25,000 for 6 months.

After buying their premium membership plan you get various benefits like:

  1. A devoted Relationship Manager
  2. HandPicked Profiles
  3. Valuable Guidance

So, it’s value for money in my opinion.

  • For Religions: For Muslims only
  • Pricings: From Rs. 18,000-Rs. 25,000
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 1,04,421 visitors

13. No.1 Site For Jain Community

Being a completely new matrimonial website that was founded in the year 2017 by Siddhant Bhatia headquartered in Surat, Gujarat.

CupidKnot is slowly but steadily gaining new users attention and becoming people’s favourite over time.

Communities like Jain, Agarwal and Maheshwari are their main target user base all over the world. They provide well-curated biodata profiles and both online and offline support to their users.

Just recently they got recognised by “Start-Up India” as one of the best matrimonial service providers. This goes to prove their authenticity.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: Make a Membership Request
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 3,326 Visitors

14. Niche Focused Site for Wedding of IIT/IIM Alumnis

Now we have got a very unique website on our list of Top 15 Best Matrimonial Sites in India.

IITIIMShaadi is a niche centric website that caters to the alumni of the top few Indian and Global institutions like IIT and IIM. Launched in the year 2014 by its founder and CEO Mr Taksh Gupta, headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana.

He strongly believes that alumni of Premier Education Institutions deservedly desire the companionship of the ‘matching intellect’.

If you are alumni of the top Indian and Global institutions, then you can easily register on their website and set up your profile for free.

I would personally suggest you all go for their premium memberships that starts from Rs. 15,222 for 6 months or Rs. 18,762 for a whole year.

There is one more plan for Rs. 29,382 that you only pay once until you get married.

Some benefits you get after buying a premium plan are:

  1. You can views phone numbers
  2. Ability to respond to requests/messages
  3. Browse profiles
  4. Get meetings scheduled
  5. Ability to chat

and much more.

A family who has invested so much in their children’s studies and career-building mostly wishes for a counterpart similar to their children.

Still finding someone like that is a bit difficult but IITIIMshaadi is speeding up the process with their niche centric approach and highly advanced matchmaking techniques.

  • For Religions: For all Religions
  • Pricings: From Rs. 15,222-Rs. 18,762
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 11,419 visitors

We recommend you visit Best sites to register domain.

15. Best Match Making Site for Hindus is another fairly new matrimonial website that provides its matrimony services only to Hindus in India.

What’s interesting about this website is that though it’s new, the person who founded this website is Mrs Nandini Dange.

She is a well know marriage consultant, matchmaker and counsellor having 29 years of experience. She also has a marriage Bureau in Pune, Maharashtra.

Being the wife of an Army Captain herself, she got the idea of creating this website after listening to senior officer wives complain about finding the right groom or bride of their children because of constant travelling.

To date through her website and her Marriage Bureau, she has helped more than 15,000 couples get married happily ever after.

After you register on her website you will get personalized services that cater to your every need.

  • For Religions: For Hindus Only
  • Pricings: Free
  • Payment Option: Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking
  • Monthly Traffic: 5,45,515 visitors

Conclusion: Best Marriage Sites In India For 2023

That’s the end of the Top 15 Best Matrimonial Sites in India. I am hopeful after reading our post your search for finding the right matrimonial website will end.

All the 15 matrimonial websites listed here are selected on various parameters to serve your every need.

It doesn’t matter if you belong to some different community or religion we have tried to include various matrimonial website that even caters to your specific community or religion.

If you are planning to get married, you must visit our research on the best Indian sites for online clothes shopping.

Best of luck with finding the one!

Summary: Best & Recommended Matrimonial Sites in India

  1. Matrimony site for Indians
  2. Matrimony site for Indian couples
  3. Matrimony website for Kerala brides and grooms
  4. matrimony website for Tamils
  5. Matrimony site for Indians
  6.– Best Matrimony site for Divorced People
  7. Matrimony Site for Elites
  8. Matrimony site for Bengalis
  9.’s No.1 Matrimony site for Indians
  10. Matrimonial website for Aggarwals
  11. Matrimony site for New Couples
  12. Matrimonial site for Muslims
  13. Matrimonial site for Jains
  14. Matrimony site for IIT/IIM Alumni’s
  15. Matrimony site for Hindus
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FAQ: about Top 15 Best Matrimonial Sites in India

Are matrimonial websites safe to use?

Yes, they are very safe to use but only if you are registering yourself on a well-reputed matrimony website, which not only ensures your safety but has the track record to prove.

Do matrimonial sites work?

Yes, of course, matrimonial sites work fine. Lakhs of people are able to meet their better half through these matrimonial websites.
Matrimonial websites are like Dating sites but on matrimonial sites, you seek out to marry and not date. These matrimonial websites act only as the medium through which you meet the one.

What are the best matrimonial sites in India?

We have listed 10 of the best matrimonial sites in India:

3. IntimateMatrimony

Which matrimony site is best for Muslims?

As per our research, is the best matrimony site for Muslims.

Which is the best free matrimonial website? is the best free matrimonial website on the internet, they are offering most of its matrimonial services for free to help its user find the best match for them.

Is free?

Yes, is free but they also offer premium membership where you can promote your profiles.

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