How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees – 2023

YouTube is a social media platform that lets its users or creators earn. All they have to do is entertain others. Though just entertaining wouldn’t be sufficient.

The creators on YouTube are providing value and hence generating passive income.

Though I do not see this as passive income. I think a lot of effort goes into creating content. To earn descent amount you should have at least 52 videos and over 10,000 subscribers. The content should be such that is loved by your audience. But that is just my viewpoint.

Some 10 years ago a friend of mine told me that he has become a Youtuber. Back then this concept was alien to me. I was surprised to know it. He was earning a handsome amount. He was posting funny videos. It took him over a year to start making money out of his channel.

Today, YouTube is growing at an even faster pace. A few months back, they crossed 425 million users in India.

If we talk realistically, this is what most people have to invest in. Time.

India is a country that is growing as an internet user. With low internet charges and a high population, internet usage is high. The chance of growing a YouTube channel in our country is pretty high.

In India, YouTube pays anywhere between ₹6 – ₹80 per thousand views. That is a good amount to start of, imagine having various channels and various videos as your content. You could be earning a fortune but good things take time. There is a process to follow.

how much youtube pays for 1000 views in india in rupees

Estimation Of Revenue From YouTube In Different Niche

As per the earnings made by YouTube from your channel, your income per 1000 views differ. YouTube charges advertisement fees in terms of views and clicks. These fees vary as per the industry.

For example, AD income is higher in industries like Digital marketing, Web hosting, Gaming & SEO, etc. On the other hand, it is zilch for channels like motivational audio and video.

We have prepared a quick tabular calculation of YouTube income for 1000 views in INR that helps you understand how much YouTube pay for 1,000 views in India in rupees!

Channel NicheApprox Youtube income per 1000 views in Rupees
Movies Review19 – 44.03
Education Channels9.24 – 71.04
Comedy Channels 22.05 – 29.4
Science and Tech24.20 – 139.05
DIY8 – 30.11
Entertainment or Gaming7.35 – 74.70
Recipes7.35 – 66.17
Play Online Games & Grow Channel

So, it’s clear that with 1k views on Youtube money in India will vary as per your niche mostly.

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* It is clear from the above table that there is no fixed payout being given by YouTube to creators. It depends upon the revenue generated.

As said earlier this is a pretty good amount to start of. There is a whole process behind it. The income generated is the result. Successful YouTubers follow the routine as their religion. Like for some people, football is their religion.

proof of youtube income in India

YouTube Earnings In Brief: How Much Youtube Pay For 1,000 views in India in Rupees 2023

Earning is good. Let us understand how this platform works for you. The points below will help you in understanding the mechanism better.

Revenue Earned

YouTube is a platform with millions and billions of users. It is not offering any fixed amount for your content. It works on the user interface. The more users like the content the more it gets promoted and vice-versa. The more it is watched the more income it generates.

Your income is directly proportional to income generated by YouTube. Let’s take one simple example to help you understand this better.

Mr. X creates a gaming video. Gaming is a niche that is popular on YouTube. Mr. X  gets a lot of views on his video. Ads are run on the content video made by Mr.X. Third-party pays YouTube for running their advertisement on Mr. X’/s content.

Here Mr. X gets a share of the revenue earned by YouTube. This share is 55%.

Mr. X is happy.

revenue earned

Again it is not fixed, how much one earns through their content. It depends on the hours the content has been watched. The SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, the geography of the viewers a lot of other factors. Let’s understand this better as we read more.

Revenue Share

Not all YouTubers have the same revenue agreement. To check your agreement, 

  • Check-in YouTube studio and look for Monetization menu
  • Move to YouTube Partner Program Options.
  • Click “See agreements” and “view agreement”.

When Will You Get Paid

Money is a fine motivator. You will get paid, but when? Created content consistently? NOW is the time for a reward.
There is a small list of actions that need to be performed before you get your payment. Let us have a quick look at these.

  1. Tax Information: This year YouTube announced that you’ll have to provide tax information. If you are Indian, you need NOT worry. As per the announcement, the tax would be deducted from what you’ll earn if earnings are from views in the US.

So, it can be concluded that you DO NOT need to provide your tax information to YouTube unless you are not an Indian YouTuber. As said before, the taxation policies differ in different countries.

Having said that, you still need to pay tax over your income earned as per Indian taxation laws. As and when you become eligible for that.

2. Personal Information: Yes! YouTube needs your personal information. Documentation is required too. These would get verified before the amount is transferred into your account.

YouTube needs to confirm your address and your identity before it starts sending you your earnings. It’s a way of protecting your account. Let’s understand how this works.

Once your account reaches a threshold amount. YouTube mails you a PIN i.e Personal Identification Number on your payment address. This PIN would go into the AdSense account. This would verify your account. Yay!

The PIN is dispatched from a foreign land. Usually takes 2-4 weeks, and may take longer depending on the postal service of our country.

3. Understanding Threshold: You will get notified on your YouTube studio Monetisation section about your threshold being met. It is 100 US dollars. The amount displayed is in dollars. 

You’ll have to mention the payment method. It could be through wire transfer or cheque.

AdSense pays monthly between the 21st and 26th of every month.

NoteThis is not a sequence. These are the requirements that have to be met for you to start you earning from your YouTube channel.

We recommend new YouTubers to visit our YouTube guide.

How You Can Earn More Than What YouTube Pays?

Revenue income is good but there is more. We have a fair knowledge of how and what YouTube pays. There are multiple streams to have a steady income flow. A few are given below.

By Selling Your Products

This is a common practice of many YouTubers. Next time you watch a video pay attention to the links provided in the description, in the profile banner, or on the end screen. These are links to their market. YouTubers create their market on their own.

The retention time i.e. the time people watch the videos is very high on YouTube as compared to other platforms. This enables in building the trust of the viewers. Once you get the required number of subscribers the marketing action can take place.

It’s important to understand the concept of video automation. This enables in generating high profits. Also, the higher the SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimisation the higher the return. Once again adding value to content is essential.

Something about SEO –  YouTube runs on the model of SEO, having the right keywords in your video can push the content high in the search list. Try that.

By Doing Some Brand Endorsements

Did you know YouTube made 20 billion dollars in the year 2020 by advertisements? WOW! This information becomes relevant to you. Because YouTube is an army of creators. Creators value their audience and YouTube values its creators.

The brand endorsement would take place once you have an established base. Let us understand this with an example.

by doing some brand endorsements

Here, Rahul is a comedian. He has over 2 million subscribers. Mr. Green is a businessman who sells clothes with trending taglines. Mr.Green comes to know about Rahul and asks him to endorse his brand by wearing his T-Shirt in one of his videos.

Rahul makes another video wearing Mr.Green’s shirt. Rahul mentions the tagline while talking to his audience in his video. Next, Mr.Green’s brand gets promoted. He gets a lot of orders the very next day when Rahul uploads his video. This is the power of endorsement.

You get paid by the sponsors like Mr.Green. Who share the same values as you. Who thinks that you have the kind of audience base they would want to reach? Being an established creator becomes essential to get endorsements.

Take Away– endorsements have a personal touch if compared to sponsorship.

Promoting The Third Party Products Or Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is spreading its roots in India. Let’s understand what this is and how it works on YouTube.

promoting the third party products or affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves three parties. The buyer, the seller, and the affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer runs with N number of sellers/creators. He/she could promote brand XYZ by making a video about that brand’s product.

For promoting the brand the affiliate marketer gets a commission. This commission could range anywhere from 0.2 % – 9%.

0.2% on products like gold and silver coins.

9% on products like kitchen appliances.

It is interesting to know that sometimes this percentage goes high as 70% on products like web hosting services, trading services, etc.

They are paid under different models

  • On click: The affiliate marketing agent is paid on the number of clicks he could generate for the seller’s website. This depends on the traffic the affiliate marketer can generate. This is also known as CPC or Cost Per Click.
  • On generating a potential buyer: Not all that visit the shop intend on buying the product. The percentage in this model is based on diverting potential buyers to the creator’s site.
  • On conversion: This model pays the affiliate marketer when his diverted lead buys the product of the creator. This is given on conversion rates that are decided in the agreement.

Calculation Mechanism Used In India For Calculating Earnings

On searching the internet it was evident that most websites offer calculations in the dollar values. Dollars are serving as conversion units. At the end of the day, we need to know how much money your YouTube channel is generating in rupees.

Let’s understand this with hypothetical figures:

  • RPM: Revenue Per Mille or revenue from 1000 views. This is the sum of generated revenue and revenue made from advertisements, super chats, etc.

Data generated for a tech channel in INR –

Your RevenueRPMPayback-Based CPM
₹1039.3 ₹30.13₹63.21

RPM is calculated as (Total Revenue/Total Views)  x  1000

  • CPM: This is Cost Per Mille. This is mainly used by advertisers. This is the cost of running 1000 advertisements by the advertiser. This cost is then divided into a 45%/55% ratio The total cost incurred by the advertiser to total impressions received multiplied by 1000.


CPM is calculated as (Total Cost / Total Impressions) x 1000 

Suppose an advertiser generated 15,000 impressions from an ad campaign he ran. He paid ₹500 for it. Here CPM will be (₹500/15000)X1000 which comes out to be ₹33.33.

This becomes the CPM for your knowledge. You will receive 55% of 33.33 on 1000 views. Provided that ad was running on your video.

Note- Revenue generated by YouTube via advertisements is shared with the creators in a 45% / 55% ratio. Where creators receive 55% of CPM for running ads on their content and YouTube gets the rest.

This video will clear all your doubts:

Highest Paying CPM Niches On YouTube In India

The average YouTube CPM rate in India is ₹20.57. This is the rate per 1000 impressions received, which is very low as compared to rates in the US.

Long back when YouTube started, having a niche was not that important. Today it is important to have a niche. To have an edge over the others. The competition is high but if you are providing value to your viewers the growth of your channel is on the cards.

YouTubers that have made a connection with their audience are on the top. The top YouTube channels that are there in India are some of the vloggers. Vlogging is most liked by the Indian audience. But is it the highest paying CPM too?

Researching for the highest paying Cost Per Mille lands on creators who have a better connection with their audience. Having said that, let us look at some of the high-paying CPM niches on YouTube in India in 2023.

There is no fixed CPM rate for anyone. Every content has the potential to generate good CPM. Everything depends on the kind of content you are creating. The keywords you use while uploading your content. Consistency and the value you are giving out.

Note – YouTube runs on SEO (Search Engine optimization)


Yes. Entertainment is certainly the highest-paying CPM niche. It is also the most popular category of all the other categories. Club entertainment with gaming, information, business, or any other thing that comes to your mind. You have created a channel that’s bound to grow and give you the highest CPM.

Having an interest in what you are creating is good but what’s even better. Ability to deliver that content most entertainingly. People on the internet are short of patience. As a creator, you have to keep your audience engaged.

bb ki vines

BB Ki Vines is the most popular YouTube channel in India. Run by Bhuvan Bam who plays different characters himself. Creating content that is funny to bones. Started in 2015 this channel earns over 20 lakhs per month.


This lands on the number two. Gaming channels have grown tremendously. Their popularity is growing and spreading across the globe. I know some people in my circle who have made a YouTube channel on gaming.

Heard of CarryMinati? He’s one of the most popular YouTubers in India who’s famous for roasting content. He was the first YouTuber who started live-streaming of gaming videos. His monthly income from YouTube is approximately 25 lakhs.

Interested? check our gaming channel names article and pick the best name for your new channel.


Technology Channels

The tech community in India is expanding. YouTubers who are working in this niche are growing well. On watching some of these tech channels I found that they are working with each other.
Knowing your competition is good but working with your competitor gives you an edge. Just an observation I made.

What’s happening in this niche? Discussing newer technologies. Making an audience base who are interested in knowing new tech. This sounds like a good idea. It is. Many YouTubers are working in this niche and earning well.

You have to be interested in Tech if you want to create a channel related to Tech. Dig deeper into the technology you are going to discuss. Avoid copying the content of other YouTubers.

technical guruji

Technical Guruji is one of the famous Indian Tech Chanel. What’s being talked about here? New gadgets that come into the market. How to have them. Unboxing of different gadgets is being done on Tech channels.  For example mobiles, headgear, home appliances, etc. Reviewing the different technologies.

Discussing the latest updates in the tech sector. Connecting their content with other popular niches like gaming, networking, etc.

Investment And Trading

Courses related to investment marketing and trading are being offered on various YouTube channels. Type, How to invest in the stock market. You’ll get so many results there. Those who are offering good information are growing well on YouTube. In 2023 information is power.

labour law advisor

Channels like Labour Law Advisor are gaining momentum in India now. Basics of stock marketing, best insurance, trading cryptocurrencies are some of the famous topics being discussed.


study iq

This is a vast field. Talking about school education, heard of Byju’s or Cue Maths? Let’s talk about the share market, we have YouTube channels that are educating their viewers for FREE as well as running premium programs for selling the courses they curate.

Learn cooking. I had no idea of how to peel an onion but YouTube has all the information one can look for. DIY projects and whatnot. The more interactive and informative the content the better will be the viewership.

If someone tells you that you keep making content forget about the quality, DON’T listen. Move away from such people. It is always quality over quantity.

Content Management

YouTube has billions of subscribers. Each minute over 500 hours of video content gets uploaded on YouTube. Not everyone is born with a content managing skill set. Creators use these things as opportunities. They create content that is useful and understandable to a layman.

Having vast knowledge of the subject plays an important role in creating good content. Content management includes how to push your content to a larger audience. Almost every content creator wishes to know these tips.

All this makes content management a high CPM generating niche.

Conclusion: What YouTube Pays Per 1,000 View in INR

Every YouTuber is earning a different amount per 1,000 views. Currently, depending upon your niche, YouTube is paying approx ₹6 – ₹80 per thousand views.

The takeaway would be to start the process. To get your YouTube content into monetization. If you are a creator then you should start recording videos of whatever you are creating.

The range per 1000 views is low and very wide in India but that doesn’t stop creators from making a fortune. Find your niche and start creating. I’ll wish you the best. Will hope that some or most of the information provided here would help you.

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Also, if there are 1000 views on Youtube, money in India will depend upon the niche and actual country of traffic. If you are getting more traffic from the USA or UK, your earnings will be higher. Again, If the niche is like Tech or Gaming, it will fetch far better earning as compared to a motivational Youtube channel.

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