Top 10 Domain Registrar In India – Cheap And Best Providers – 2023

Looking for cheap domain names? We have the list of top 10 cheap and best domain registrars in India that provides you cheap names for your business or personal website.

In this era of digitalization when every business is moving to an online platform, then it becomes essential to buy a domain for your website. In these necessary times when a pandemic is hitting everyone’s business, it has become more significant than ever to be available online with best-performing sites and domains.

Domain Registrars in india

You can check the below guide which shows everything you can expect from a domain registrar for your new domain.

If you as well are thinking of buying a domain, this article will give you all the necessary details about the registrar of domains.

Not only that, but you will also how you can get the domain registration for free.

1. Bluehost


Bluehost started in 1996 and is still one of the most popular options for both web hosting and the domain registrar. No matter if it is two decades old, its services and features are very much up to date. 

They have started their new website for Indian customers –

Why is Bluehost recommended?

In this section we will explain to you the reasons for which you should pick this domain registrar:

1. Domain Forwarding 

Bluehost provides domain forwarding along with its other features. 

2. Email forwarding

Bluehost does not have the feature of email forwarding in its domain price. 

3. DNS management

They have a simple and beginner-friendly control panel that you can use easily.

4. Transfer protection

While transferring domain they provide all the protection that your domain requires. Without a specific code, it’s not possible for anyone to steal your domain.

5. Privacy protection

Bluehost provides you with an option to hide your personal details so that it is not visible to your WHOIS data.

Other than these features they also have a feature in which you do not have to worry about your domain expiry they will keep it protected for you. They even have dedicated support for 24 hrs over chat and phone. You will also find the domain search simple with their functions. 

Domain Cost of Bluehost

Bluehost Domains Cost

Domain cost of Bluehost’s .com starts at Rs 819 /yr. For .net it costs Rs 949 per year and .in is Rs 699 per year. There are other domains as well, some of which cost higher than this, some lower. 

Payment Option

You can easily find many popular payment options available at Bluehost. It accepts all the primary and popular credit cards, money orders, and checks are done through US dollars only. You can even go for a money order or PayPal. 

Free domain policy by Bluehost

If you are wondering how you can get a free domain then I want to inform you that if you choose any of Bluehost’s web hosting plans then you will get a free domain for one year. 

2. Hostgator 

Apart from its stellar web hosting service, HostGator is also known for its affordable domain service. No matter what your online business or website is about you can definitely go for this option.

Since 2002 they have been providing amazing services to all its users. With around 9 million websites under them, they are thriving in the industry. 

Why is Hostgator recommended?

Among many reasons to choose this domain registrar we have some of the most effective ones mentioned below:

1. Domain Forwarding 

Hostgator provides you with Domain forwarding, which is a useful feature.

2. Email forwarding

With HostGator, you get complimentary 100 MB professional email accounts. Also, you can set auto-forward to send these emails to any other account you want.

3. DNS management

With its great DNS management, you can manage records, sub-domains, aliases, etc. 

4. Domain Theft protection

It is like transfer protection where the domain cannot be transferred accidentally to any other account.

5. Data & Privacy protection

You cannot be chased by scammers. The data is most important for any website or online business and Hostgator keeps it safe and protected from any kind of thefts or attacks. 

It also offers free email accounts with domains and the control panel of the Hostgator is easy and you can use it for orders, renewals, and purchases. They also have 24/7 customer support for their users. 

Domain Cost of Hostgator

Hostgator Domain Pricing

The cost of Hostgator’s domain starts at Rs 580 per year which is of .website. You can get the .com domain at Rs 779 per year. The .in is available at Rs 599 per year. 

Payment Option

Hostgator has vivid options when it comes to the payment for the plans: they start with modern methods of online payments like through debit or credit cards which are widely used. You can also make the payments using wallets, net banking, or UPI.

You can even go for traditional methods like Bank transfer, RTGS, NEFT, MMT, IMPS, or infinity which is easy for customers in India.

Free domain policy by Hostgator

Hostgator provides a free domain with new hosting plans

3. Namecheap

Namecheap is the most popular and cheapest domain registrar in India which is a trusted brand and known for its after sales service. They also provide web hosting services but their domains are quite famous.

Just like the name suggests they have provided affordable domains since 2000. Many big bloggers as well have their domains purchased from Namecheap itself. 

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Why is Namecheap recommended?

Namecheap is recommended by most users because of its affordability and high performance but apart from this there are many more reasons to go for their domain registrar service:

1. Domain Forwarding 

Namecheap does offer domain forwarding with easy and simple steps. 

2. Email forwarding

You can opt for email forwarding if required or purchase a full-fledged personal email hosting.

3. DNS management

They offer free premium DNS management to all its users. 

5. Transfer protection

They do make the transfer easy and simple with few steps. You can lock your domain for accidental transfers without your permission.

6. Privacy protection

Namecheap promises its users the protection of their privacy. You get FREE WHOISGUARD with all domains you purchase.  

They have 24/7 customer support which helps in resolving all the issues over the chat and email.

Domain Cost of Namecheap

Namecheap Domain Pricing

As Namecheap, its name suggests that you can find cheap domains here. Its domain for .com starts at Rs 659.48 per year. For the .net domain, they charge Rs 815.44 per year and their .org is available at Rs 681.76 per year

Payment Option

For domain registrations, Namecheap uses modern options like bitcoin and bitcoin cash which makes it one of the few companies which accept these kinds of payment modes. You can also use PayPal for payments. The most famous ones are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. 

Free domain policy by Namecheap

Namecheap offers a free domain for a lifetime with its web hosting plan. Yes, you heard it right. A big reason is that it is a king in the domain. Registrar company is because of this killer scheme they have which puts aside other counterparts. 

4. Hostinger

Hostinger which is widely used for web hosting services almost all types of web hosting is provided at Hostinger and is suitable for all business types is also amazing for the domains too. Established in 2004 for more than a decade it has given unbelievable performance to its users. 

Why is Hostinger recommended?

For all the reasons that it is used for web hosting services there are plenty more reasons to use it for the domain registrar service:

Domain Forwarding 

No, they do not offer the domain forwarding service to its users. 

Email forwarding

You can use the email service but no email forwarding. 

DNS management

DNS management as well is not available at the Hostinger domain registrar service which is a bit of a disappointment for its users. 

Transfer protection

Though the transfer of the domain name is available at Hostinger they don’t offer the assured protection for the process. 

Privacy protection

Hostinger does every measure to protect its user’s private details. Unlike any other service which publishes the user data, they won’t reveal the user’s personal information at any cost for the sake of keeping it protected. 

Apart from the above features they also have an easy-to-use control panel which is big news for new users. The round the clock support also helps in setting up the domain. 

Domain Cost of Hostinger

Hostinger Domain Pricing

Hostinger offers domains at quite a reasonable cost. Its .com costs the user Rs 659. For the .in you will be charged Rs 479 and for .xyz Rs 75. 

Payment Option

Hostinger provides payment options in different modes which ensures safety. First is PayPal then they have payment options like Visa, Amex, and MasterCard. These are international methods that are accepted widely. You can also go for options like Diner’s, Discover, JCB, and Maestro for making payments in the EU or US

Free domain policy by Hostinger

Hostinger offers a free domain with its web hosting plans. You can get a free domain for one year with all its hosting offers. This saves a lot in the user’s pocket. 

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a legendary domain registrar service that has been in this business for more than 24 years. They were established in 1997 making them the king of the industry of domain registrar. They have around 75 million domains under them which show how wonderful their features and services are. 

Why is GoDaddy recommended?

There is no need to justify why GoDaddy is on the list of top domain registrars in India. The number of users and the fame says it all but still here are a few reasons that will satisfy the listing:

1. Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding is available at GoDaddy where you can simply forward your domain to any website. 

2. Email forwarding

They don’t offer email forwarding with the domain cost. 

3. DNS management

There is no DNS management available at GoDaddy.

4. Transfer protection

They offer simple and easy transfers for which you don’t have to worry at all but they don’t offer protection while transferring. 

GoDaddy domain includes free basic level privacy protection.

Other than these features they have many offers and discounts for bulk domains which makes the purchase more affordable. You are offered many domain extensions which makes the choice easier, and also the monitoring of your domain is available. They have dedicated round-the-clock support. 

Domain Cost of GoDaddy

Godaddy Domain Pricing

GoDaddy is a reasonably charged domain registrar company. You can get its domain at a very affordable cost. For the .com domain, you will need to pay Rs 199, and for .net they charge Rs 1079. 

Payment Option

GoDaddy has very varied payment options which change from country to country. For India, they have the following options. For car users, they accept Credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay, and Amex. They also accept debit cards and atm cards. Other payment options like PayPal, UPI, mobile payments, and net banking. You can choose among the GoDaddy payment options like GoDaddy gift card, good as gold, and in-store credit. 

Free domain policy by GoDaddy

Like many of the competitors of GoDaddy, even they offer a free domain for its users. You will just have to subscribe to its web hosting plans which offer the free domain for a year and you can enjoy the free domain without making a hole in your pocket. 

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6. BigRock

BigRock is another Indian domain registrar company that has affordable domains to offer. It has a variety in its domain extension. It is considered a very fast networking company which makes it a worthy choice. 

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Why is BigRock recommended?

As the domain registrar is very much affordable and fits into the budget of even a newbie buyer it is obvious to recommend this domain registrar but apart from this you also get some features that will be discussed below to justify mentioning this domain registrar in the list:

1. Domain Forwarding 

Domain forwarding is available at the BigRock domain registrar which is missing in many of its competitor companies. 

2. Email forwarding

They offer two emails for free with the domain cost and they also offer the email forwarding service. 

3. DNS management

They even offer DNS management with its domain cost which is very helpful for the users. 

4. Transfer protection

Bigrock provides a domain lock and you need to unlock your domain before a transfer is to be processed.

5. Privacy protection

They take privacy very seriously and provide theft protection for the domain uses and don’t let any information leak without your consent. 

Domain Cost of BigRock

BigRock Domain Pricing

BigRock domain costs for .com is Rs 799 and for .net is Rs 949. Their .in domain is available at Rs 599.

Payment Option

Bigrock has the following payment options which are easy, popular, and available to most people. Check the following options when you are making payment for the next time at Bigrock. Here are the names – NEFT, MMT, RTGS, IMPS, bank transfer, and infinity. They also have some online payment options like Wallets, Netbanking, Debit or Credit cards, and UPI.

Free domain policy by BigRock

Unfortunately, BigRock does not offer any free domain to its users. 

7. Google Domains

Google Domains is another great service offered by Google which is incredible in features and functions. You name the TLD and they have it all. The company started its work in 2014 which is functioned by Google itself. 

Why is Google Domains recommended?

Google is a trustworthy brand that provides ultimate features as a domain registrar.

1. Domain Forwarding 

Google domains being one of the most popular options also provide domain forwarding as its primary features with domain cost. 

2. Email forwarding

You get email forwarding along with the Google domain’s other features. 

3. DNS management

It offers DNS management which is extremely important and must be checked by anyone who is buying domain names. 

4. Transfer protection

You can get many layers of protection at Google domains and domain lock is one of them.

5. Privacy protection

Google domain offers high protection to your domains. They recognize the spam and attackers and do not harm your site. 

Here you can also register for HSTS preloading which adds more security to your existing SSL certificate.

You get 24×7 chat and call support as well.

Domain Cost of Google Domains

Google Domains Pricing

Google domains might not be the most expensive options in the domain registrar list but they also are not the most affordable ones. They lie in the middle and their cost for .com is Rs 860 per year. For .net their cost is Rs 860 per year. And they have the same cost as the former for .in and .org too. 

Payment Option at Google Domains

Google Domains accept many payment methods for subscribing to its domain registrar. You can use debit or credit cards. It majorly includes Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. They even provide the option for prepayment. 

Free domain policy by Google Domains

Google domains do not offer any free domains. It charges you for the domain name service which you pick from the domain registrar. 

8. Miles Web

If you want to go for something reliable and popular in India then you must consider Miles Web once. They have superior features and services at a low cost. They started their work in 2012 under great founders Chetan Mahale, Deepak Kori, and Chinmay Dingore.

Why is Miles Web recommended?

In this section, we will see all the reasons that we have put this amazing domain registrar on this list. Let’s start with it.

1. Domain Forwarding 

They do offer the feature of domain forwarding in their domain registrar. 

2. Email forwarding

You can easily use Miles web’s services for email forwarding. 

3. DNS management

They have DNS management and this will protect against many DNS issues. 

4. Transfer protection

They provide transfer protection from any kind of fraud. 

5. Privacy protection

They provide protection of your domains from any kind of fraudulent, hijacking, or hackers. 

They have dedicated 24/7 support for its users so they don’t face any issues or problems for long. 

Domain Cost of Miles Web

MilesWeb Domain Pricing

The cost for registering domains at Miles Web is as follows – they have .com for Rs 850 per year, .net for Rs 1200, .in for Rs 600, and .org for Rs 1200.

Payment Option at Miles Web

Miles Web accepts payment through cheque, net banking, debit card, demand draft, and credit card.

Free domain policy by Miles Web

You get a free domain for a year when you use their web hosting plan.

9. Hostarmada

Hostarmada is a trusted and high-performing domain registrar company that has been in working for a short time in this short time, they have made a good name for themselves. They even have great reviews from their customers.

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Why is it recommended?

Below we have mentioned. A list of reasons why you should pick Hostarmada. 

1. Domain Forwarding 

With all its features you get domain forwarding too.

2. Email forwarding

They do not provide email forwarding. You can create unlimited email accounts when you opt for their hosting too.

3. DNS management

They have strong DNS management for their domains. 

4. Transfer protection

They provide transfer protection with the domain cost. 

5. Privacy protection

That is optional and you can buy it as add on if you need it.

They have great support which is also available round the clock in the service of its users. 

Domain Cost of Hostarmada

Hostarmada Domain Pricing

Hostarmada does not have a separate cost for India in rupees that is why we are mentioning the price in dollars. The cost for their is $1.64, .com is available for $3.95 and for .in as well they cost $3.95. 

Payment Option at Hostarmada

Hostarmada used several payment modes to accept payment for its domain registrar. The options they accept are Union Pay, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express, and JCB. 

Free domain policy by Hostarmada

Hostarmada offers free domain registration and transfers if you opt for any of its web hosting plans.

10. Greengeeks

Greengeeks started their journey in 2008 and since then they have kept their promise of an eco eco-friendly company. It is a great choice for a domain registrar. 

Why is it recommended?

Among many of the reasons to choose Greengeeks here, we have mentioned some of the most important reasons for recommending it. 

1. Domain Forwarding 

You can redirect the domain to Greengeeks easily. 

2. Email forwarding

It does provide the feature of email forwarding. 

3. DNS management

Yes, Greengeeks provides DNS management. 

4. Transfer protection

Basic features are included.

Privacy protection

Greengeeks takes privacy protection as its number one priority and does provide strong protection to the privacy of its users. Privacy protection is chargeable. In case of .IN domains, you don’t need to pay.

They have many other features, one of which includes amazing customer support. They have many varieties in domain extension. 

Domain Cost of Greengeeks

Greengeeks Domain Pricing

Greengeeks provides a .com domain for $13.95, for .net as well the cost of the domain was $13.95. They also provide .in which is available at $39.95. 

Payment Option at Greengeeks

Greengeeks has a very wide variety of payment options where it accepts Amex, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. It accepts almost all debit and credit cards. They accept PayPal as well. 

Free domain policy by Greengeeks

Like many of its competitors, Greengeeks as well provide a free domain for 1st year of subscribing to its web hosting plans. After one year you will have to pay the market rate for the domain name. 

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Domain Registrar

If you are reading this guide then you are definitely thinking of buying a domain registrar for your website. It is a big decision as it can affect the performance, security, and other related factors of your website.

Let’s go a little deeper and understand the primary factors that you need to consider before buying a domain registrar. Let’s get started:

Data protection  – Data protection is one of the primary factors that you must consider while checking the domain registrar. For any website, their most crucial asset is their data. They have company information and some private data on their website. It is necessary that the domain you are planning to choose promises to protect your data and never share it with any 3rd party. It has been encountered that some of the companies did share their user’s data with marketing companies which is not fair for the users. This is why I advise you to pick a company that assures you of data protection. 

Support – If you know how problematic it is to set up the new service or product for your website you also know how essential customer support is. They can help you in setting up the domain and finding the right domain name or anything related to it. From the basic to the most difficult part they will be available for your service. Service throughout the day is important because an emergency can arrive at any time. Most companies have dedicated 24/7 support. 

Industry-standard pricing tricks – In many products and services, companies have many hidden charges that they do not make clear while making the purchase. That is known as the industry level price tricking where they will not reveal the exact cost that you will need to pay. So whenever you are buying the domain check if the company has any hidden cost or the renewal cost. If there is, Are they making it clear at the time of purchase?

Management – It is necessary to check the management of a domain registrar because every time you start using some new service or product you feel confused at the start. If you start to figure it out by yourself then it will take away a lot of your time. This is why you must see if the company has the right support for the initial stage. You should also check that they have a simple interface. This will help you in better navigation. 

Free domain – This might seem absurd to you but you can indeed get a free domain. It is not like the registrar company is offering it for free to its users. But it has a trick to itself. You can buy the hosting plan of their company and you can enjoy the domain for free. This means that you won’t have to pay additionally for domains. 

Transparency – Not having any hidden cost, making all the terms and conditions clear before the purchase is called transparency as per the companies. You don’t want to buy the domain from a registrar company that hides the costs and keeps the terms and conditions for basic features which they are assuring in the first place. 

These kinds of tricks have been observed by us all in various sectors. This can be done while buying a domain registrar as well. It is because the companies assure they have certain features or services but later you might find out that those were only available in that particular costing or plan. To be sure it is essential that you make all the necessary checks by yourself and even for the companies or registrars that are known for their honesty and transparency. 

Privacy – Earlier we talked about the privacy that the registrar company offers for your data. Now you also must check if they have tools or features that will protect your privacy. Having the necessary tools like WHOIS and NDAP will protect your website’s privacy. It will ensure that your privacy is safe from any kind of hackers or scammers. Cyber attacks are quite popular and happen often with many companies and websites. So this makes it an even essential factor to consider.

Budget – Budget should be the last factor that you need to consider while picking a domain name. It is because your website and domain need quality features and services that will ensure safety, privacy protection, and support. But for newbies or beginners, this can be an essential factor. So they should go for the domain registrars that stand right on their budget plan and also consider the features too. 

You can check that a few companies even offer lifetime access to free domains and some offer for a period of a year. Whatever you choose does benefit you a lot. By choosing this easy you will be saving a lot in your pocket. 

Summary: Best Domain Registrars of India and Domain Pricing

Here is the list of best registrars of domains in India and the pricing of some most used domains.

Domain .netOthers(.xyz, .org)
BlueHostRs 819Rs 949Rs 699
HostgatorRs 779Rs 999Rs 449
NamecheapRs 659.48Rs 815.44Rs 681.76
HostingerRs 659Rs 905Rs 75
GoDaddyRs 199Rs 1079Rs 149
BigrockRs 799Rs 949Rs 499
Google DomainsRs 860Rs 860 Rs 860
MileswebRs 850Rs 1200Rs 600

FAQs about Best Domain Providers in India

Which domain registrar to choose?

There is no right answer to this because it will entirely depend on your budget, features requirement, and other services. However, Namecheap and GoDaddy are the most recommended and best domain providers in India.

What to check while choosing the domain registrar?

Factors like privacy protection, support, management, and transparency are the factors to keep in mind while selecting the domain registrar.

How to get a domain registrar for free?

There are web hosting companies that provide you with a free domain if you are using their hosting plan.

Final Verdict: Top 10 Best Registrars of Domain in India 

If you are looking for the best domain providers in India, we will strongly recommend going for GoDaddy and Namecheap. They provide you with advanced DNS, security, email and domain forwarding facilities. Also, you get 24×7 chat support.

For anyone who is struggling to find a domain register the above mentioned is some of the best options available for you all. You can pick any of the above-mentioned domain registrars and you will not be disappointed. We have prepared this list basis our own experience of blogging and web development for our clients.

If you want to go for the cheapest registrar you can check Bigrock or Hostinger. Namecheap as well as a great option as it provides a free domain for life. If you want to pick the most popular as well as a trusted option then you can check out GoDaddy. 

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