Awesome 3 Friends Group Name | Whatsapp Group Names For 3 Friends

Looking for unique and creative 3 friends group name ideas? Don’t worry, we have an amazing list of handpicked WhatsApp group names for 3 best friends.

Created a trio but confused about its name? No problem Google got you covered! Trios are the best really, be it three scoops of chocolate ice cream, three pairs of jeans, three types of desserts, three meals, etc. 

But one of the trios is that of three wonderful friends always sneaking and poking each other. Having this trio can make you come amongst one of the happiest and luckiest people allowed to live on earth. So cheers!

whatsapp group names for three friends, 3 friends group name

Catchy Group Names For 3 Friends Group

Make your friendship bond stronger by creating a group with them. Choose some of the catchy group names from our list:

  1. Trilogy
  2. We 3
  3. Power Rangers
  4. Terrible Terrific Trio
  5. My Fab Trio
catchy group names for three friends group, 3 best friends group name
  1. The Three Zealots
  2. A Three-Piece Set
  3. Fab Three
  4. 3 Supermans
  5. Triple Gang
  6. Hitchhikers 
  7. Rhino Blazers
  8. Dark Warriors
  9. The Musketeer
  10. My Chipmunks
  11. Threepeat 
  12. Old is Bold
  13. The Trio
  14. 3 Reasons Why
  15. The Memers
  16. Keep Typing Please…..
  17. Crazy world
  18. Rule Of Threes
  19. Peanut, Butter, And Jelly
  20. 3D Partners

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Stylish Whatsapp Group Names For 3 Friends

Wants to create a stylish Whatsapp group with friends then below list will help you to choose the right name for your group:

  1. Me, U and He
  2. Three Hungry Pigs
  3. The Three Musketeers
  4. Triangular Rule
  5. The Terrific Trio
stylish whatsapp group name for three best friends
  1. The wanderers
  2. The vikings
  3. The Triobes
  4. Trioaholics
  5. Tritium
  6. The Crusaders
  7. Black Commandos
  8. Ice tanks
  9. Retro Crunchers
  10. Butterfly wasps
  11.  Family Friends
  12. Stingy Singers
  13. Skittish, We Know 

Funny Names For 3 Best Friends Whatsapp Group

Friends make life very funny and entertaining without friends life seems boring. Some of the best funny WhatsApp group names are mentioned below choose the group name with matches your friend’s personality.

  1. We Three Always Together
  2. Three Waves
  3. Three Witches
  4. The Three Lives
funny names for three best friends whatsapp group
  1. Three On A Killing Spree
  2. The Sleeping Giants
  3. The Kung Fu warriors
  4. The Ugly Trio
  5. The Pirates of Mexico
  6. The Buccaneers
  7. Reptile Champions
  8. Xtreme Spiders
  9. Silent Legends
  10. Demolition United
  11. Crimson Bombers
  12.  Xtreme Slammers
  13. The Zoo
  14. Enter at Your Own Risk

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Cool Group Names For 3 Best Friends

Everyone wants their group name to be cool and special. Therefore we have collected some of the best cool group names for you.

  1. 3 Queens
  2. The Best Three
  3. Three Roars
cool group names for three best friends
  1. The Three Raiders
  2. Spirit Spanners
  3. The Sleeping Giants
  4. Aero Reapers
  5. Spirit Dragons
  6. Knockout Falcons
  7. Quicksilver Blockers
  8. Spinning Robots
  9. Wild Hawks
  10. Crimson Champions
  11. The Dream Team
  12. Tripsies

Unique Names For 3 Friends Group

  1. 3 Girls
  2. The Three Hunters
  3. We 3 Always Free
  4. Three Nerds
  5. The Slayers
unique names for 3 friends group
  1. Shark Blockers
  2. The Geek Club
  3. Raging Mashers
  4. Striking Robots
  5. Nunchuk Racoons
  6. Moose Dreamers
  7. Shaolin Monkeys
  8. Spinning Legends
  9. The Bermuda Triangle
  10. The Gypsy Circle

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Innovative Boys Whatsapp Group Names For 3 Friends

innovative boys whatsapp group names for three friends

Some of the very innovative Whatsapp group names for friends you will find below:

  1. Three Demons
  2. Three Killers
  3. Toxic Heroes
  4. Deadly kings
  5. Ghost Raiders
  6. Rockin Kings
  7. Knockout Tigers
  8. Mighty Stars
  9. Wind Cyborgs
  10. Black and White Commandos
  11. Thunder Legends
  12. Mighty Piledrivers

Creative Girls Whatsapp Group Names For 3 Friends

creative girls whatsapp group names for three friends
  1. Red Sharks
  2. The United
  3. Muffin Ducks
  4. Silver Lunatics
  5. Crimson Fireballs
  6. Sneaky Widows
  7. Carnivore Crushers
  8. Awesome Monsters
  9. Gangstarzz 
  10. Butterfly Blazers
  11. Peaches and Beaches
  12. The Busy Beez
  13. Boldness Overloaded
  14. What Will People Say?

Editor’s Choice

Some of the names were made to the editor’s list. I hope you like this list.

  1. Three Best Friends
  2. Trio Chat’s
  3. Friends 3 ever
  4. Buy2 Get1 Free
editor choice group names for three friends
  1. Funky Funks
  2. Three on a Killing Spree
  3. Blugas
  4. Three; we are Free
  5. United Ration
  6. We Will Rock It
  7. The Wackos
  8. The Geeky Geeks
  9. Three Thunders
  10. The Tripling

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How to Create Group Names For 3 Friends

Still not satisfied? No worries, Google Ji got you covered again. 

Here are the steps one should follow to create an innovative and catchy name for a group of 3 friends:

  1. First and foremost, think about the most unique and funny thing about your group.
  2. That being done now, think about the  vivid personalities of the trio and how you three fit together like a well oiled machine.
  3. Now try to give a name to this uniqueness and vividness of your group.
  4. Given a name? Now add an apt adjective or adverb as a prefix to the name.
  5. If you can’t think of an adjective or an adverb go for a rhyming.
  6. Say it out loud. Does it feel right? If yes then congratulations you have achieved a group name for your beloved trio!

How To Maintain Your Trio Group

Now that you have created a group then the next question that comes in front of you is how to remain always connected with them. The answer is simple: to chat with them. But sometimes it so happens that the group remains silent for long periods of time which is not suitable for a trio at all.

You have to immediately do something about it. And guess what. We have a solution!

Here’s a guide to keeping your trio group active through breakups, rough patches and long working hours:

  • Share jokes. 
    I know it sounds silly, but trust me anyone can benefit from a healthy dose of laughter especially in the grilling times of office hours.
  • Share Puzzles and Quizzes
    You would be definitely amazed by your friends’ answers to these puzzles and quizzes. It will result in you and your friends smiling at your group’s silliness. But the more important thing is: it will help you bond better.
  • Share motivating and inspirational Quotes.
    Sometimes all we need to attend an important meeting or to forget an awful day at work or to make an important decision is a slight push from our friends. Sometimes it can be intentional and sometimes unintentional in the form of quotes. So let your friends know that you are here for them whenever they need you.
  • Try to talk about your day or week and ask them about their day at work. It’s a very simple thing right? But sometimes things as simple as these can very well help your friend understand that they are special for you.

Last but not the least, since you have done so much hard work in finding or creating your trio group name, don’t give up on the group itself due to a stupid fight or break-up.

Your trio is special, do your best in tending and nurturing it.

FAQ’s: Group Name Ideas for 3 Friends In 2023

My trio group has been silent for a long period of time. How can I revive it?

Try to send a joke or a puzzle and wait for their response. You will be amazed by the results.

I have thought of an adjective as a keyword for my group. What can I add further into it?

Try adding an adverb as a prefix or a rhyming as a suffix.

Conclusion: 3 Friends Group Names For Whatsapp

Friends are everything in our life without friends life seems very boring. If you have a group of 3 friends and you want to create a WhatsApp group then this article will help you to choose the correct name for your article. Here you will find the catchy group names for 3 friends, stylish WhatsApp group names for 3 friends, funny names for 3 best friends and Unique names for 3 friends groups and etc.

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