100 YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education In India – 2021

So you have finally decided to start your own education YouTube channel and were wondering about what name would be better for your YouTube channel.

Do not worry I will guide you through the whole process of choosing a perfect name for your channel that compliments it and will also guide you through the steps to create your educational channel on YouTube.

I will be providing you all with the best YouTube channel name ideas for education in India. We strongly believe that choosing a name that matches and resonates with your channel can really impact the future of the channel.

Your efforts are important without any doubt but a catchy name always attracts the audience.

youtube channel name ideas for education in India

What To Look For While Choosing A Name For An Educational Channel On YouTube?

Before starting an educational YouTube channel, you must know some basics that help you choose a perfect name.

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Here is what you should take care of while selecting a channel name:

  1. It should be catchy, fresh, and unused: If it’s not any one of these three then you won’t stand out the crowd of millions of channels out there on YouTube, your channel name should be able to ring a bell in those people you want to attract through your videos.
  1. Should be short, creative, and descriptive: You can have a channel name of two or three words but prefer not to go beyond that as viewers tend to forget longer names. Try to put all the creativity you can muster and make your channel name self-descriptive.
  1. It should not rank any of the old or big channels: The most important one cause if your channel name when it searched is showing some popular old channel then just forget that you are ever going to rank for that keyword and even if some how you are able to rank then you won’t be able to create a custom url for you channel, which is enabled once you compelete 100 subscribers. So please do a search for the channel you just selected or thought of selecting.
  1. It should be relevant to type the of content you are going to post: the most obvious thing cause as we are discussing educational channels in this post and suddenly I start suggesting you some weird cooking channel names then you know it’s not relevant to the post so yes choose a name which is relevant to the type of content you are going to post.

Just, for example, I have listed out a few of YouTube’s popular educational channels for inspiration so that you can get at least some idea or inspiration from their name YouTube channel name.

  1. Khan GS Research Centre: He is popularly known as Khan sir and on his YouTube channel he posts educational videos about all the latest events happening around the world. His specialty is to make long fun educational videos that are not at all difficult to understand and boring.
  1. Study IQ Education: A channel covering all the topics there are in the world of education, from preparing students for various competitive exams to making videos on all the latest events around the world.
  1. Wifistudy: A channel with over 1.42 crore subscribers, it is one of the most famous channels among new or old aspirants, with their star faculty they conduct regular live classes for students and these live classes are attended by thousands of students at a time.
  1. Dear Sir: This channel is best at providing solutions to any student still studying in school mainly higher secondary. They weekly post videos, sometimes informing students about a recent change in their syllabus or clearing their doubts about certain topics.

50 Latest and Creative Educational YouTube Channel Names Ideas in Hindi

First of all, check the audience’s preferred language. If you are in India and your audience is mostly Hindi speaking, we recommend choosing a Hindi name.

The only idea behind this is to ensure that your audience must a sense of belongingness when they see your channel for the first time.

Here is the list of some cool name ideas for education channels in Hindi:

  1. Gyan Dhan
  2. Shiksha Bharat
  3. Hunar Seekho
  4. Hello Shiksha
  5. Learn Shiksha
  6. Prime Education
  7. IAS Career Maker
  8. Shiksha Digital
  9. Zoom Knowledge
  10. Shikshaistic
  11. Prosper Shiksha
  12. Knowledgenest
  13. Knowledgezoid
  14. Master Shiksha
  15. Classroom Knowledge
  16. Harmony Study
  17. Widom Study
  18. Path Education
  19. IIT Education Information in Hindi
  20. Your IIT Guide
  21. Brilliant Brainz
  22. Guru Shiksha Classes
  23. Ace IAS
  24. e-Education Let’s Crack
  25. IIT Study IQ
  26. A to Z Classes
  27. IAS All Day
  28. IASology
  29. Pure IAS Education
  30. Your IAS Guide
  31. Learn Tantra
  32. Magic IAS Education
  33. Magic IIT Education
  34. New Education Tube
  35. IIT Education Lab
  36. IIT All Day
  37. IAS Study Centre
  38. IIT Study Centre
  39. IAS Study IQ
  40. Arc Education Classes
  41. ImpressIAS
  42. Web IIT Education
  43. Ace IIT
  44. Aceing Exams
  45. Your Study Guide
  46. IIT Education Learner
  47. IIT Career Maker
  48. IAS Education Lab
  49. Ace Your Career
  50. Achievers Educator Club
  51. Genuine Education
  52. Lets get Educated
  53. Study My Way

50 Latest and Creative Educational YouTube Channel Names Ideas in English

Now, if you think your audience’s preferred language is English, you must create a channel with a name in English.

Here is the list of some cool name ideas for education channels in English:

  1. Gyan Darshan
  2. Shiksha Do
  3. IIT Shikshak
  4. IAS Shikshak
  5. Shiksha Mandir
  6. IIT Gurukul
  7. Shiksha Sanskriti Mandir
  8. Shiksha Sanskriti India
  9. My Vidya Classes
  10. Free Vidya Pao
  11. IIT Gurukul Classes
  12. Aapke IIT Classes
  13. Pratham Pariksha Classes
  14. Free Shiksha Seekho
  15. Smart Shiksha Classes
  16. IAS Gurukul
  17. Career Banao
  18. Aapka Teacher Online
  19. Best IIT Classes Online
  20. Success Coaching India
  21. Vidya IAS Hub
  22. Padhai Karo Online
  23. Safalta Classes Online
  24. Apna Shiksha Mandir
  25. CBSE Gurukul
  26. Rozana Classes
  27. GyaanPrapti Classes
  28. CBSE Success Classes
  29. GyaanPrapti Classes
  30. IAS Safalta Guide
  31. Vidyasagar Classes
  32. IAS Success Centre
  33. Shikhar Study Point
  34. Shikhar Shiksha Mandir
  35. Vidyasagar classes online
  36. My Shiksha Sanskriti
  37. Gurukul Coaching Classes
  38. CBSE Vidyarthi Classes
  39. Free Shiksha Sanskriti
  40. Safal Vidhyarthi Online
  41. IIT Success Centre
  42. Shikhar Coaching
  43. Mera Shiksha Sanskriti
  44. Pratham Pariksha Online
  45. Safal Coaching Classes
  46. My Success Centre
  47. e-Gurukul Classes
  48. Vidya IIT Hub
  49. Splendid Shiksha
  50. Free IIT Shiksha
  51. NCERT Seekho

So you just pick the one name that you thought would be best for your Educational YouTube channel, let me tell you selecting a name for the channel might have been a bit messy task but still, it was the easiest part of the YouTube journey that you are going to start.

How To Create An Education Channel On YouTube

Now it’s time to create a YouTube channel so that you can post your priceless videos and share your knowledge with the world.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time creating a Youtube channel, I will guide you through the whole process and tell you the steps to create your educational channel on YouTube.

Step I: If you don’t have a Gmail account create one beforehand as it will make the process much easier create it by clicking here.

Step II: After creating a Gmail account now go to www.youtube.com in your computer’s web browser. This will take you to the YouTube home page.

youtube homepage for channel creation

STEP III: You will see that you are already login into YouTube with the Gmail account that you create if you are not log in automatically then do so by clicking the Sign-in button on the left-hand corner.

sign in button to create new channel

STEP IV: After signing in to YouTube click on your profile picture on the left-hand corner and then click on the first option “Create a Channel”.

click create channel

STEP V: And YouTube will direct you to this page, where you can set your channel name, after typing down the best channel name for your Educational channel Click “CREATE“.

enter your channel name

STEP VI: And Congratulations you just created your own Educational Channel on YouTube, now you get to set a profile picture for your channel, set its description, add your social handles.

setup your YouTube Channel

So after setting all of that you are all good to go, now you can start posting your Educational videos on your channel without any hiccups just keep abiding by YouTube’s Terms and Conditions.

FAQ: About YouTube

Is creating a YouTube channel free?

Yes, creating a YouTube channel is completely free.

Can I earn money from videos?

Yes not only your videos can make you money through AdSense, but you can even do brand promotions or affiliates that can add up to your bank balance.

Is there any limit to how many videos can I post?

No, there is no limit to how many videos you can post on your channel if you are able to post then post any number of videos.

Can I do live sessions on YouTube?

Yes, you can do live sessions on YouTube but before that, you have to have a verified account, a process that takesĀ 24 hours to complete.

When will my channel be eligible to earn through AdSense?

After signing up for the AdSense program and connecting it with your YouTube channel, you have to meet the following criteria within a year of starting the channel:
(1) complete 1000 subscribers,
(2) complete 4000 watch hours,
(3) you should not have any active community guidelines strike on your channel.

How do you make money from a YouTube channel?

You can earn money through YouTube by putting ads on it. You can use the channel membership feature for earning money or you can make sponsors videos.

Conclusion: Educational Channel Name Ideas

I really hope that this post of ours really helped you in choosing that perfect name for your first Educational YouTube channel, all the channel names we wrote in the lists above were unique and some of the best names that you could have chosen for your channel.

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All the best for your YouTube journey.

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