105 Twitter Username Ideas: Best Names To Tweet In 2023

Twitter is recently acquired by Elon Musk. It is changing, facing competition from Threads but still, a very popular social media platform.

From politicians to celebrities to the common man, almost everyone has a Twitter handle these days. We help you get a powerful Twitter username idea on this post.

Some are here for publicity, some for business, and some for entertainment. Twitter especially excelled in giving everyone a healthy dose of entertainment every day during the pandemic.

Since you are here to be a part of worldwide entertainment let’s get you started with the very first step that is creating a name for your Twitter handle!

We also have usernames for Instagram to get followers.

twitter username ideas

Why Create A Creative Name On Twitter?

Creating a name is actually a very daunting task be it naming a newborn, naming a new shop, new bakery or even a new company. In the midst of it all we have to even think about giving or creating a creative name for our social media handles.

Tough, I know. But we got you covered with this article!

But the question is why should someone scratch their brains for a username? The answer is in the question itself for a username. On social media accounts many people and businesses get known due to their posts, quotes, thoughts, services, etc. but how are people going to identify you? Obviously through your username.

For that part, it’s important you have an out-of-the-box username so people can identify you easily. A unique and creative username would also help in differentiating you from the rest.

Twitter Username Ideas

Having a unique twitter name that tells more about you and your personality or your domain is important. Therefore here’s a list of Twitter name ideas.

New Twitter Username Ideas For Girls

creative name on twitter, twitter username ideas
  1. GirlSetToGrow
  2. Girls_siyappa
  3. SheilaBaby
  4. OMG_its_Laura
  5. P1nkPr1nce55
  6. ThatErikaGal
  7. o0Angelina0o
  8. Girl_si_girls
  9. Luna_lonely
  10. the_nerdishgirl
  11. Girl_whirl
  12. Thecurlygirl
  13. Vivid_bee
  14. Not_yours
  15. Khaleesi_sea
  16. Cat_shayar
  17. Dosy_lily
  18. Queen_ofbrains
  19. Slaying_slayer
  20. Mars_girl
  21. Julie_joseph
  22. Damsel_in_heaven
  23. Femme_feminist
  24. Lassie_josie
  25. Maiden_lilo
  26. Layalah
  27. Drone_girl
  28. SexiNiKnowit
  29. LvMyHbby
  30. XxPoker_FacexX
  31. Casualheart.
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twitter username ideas for girls

Twitter Username Ideas For Boys

twitter username ideas for boys
  1. Princecharming_not
  2. Random_guy
  3. Dusty_dude
  4. Jason_mason
  5. Justin_barber
  6. Matthew_case
  7. James_blonde
  8. The_hearkiller
  9. Uranus_guy
  10. Satans_spawn
  11. Percy_nancy
  12. GreekGod
  13. Tom_curse
  14. Johnny_dips
  15. Demon’s_matt
  16. cool_pumpkin
  17. Admiral_punk
  18. Major_spartan
  19. Dare_the_devil
  20. captain_reckles
  21. Hunkmybrother
  22. Dontchaseme
  23. Doncomets
  24. Wolverine_logan
  25. CosmoCoCo
username ideas for twitter

Twitter Username Ideas For Business Handles

Creating a Twitter name for your business handle is easy peasy, really You just have to use your brand’s or shop’s name for creating your username and you are done with it. You can also add prefixes like ‘Try’, ‘Join’, ‘Get’, ‘Use’ etc.

Below are some examples:

twitter username ideas for business
  1. Thegoods_bakery
  2. Tiny_Bakery
  3. Bakery_mance
  4. Bakery_guru
  5. JioLife
  6. Sweets_junkie
  7. The_fitwit
  8. Digi_vigi
  9. @yourfitnessguy
  10. @premiumCBD
  11. @HighOnOrganics
  12. @sleepwellLivewell
  13. @love_guru_
  14. Techwizard_
  15. Love_inMexico (tours and travel business)
  16. Bakery_buddha
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business username ideas for twitter

Pro Tip: If you love social media, start your own blog and create your own audience as well.

Quirky Twitter Username Ideas

quirky twitter username
  1. Huffin_muffin
  2. hell_is_empty
  3. Not_average 
  4. Twitter_was_myidea
  5. Goodonestaken
  6. Laughing_buddha
  7. Hairy_ poppins
  8. Bigfootisme
  9. Quirky_koo
  10. Catshire
  11. laugh_live_leave
  12. In_jail
  13. Fastandcurious
  14. Thejailer
  15. Karma isMe
  16. Hello_friends
  17. Master_ofsecrets
  18. Bread_pitt
  19. Omg_its_me
  20. the_dopeguy
  21. Devils_after_me
  22. 404_Notfound
  23. Nix_jinx_net
  24. Cool_as_fire
  25. Couch_potato_toto
quirky username for twitter

Twitter Username Ideas For The One Who Wants To Remain Unseen

twitter username ideas who wants to remain unseen
  1. Anonymous_123
  2. Guess whoo?
  3. Sputnik26
  4. Golf_kiwi
  5. Xbox  
  6. TheHoneyguy
  7. Xxxyyyzzz
  8. Aforapple
  9. humpty_dumpty
  10. ILiketoHaveFun
  11. JustForFun
  12. theMedleySpace
  13. utterlyPatriotic
  14. Livelife
  15. @xo
  16. Camers_man
  17. Micky_mouse_
  18. Heist404
  19. Ugly_duckling
  20. Invisible_gal
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twitter name for people want to anonymous

A Guide To Create Twitter Username

Want to add a personal touch to your username? You surely can. Here’s a guide to creating your very own personal username:

  1. Decide what you would like your username to be based on. Deciding this is asking yourself why are you on twitter in the first place? If you are here for fun, then add a funny name, if you are here for taking apart in the ever ongoing debates, then go for a memorable username, if you are here for promoting yourself or your brand then go with your name or your brand’s name and if you are here for business purposes then try keeping your business or company’s name as your username.
  2. If you are here for promotions or business then try keeping your username original and genuine, so people can find and trust you easily.
  3. Stick to keywords to make it easier for people to find you. For example if you are a baker, then try keeping that keyword in your username and especially description. 
  4. Next decide how many letters you want, since twitter allows only 15 characters, try to keep your username short and meaningful.
  5. You can also add rhyming after your first or last name. This will make your username more funny and interesting.
  6. You can even add your personality trait or any adjective as a suffix or prefix. You can even add your profession or even a location as your suffix or prefix.
  7. Try keeping it to a maximum of two underscores if your username is short. Also underscore can sometimes take away the feel of originality from your username. 
  8. Also make it a point to create a username in such a way that it is readable and understandable for people reading it.

The character limit for creating a Twitter username is only 15, therefore keep your username character limit under 15. Also, don’t use any offensive words in your username as it might result in twitter taking action against you for it.

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Twitter Name Already Taken? Tips To Differentiate Your Twitter Username

Decided on a Twitter name but can’t take it since someone else has already taken it? No worries you can still take that name but with some variations. Here’s a guide to it too:

  1. Use numbers
    • Instead of using ‘o’ you can use a 0.
    • Example: looting_guy and l00ting_guy
  2. Try finding replacements
    • Instead of using an ‘i’ you can use roman I.
    •  Example: ipsy_Dipsy  and Ipsy_DIpsy 
  3. You can also use articles a, an, the before your username
    • Example: The_common_man, The_prohacker 
  4. Add rhyming after your username
    • Example: The_boat and the_boatgoat
  5. Use underscore in between, before or after your username
    • Example: JamesSul and James_Sul

Already Taken A Username But Don’t Like It?

If you have already taken a name but still feel that something is amiss. Then don’t you worry, Twitter got you covered. You can change your Twitter account handle name anywhere anytime provided you have an internet connection and a Twitter account!

Twitter Username Generator

Still not feeling content? That’s okay because there are many fishes in the ocean. If you would still like to have a look at some more Twitter name ideas, then you can very well use a Twitter username generator.

Yes, you read that right, a Twitter name generator. It’s pretty simple to use too. You just have to enter a keyword around which you would like your Twitter name to say bakery, quirky, boy, hungry, etc.

Here’s a list of some Twitter username generators:

  1. NordPass
  2. LastPass  
  3. Masterpiece Generator
  4. BNG Business Name Generator
  5. Spin XO
  6. Twitter Name Generator
  7. Fun Generators
  8. Jimpix 


Can I use my name and location to generate a username?

Yes, you can use your name and location for generating a username.

Can I have the same username on both Instagram and Twitter?

Yes, you can have the same usernames on Instagram and Twitter.

How many characters can I use for creating a username on Twitter?

The limit for creating a username on Twitter is 15 characters.

Can my account be banned due to an offensive username?

Yes, Twitter takes action against offensive language.

Can I have more than one Twitter handle?

Yes, you can have more than one Twitter handle.

Conclusion: Username Ideas For Twitter

So this is the end of our journey in finding you a Twitter username. Hope you found some good Twitter usernames for your Twitter handle.

And please use Twitter for entertainment and information purposes and not to spread negativity, racism or anti-national sentiments. Also, try to find that the information that you are sharing is from a legit and reliable source. Try stopping the spread of fake news on Twitter as well. 

Do let us know which username did you settle for. And last but not least all the best in your Twitter journey ahead.

May many entertainments be bestowed upon you!

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