Best Black Friday VPS Sale 2023: Top 10 VPS Black Friday Deals

Many of you might have been planning to start your own website very soon. It ain’t easy to create your own website, the expense of web hosting is quite high. But in this case, if you get heavy discount offers then the possibility rises. We have the best Black Friday VPS 2023 deals recommended by experts.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best web hosting companies that you can consider for the Black Friday Deal of 2023.

About the hosting companies that we have listed below, we have tried to cover its features for you to get a better idea of its services and performance.

Black Friday vps deals

The pricing and plan will help you decide to make the selection as per your budget. Without wasting any further time let’s begin with the Best VPS Black Friday Deal:


Hostens VPS Hosting

Looking for the cheapest VPS Black Friday 2023 deal?

Hostens is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable option but needs VPS server hosting. They offer unmanaged VPS hosting which has Linux, Windows, Container, and storage VPS Plans. 

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans 

Following are the features of VPS hosting plans of Hostens:

  • They give the flexibility of choosing only the features you require and pay accordingly. 
  • Their infrastructure is strong and gives great performance due to the cloud-based hosting platform. 
  • It has an Uptime of 99.95% which is ideal for a web host company.
  • As for freebies, they offer free domains, website builders, pre-included apps, and backups. 
  • Customer support is available 24/7 through ticketing, live chat, social network, and email. 

VPS plan of Black Friday Deal for Hostens 

Hostens VPS Hosting Price
Plan NameStarting Offer priceDiscount percentageBandwidthRAMStorage

In all the plans backups are included except the storage VPS which does not have a backup. It offers Linux OS. In Linux, it supports CentOS, cloud Linux, fedora, and Ubuntu. Windows VPS uses Windows server 2012 R2, windows server 2016, and windows server 2019. The container and storage VPS uses CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.


GoDaddy VPS hosting

GoDaddy is an amazing option for anyone who wants promising web hosting that offers both managed and unmanaged server hosting. They are offering a 58% discount on this Black Friday Sale for anyone who has been restraining themselves can go grab the offer now. 

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans 

godaddy features

The following features are available at the VPS plan of GoDaddy plans:

  • They have automatic weekly backups to keep your data safe and stored. It also keeps an eye on the performance of the website. 
  • They provide guaranteed uptime of 99.99% and also put no restrictions on traffic. 
  • Free SSL certificate and DDOS protection for higher security. 
  • Even when it allows unlimited traffic the performance remains unchanged because of SSD and KVM virtualization. 
  • They have simple and easy upgrades where you can add more RAM and CPU. 

VPS Black Friday Self-managed plans – 

Godaddy Hosting VPS Price
Plan NameOffer priceDiscount percentageRAMStorage

These plans have centos, windows, or ubuntu servers. The base plan has Linux only. Fully managed – The plan for a fully managed VPS server starts at $41.99 and provides windows and centos servers. It offers free site migration up to 6 websites and above you need to pay for it. 

The self-managed plans have many features missing which were readily available in the Fully managed plan. It is simple to add these features by paying extra charges.


Interserver VPS hosting

This Black Friday Interserver is offering a huge discount of 50% on their VPS plan. They have been providing service since 1999 and they have always been great at it. Let’s see what else they have to offer this sale season. 

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans 

Following are the features that are offered under Interserver’s VPS plan:

  • Interserver has no renewal cost or industry standard pricing trick. 
  • They have dedicated support which is present throughout the day and you can contact them via live chat, ticket, or email.
  • An uptime of 99.9%
  • They offer fast-loading sites which are necessary for customer satisfaction. 
  • They offer free migration and more than half of their users are migrants from other hosting sites. 
  • They provide you root access and unrestricted Cpanel installation. 

VPS Black Friday Deal for Interserver’s managed plans – 

Interserver VPS pricing
Plan NameRegular priceDiscount percentageMemoryTransferStorage
Initial plan$3.0050%2048 MB1TB30GB
Highest plan$48.0050%32768 MB16TB480GB

VPS Plan of Interserver is highly flexible and offers a great range of customization for its users. Even after being a managed server hosting it offers great control over the plan to its customers. Its plan for VPS starts at $3.00 which offers 2048MB memory and 30GB storage and it exceeds $48 where it offers 32678 MB memory and 480GB storage. You can choose many different variants in between.


Chemicloud VPS Hosting

Chemicloud is a web hosting company that provides high-performance and fast sites. They have excellent uptime and a discount of up to 75% on their VPS’s fully managed server plans. Let’s see how much you can save on this Black Friday sale.

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans

The following are the features of VPS hosting plans:

  • Chemicloud provides a service for mail filters that detects spam emails for your security and name. 
  • Any web hosting requires uptime and it provides you a better uptime than the industry requirement – 99.99%. 
  • It provides an SSL certificate that brings up the security level by providing round-the-clock protection and monitoring.
  • They have AMD EPYC that gives you a fast site. 
  • Though many VPS services cost additionally for cPanel, Chemicloud provides it for free. 
  • They have a dedicated IP address as well which means that you won’t have to share it with others and can enjoy your unique IP address.
  • Very supportive customer support with quick resolution time which can be approached through live chat and ticketing system.
  • If you already own a website then you need not be worried because they offer free migration.

Looking for the best Bluehost Black Friday deals then read Bluehost Black Friday Deals article. You will get all the best deals and information about Bluehost.

VPS BlackFriday Deal for ChemiCloud Fully managed plans:

chemicloud VPS Hosting Pricing
Plan NameRegular priceDiscount percentageCPU CoresRAMStorage
CVPS 1$19.9975%24GB80GB
CVPS 2$29.9975%48GB160GB
CVPS 3$49.7575%616GB320GB
CVPS 4$89.9875%832GB640GB

They offer a Litespeed license and Cpanel license at no cost with their VPS plan. These are Fully managed servers offered by Chemicloud which need no more set-up. You can just pick the right plan that fits all your requirements and you are good to go. If you buy these plans at once like for 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months then you can save a lot in your pocket while already you will be enjoying the Black Friday discount.


NameCheap VPS Hosting

NameCheap is a web hosting company that provides hosting services. Along with it it is quite popular for its free domain for life feature which makes it stand above other companies. Here we will see how much you can save in this sale with the Black Friday Offers and get a high discount. 

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans

NameCheap has some really good features that can make your Black Friday Deal even more exciting with its discount and services. Let’s have a look at its features:

  • They provide guaranteed uptime of 99.99% which is higher than the industry standard. 
  • Along with its hosting plan, it also offers a free domain with Whois protection. 
  • They have a cancellation policy of 30 days. 
  • SSL certificate for better security 
  • They provide backup with all their plans.
  • Dedicated support is available at a help desk and live chat. 
  • Free website migration to make transfer affordable 
  • To make your website more manageable with the cPanel. 
  • They offer customization for their users in the VPS plans. 
  • Extensive knowledge base and articles for in-depth knowledge.

VPS Black Friday Discount by Namecheap:

NameCheap VPS Hosting Pricing
Plan NamePriceDiscount percentageBandwidthRAMStorage
Pulsar$6.8842% Off1000GB2048MB40GB

These two plans are offered by NameCheap for the VPS server. It is up to you which one to choose. You even have the choice to pick to self-manage, partially manage, or fully manage your site. As per your ability to access the system you can choose the operating system.

If you do now want to manage it all then go for a fully managed plan but for them, you will have to pay extra. Security enhancement is available at both server but server restoration, server failure, and software change require an additional price for a self-managed or semi-managed site.


Bluehost VPS Hosting

Bluehost is a well-known web hosting company that offers its services in shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. In this section, we are taking a look at its managed VPS server hosting. 

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans

The following are the features of VPS hosting plans of BlueHost:

  • They have around-the-clock support for its users which provides resolution quickly. 
  • You get a domain at no additional cost for the first year. Once the year ends you can get the domain at the current price. 
  • For faster loading sites they provide sitelock CDN. 
  • It offers an uptime of 99.99%.
  • For ones who are picky about their web hosting services, BlueHost offers a 30 money-back guarantee so you can freely make your decision. 

VPS managed Black Friday Deals

Bluehost VPS pricing
Plan NameOffer priceDiscount percentageBandwidthRAMStorage
Standard $18.9937%1GB2GB30GB

After getting these heavy discounts on Black Friday sales even the VPS server hosting becomes affordable. In this managed VPS server you get three-tier Linux-based hosting. You can even transfer or modify files through FTP. with the base plan you get 1 IP address and with the others, you get 2 IP addresses.


Hostgator VPS Hosting

As the Hostgator says in its slogan that it is a site where professional hosts, it’s true for the VPS server hosting which offers fully or semi-managed hosting. Let’s see how much are you going to save this Black Friday Sale on Hostgator plans.

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans 

Following are the features offered by VPS plans:

  • Dedicated support works throughout the day for helping its users.
  • The money-back policy is available for 45 days which is higher than the industry standard time. 
  • They offer customization for their users to get the most out of their plans and services.
  • They have a lot of bandwidth to get a better network. It even uses the state of the art data centers for the network service.
  • You can add RAM, or CDN as per the requirement. 
  • Backups are conducted every week. 
  • They offer many site development tools that add to the value.
  • They even give the option of selecting the CMS and the custom mode for the VPS plans. 

VPS Black Friday Deals for HostGator Managed plans- 

Hostgator VPS hosting Pricing
Plan NameRegular priceDiscount percentageBandwidthRAMStorage
Snappy 2000$19.9575%Unmetered2GB120GB
Snappy 4000$29.9575%Unmetered4GB 165GB
Snappy 8000$39.9575%Unmetered8GB240GB

HostGator’s VPS plans ensure that you have all the advanced features. It also provides many additional features with its VPS plans like RAM, disk space, or CPU to get better performance. They have affordable plans with an abundance of features.


Dreamhost VPS Hosting Black Friday deals

Dreamhost is a renowned and well-established web hosting company that has great services and features when it comes to web hosting services. In this part, we are discussing the Black Friday Offers by the company which can be profitable if any of you is planning to start a website or transfer to a new web hosting company. Let’s go on with the VPS-managed and unmanaged plans of Dreamhost.

Salient Features offered by VPS Hosting Plans 

The following are the features offered by Dreamhost:

  • Dreamhost is known for its high 100% uptime which is an achievement for any web hosting company. 
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth, websites, email, and storage to its users. 
  • As for freebies, they offer free domain, SSL certificates, and privacy protection. 
  • The support is available through live chat and email throughout the day. 
  • In case you don’t like their service you have a long period of 9( days for a money-back claim. 
  • Your site will get automatic backup and it also provides SSD storage which is quite fast. 

VPS managed plans of Dreamhost during the Balck Friday Sale

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Price
Plan NameOffer priceDiscount percentageRAMStorage
VPS Basic$11.4117%1GB30GB
VPS Business$22.8217%2GB60GB
VPS Professional$45.6517%4GB120GB
VPS Enterprise$91.317%8GB240GB

These managed plans have great plans and get regular updates as per the operation system. It also offers unlimited MySQL for getting the experience. Their server uses Linux as their operating system and they don’t have any Windows server. 

VPS unmanaged cloud based plan of Dreamhost during the BlackFriday Sale

Plan NameOffer priceDiscount percentageBandwidth Storage
512 MB RAM server$3.7517%Free100GB 
2 GB RAM server$9.9617%Free100GB 
8 GB RAM server$39.8417%Free100GB

This unmanaged plan uses Linux for the operation, and you can choose Linux as per your requirement and desire. They have API and some other applications and tools that are helpful for developers. These servers are fast and offer full control and root over the website and operating system.

Scala Hosting

scala hosting VPS Hosting

Scala Hosting is one of the most popular web hosting service companies when it comes to VPS servers. It offers both fully managed and self-managed hosting. It fulfills all the requirements of a user and by buying it during the Black Friday Deal time you will be making a profitable deal. 

Salient features offered by VPS Hosting plans 

Following are the features provided by Scala Hosting for VPS plans:

  • A cancellation policy is one of the factors that can let you at least try out this service. Within 30 Days if you are not satisfied with the service then you can claim the money back. 
  • They provide regular backup and restoration of your site data.
  • The VPS plan has Spanel which is perfect for the VPS server and gives a high-performing site that has fast-loading sites and security. 
  • Freebies are an add-on always in such great services. Scalahosting provides free SSL certificate, migration, snapshots, and domain along with all its plans. 
  • They have dedicated IP addresses and resources which have been committed since the start. 
  • For better protection and site service they have spanel, sshield security, and Softaculous installer. 
  • They provide an uptime of 99.9%

VPS Black Friday Discount for fully managed VPS

scalahosting VPS managed pricing and Black Friday deals
Plan NameOffer priceDiscount percentageBandwidthRAMStorage
Start $9.9550%Unmetered2GB50GB
Business $561.9521%Unmetered8GB160GB

VPS Black Friday Discount for Self Managed VPS

scala hosting VPS self managed pricing
Plan NameOffer priceDiscount percentageRAMStorage

Both the options of Fully managed and Self managed server gives the service which is cloud-based. In the Fully managed server, you will not need to do anything and the hosting company will take care of the website while the self-managed server gives you total access and you can make the installation and configuration yourself.

They provide great advanced features for their managed server like high speed and dedicated resources that make it worthwhile. In the fully managed server, you can buy the inbuilt features for an additional $74 and an additional cost is there to build your own VPS plan at a self-managed server too.


What is VPS for?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is an operating system that resides inside a server. VPS is used for providing private resources to other servers.

What is VPS cost?

VPS costs can vary from $10 to $100 according to plan and company.

Conclusion: Black Friday VPS 2023 Deals 

In this article, we have included the best options available for VPS server hosting. Many of them offer different variants as managed, unmanaged, and semi-managed. It even has various options for the operating system. Among these many choices, it can get difficult to make a decision. 

When choosing you shall consider the type of system you will need, and the freebies offered by the company. The server speed and time are also necessary. Check your requirements and then pick the best amongst these. 

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