How To Find Unlisted Videos On YouTube Without Link in 2023

If you ever used YouTube for other purposes than watching videos, like I do to post videos, then you might have heard about Unlisted Videos or even used this feature of YouTube.

In this article, we will understand how to find unlisted videos on YouTube without links in three easy methods.

So What Are Unlisted Videos?

When you upload a video on YouTube you get three options to choose from like whether you want to make your video public directly, make it private so that no one could have access to it that way no one other than you can watch it, or premier it at a later date or at a different time the same day, or make it unlisted this way that YouTube video can only be viewed by someone who has video link. It will not appear anywhere on YouTube such as search results, channels, or subscriber feeds.

In this post, I will be discussing 2 easy ways to find unlisted YouTube videos, so it will be very beneficial for you to know about these 2 easy ways on How to find unlisted YouTube videos?

Let’s discuss them one by one.

how to find unlisted videos on youtube

How to Find Your Own Unlisted YouTube Videos?

STEP 1: Go to

go to youtube

STEP 2: Click on your profile picture in the right-hand corner, after clicking you will see a drop-down menu click “YouTube Studio“, then you will be redirected to it.

click on the youtube studio option from the menu

STEP 3: From the menu on your left click on “Content“, this will show all the videos ever uploaded to your YouTube channel except the deleted ones.

click on the content option from the menu

STEP 4: You can either find your unlisted videos either by seeing their “Visibility” show near videos or you can filter them by clicking on the “Filter” option.

click on the filter option

STEP 5: After you click the “Filter” option a menu will appear where you can select to filter out only unlisted videos on basis of their visibility.

filter videos on visibility basis

How To Find Unlisted YouTube Videos of Others?

Finding the unlisted videos on your channel is a breeze but finding unlisted YouTube videos of others is not so easy, I would say it’s more of a complicated task. But there are still some hit and trial methods that you can try, they are all listed below.

METHOD 1: Through Google search

There is a slight chance that you can find unlisted videos by just doing a few google searches, though YouTube claims it’s not possible but it’s not totally correct. Just by running the google query “ ‘This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it’ -in URL:all_comments,” users will be able to view a limited number of unlisted videos, so by repeating this method you can narrow down to the video you are looking for.

METHOD 2: A website for unlisted videos

Unlisted Videos, is a NewZealand based website launched on 28 December 2014. It is one of a kind website where you can get a list of unlisted videos from all over YouTube. You can submit your own unlisted video or even others, search by their channel names, video title, etc. One more thing you can only be able to search for videos of huge YouTubers or celebrities but not of an average YouTuber.

METHOD 3: Through YouTube Playlist

Did you know that unlisted videos become visible if they are placed in a playlist, though they still can’t be searched cause they won’t be indexed by bots? Well, I don’t if it’s some kind of glitch that will be taken care of in the near future, but let’s be grateful for it.

Finally, these were 2 easy ways on How to find unlisted YouTube videos? But, in my opinion, just knowing them is not enough to know the full benefits of unlisted videos you must first know Who needs unlisted videos? and, What you can do with unlisted videos?. So let me answer these much-asked necessary questions.

Who Needs YouTube’s Unlisted videos?

Anyone who wants to share videos privately with friends or family members, or share their work progress with clients, not only that you can also use this amazing feature of YouTube to embed those unlisted videos in your website but not have them shown on your YouTube channel.

What You Can Do With Unlisted Videos?

There are a number of things that you can do with unlisted videos:

  1. Keep it on your channel for any number of days without making it live.
  2. Share it just with the people you want to.
  3. Share you work progress or explain certain things to your client through unlisted videos.
  4. Allow your subscribers to take a look at the videos before it becomes public.
  5. Get feedback from your trusted viewers before taking it live.
  6. Make any live video unlisted and make the desired changes then reupload it.
  7. Embed business-related unlisted videos on your website which you want to without harming your YouTube dashboard or disturbing your viewers with the notifications of unnecessary video.

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FAQ: About Unlisted Videos on YouTube

What are Unlisted videos?

Unlisted videos are like ordinary public videos but won’t appear in YouTube’s search results (except in playlists).

Can unlisted videos be found?

After researching we found that unlisted videos won’t show up in search results for the public to see. The only way for individuals to access unlisted videos is if they can somehow get a link to that video.

Are unlisted videos safe?

If you are thinking of using unlisted videos to share some confidential information, then it’s not at all safe for you cause you can’t control whether your intended viewer will share your URL with someone else.

Do unlisted video views count?

No unlisted video views do not count towards the channel video views.

Which are safe Private or Unlisted videos?

Private videos are much safer than unlisted videos.

What is the difference between private and unlisted on YouTube?

Private videos only those people can see which you invite. Unlisted videos do not show on YouTube search results. You also can not find unlisted videos on your YouTube channel.

Conclusion: Finding Unlisted YouTube Videos

That’s all about How to find unlisted YouTube videos? I hope you guys got to know something new which is helpful to you in your YouTube journey or otherwise.

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